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 Be Happy, tag North
 Posted: Jan 25 2018, 04:00 AM
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i'll try oh lord i'll try
to carry on
Night was near its fall, as the sun began to dip upon the edges of the horizon. It created a pleasant picture, illuminating the sea a deep red. It was a sight that Pippa found difficult to truly enjoy as the air was filled with a thick chill. Moreover, she was still left to work in the kitchens. While the job offered her comfort, as it required her to do less in the way of what might be considered cruel or downright wrong, it did become unpleasant when she had to help the cook with meals. Dinner, she had come to learn, was the worst. It was when the men were the loudest and heartiest.

Nonetheless, she had no choice to adapt. Dealing with men that she recognized as unpleasant and cruel was a price for a choice that she had been stubborn about keeping to. She had already been offered a way out and rejected it. It would be foolish to complain when she had chosen to keep to this herself.

Time passed normally. Working with the chef meant that she had to have her own dinner within the kitchens. It was something that she was quietly grateful for, as se found the energy that came with being around the rest of the crew tiresome and difficult to be around. She was far too introverted and anxious to enjoy gatherings. A solitary meal was better.

By the time things quieted down, she left to begin cleaning things up. It was a long process, particularly since it was one she had to do on her own, considering that the crew seemed to be lacking in many other cabin boys. It had made her wonder how the menial jobs she often got stuck with were dealt with before she had...joined. Her brow furrowed, mulling over the thought as she began to mop.

She became so enwrapped with her thoughts that she did not notice a shift of movement until it was too late. Before she could gather a full gaze, the world became dark.

The world suddenly became bright; however, this was a fact that Pippa was unable to entirely focus on as she tumbled to the floor. A large feeling of nausea passed through her person, and it took a moment to realize that she was unsure if she had actually woken up or had merely been sent into the light.

Panic came at the thought, something which only grew as she realized she did not recognize her surroundings. The full majesty of them was something she could not focus on, too caught up on the actual problem with the situation. Have I been kidnapped? she thought, her brow furrowing. The idea seemed peculiar and...improbable. It was not as if she had not gotten into equally, if not worse, situations before. In fact, her situation with Hook could easily be considered a kidnapping. It was not as if she had agreed to join him because she liked the idea of being a pirate. No...she simply enjoyed the idea of being alive.

Making her way to her feet, she began trying to think straight. However, any attempt to think and formulate a plan as she took notice of elves and Yeti, the latter of which were quite familiar to her person even if the memories them were slightly foggy.


come sail away

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