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 Two Steps Forward, Two Steps Back, TAGGED:: MERLIN
 Posted: Jul 12 2018, 12:18 AM
2000+ • Part Fae/Part Sorcerer • Understanding • Nomad

Merlin briefly looked over Kayden, as if seeking to tell whether the blonde was lying. However, the sorcerer had never been the most observant of men. As a result, he eventually let the matter drop. "Very well," he said, "But if you have any feel free to ask." He wasn't entirely sure if the youth understand that he could ask anything he wanted. After all, he had not been teaching the blonde for very long and most of what the other male knew of him likely came from lore.

His brow furrowed at the offer. "That would be welcome," he replied after a moment, "Though, perhaps at another time." After all, they were technically here to teach Kayden not himself.

He made a thoughtful noise, nodding. "The getting killed bit might decrease a bit if you stayed away from dangerous places, such as forests," he commented dryly, "Though, outside of that, are you having any specific problems with the actual learning?" It would actually be best to know, as far as he was concerned, whether there was a specific manner that was best for the blonde to be taught in. Having taken on two apprentices before, he knew quite well that everybody learned a bit differently.

The mention of scrying seemed to have gathered some amount of interest from Kayden and the sorcerer quickly snatched onto that. "It is possible," he admitted, "Everybody has a different amount of potential when it comes to magic, just as with any other subject. However, scrying itself is something beginners should be able to do. You could consider it the practice sword for the swordsman. In other words, it can help you control your skills and rise up. I'd personally advise being wary about leaning on it too much. A medium can be good but leaning on it too much while developing can prove counterproductive."

Quickly, he changed the subject slightly, not wanting to focus too much on one aspect for too much. "In regards to you, we know you are a water elemental which means you should be able to work with water and possibly even ice, though the latter might require some practice. I can give you an example if you'd like?"

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