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 Brae Judl, Immortal/Tenebrae
 Posted: Aug 10 2017, 06:51 AM
250 (looks 11) • Black Eyed Child • superstition • N/A

Once Upon a Time...
Brae Judl
250 Years (looks 11)
Date of Birth:
Black Eyed Child


WEIGHT: 121lbs
HEIGHT: 4❜8❞
PLAY-BY: Baccano / Czeslaw Meyer

Brae is a boy of around 11 years old in his appearance, his skin is slightly pale but otherwise looks fairly normal. His hair colour is black and short in length, usually well-kept via brushing or whatever is needed. His build is slim but athletic looking, though this is usually covered by clothes of varying degrees. He has little in the name of scars on his person, but he does have a set of three tattoos on his back. On the middle of his back is a symbol which is meant to represent darkness, on each of his shoulder blades are eyes that rest in their geometrical positions meaning they're facing the right way if he was looking behind him.

This is far from his most interesting feature and the main one that makes it hard to accept him as human, though technically he isn't he could pass for one sans this. His eyes are black, not just the pupils but where the white of one’s eyes would be are black as well. His eye colour is as black as pitch and completely full in nature, they have a slight shine to the blackness but this is more a reflection of other light sources than anything else. His choice in clothing depends on the fashion of the time he is in, near the beginnings of his life he often wore things like suits and formal attire. As time has passed he's changed them with the era, these days he wears clothes you'd see on any other boy. Such as shorts, shirt, jacket and so on, sometimes with logos or brands on them other times just simple colours.


Brae is a hard person to describe, in regards to his personality. Mostly because he's not always noticed and doesn't like getting attention, he's found that being noticed by people has detrimental effects on his person. So he has a hard time trusting anyone, regardless of their intentions to him or other people in general. A lot of how he reacts to people, is mostly up to the person themselves and how they react and or think about Brae. An example would be, if Brae asked someone for shelter in a harsh storm but they acted like he was some kind of bad luck demon.

Then it's likely that Brae would act negatively and hostile to such actions/emotions, he won't outright attack someone without provocation or unless he's defending himself. So if someone sees him as nothing more than a child with strange eyes, then he's more likely to feel more positive about said person. He usually stays out of large fights and most don't even know he exists, though he's not alone in this world perse but he is at the same time.

Being forced to be what could be considered a representation of his species, Brae isn't all that keen on others of his race any more than those of other myth born species. Hence why he's never gotten into the whole good Vs. evil thing the Guardians and Anti Guardians have going, and no one has ever asked him to help weather they know of him and his people is unknown to him. Brae remains as a person who reacts immediately to feelings and beliefs around him, in the way he interacts with the world. It is partly why he has so little contact with any side, preferring to stay in the shadows and just survive but the whole incident has left the world knowing about those in the shadows.

Making him even more worried about people coming to find him, as long as no one looks at his eyes Brae can pass for human. With the invention of shades, Brae has found it easier to occasionally come into populated places when he needs sustenance. Doing his best to be quick and avoid people, he likes to observe things but always from a far and away from being involved.

Other Information

Brae is a Black Eyed Child, but he's also more than that because he was made the representative of his race to the rest of the mythical community. It was not a choice on his part, and has made him distrustful of others. His race actually regrets what they did to him, not in what they actually did but choosing him because Brae ran away before accomplishing his duties. The rest of his race lives their lives in the shadows and peripheral vision of the rest of the world, even most mythical species don't know of his people except for rumours and unfounded tales.

Brae likes to be alone and listen to the splendour of nature, he sometimes likes to write while doing this and occasionally draws things as well. He also likes to observe the changing world, but he'd rather not be a part of it. He envies humans and their lives, because they get to have families and lives that could easily be described as happy. But he knows that isn't always true, but when observing Brae likes to make drawings of things such as families enjoying time together. Conflicts between people and even mythical beings, Brae has even drawn some fights between the Guardians and the Anti's but always leaves before anyone notices him.

Brae is very hard to gain the trust of, he's been burned, hurt and attacked too many times by humans and those of his own kind or similar. That he has a hard time being around people, though if he did explore his sexuality it would likely be pansexual or sapiosexual. Loving people regardless of gender or being more attracted to their personality more than anything, but despite his long years has had little in the way of romance. He has admired from a far, but fears getting close because he knows from experience how people react to him. He holds no spiritual beliefs, finding them silly and transient. He just wants to survive peacefully and without issue, however he knows some day someone or thing is going to invade his little world.

Black Eyed Child society is a strange one, they stay children for a lot longer than humans do though maybe less so than Elven children would. When they reach adulthood, they often help with training the children or help govern the rest of their people in some fashion. They feed on emotions and are themselves empathic as well, meaning they can tell which emotions people or beings have for them. And then feed on those emotions regardless of whether they're good or bad, some have individual tastes for particular emotions while others just go for what they can. Which they snack on makes no difference to them or their person, when young the children are often expected to go out into the world and feed themselves.

Their parents rarely help them, aside from teaching them how to control some of their abilities but not all. They're expected to figure things out themselves, while the adults and elders sit back in their homes. Sometimes they live in their own secret places, while other times they may just live in the city like everyone else. Until the invention of sunglasses, Black Eyed Children generally couldn’t hide their eyes or make them appear normal. If you see children alone wearing sunglasses or adults continuously wearing them regardless of being indoors or night time, then maybe you've seen the Black Eyed Children and their fellows. While they do get old, it takes a lot longer than humans but not as much as Elves.

Because a race representative can only be chosen once, and is made to be immortal so they can forever serve their race. The Black Eyed Children continue to hunt Brae so that they can take him back, although they don't trust him anymore they have little choice but to have him return. Because this means they're likely to stay an isolated species that almost no one knows about except in rumour and stories. As such, they keep up the hunt for Brae so as to bring him back home and if need be force him to do his duty even if they have to lock him up to do so.


(Warning - child torture and attempted murder below)

Brae was born to a normal Black Eyed family, they lived on the outskirts of London and as soon as Brae had some of his powers down. He was thrown out to collect food for himself, which basically left him to his own devices when he wasn't at home sleeping. This was all normal for his species but it didn't leave Brae with much love for his family or his siblings, Brae being the fourth child in the family of a fourth child meant that he was to be picked for something larger. Brae himself knew little of this and when he wasn't getting food from the hapless citizens of London, he was drawing and writing in places he wouldn't be noticed by others.

A little time passed and Brae came to the physical age of acceptance as a true Black Eyed Child, and was brought to the elders of his people. Brae was told that he was chosen as the representative of his race, who would then communicate with other mythical races so as to get some semblance of notice for their people. Brae didn't want this, but knew he couldn't object because his parents and siblings were cheering him. Something neither of them had ever done, even when going out to get food his siblings rarely worked with him. Even though going in pairs was always a smarter idea, but he was outcast even from his own family.

As the ritual started to induct Brae as the species representative, he was stripped to the waist and magical tattoos were applied to his back. These would extend his lifelong beyond that of a normal member of his race, he was given immortality so that he could forever serve his people. This was explained to him after the fact, but not after all his duties were told of him did they express this certain clause. And that by choosing him they could not choose another, as it was a permanent ritual. This was devastating to Brae who wanted nothing but to survive and watch the world while he perfected his chosen art forms.

In a sly move on Brae's part, he asked to be excused for a moment before commencing his duties. As a way to get a hold of him before starting, it was allowed and Brae went outside and took in the fresh air before letting out a sigh. He whispered to no one in particular that he was sorry, before he vanished into the ether and left London for other places. He jumped on a ship to the new world, where he hoped that he'd be away from his people and the obligation that was forced upon him. He made it to the New World and went about finding a place to live away from people, but close enough that he could feed on them.

During the 1820's, Brae would run into the odd child who would run about the wilderness trying to have fun adventures. There were times when they tried to befriend him, only seeing him from a glance a distance away. One day he wasn't paying attention and one got close to him, Brae didn't want to cause trouble by vanishing within the boy's vision. So he asked him what he wanted, and the boy asked if he wanted to play with him and his friends over the next rise. Brae had yet to actually look at the boy and as such his eyes hadn't been seen, when his friends came looking for the boy him as he was taking too long. Brae took the time that the boy took to look at his friends to vanish, but he only went a short distance away as the boy tried to talk about him.

They laughed saying there was no boy there, and the snow had shown no foot prints leaving the place though they did show Brae's initial prints. It took a few seconds before the boys realized the difference between the boy and Brae's prints, they were perplexed for a bit until Brae stepped back and onto a twig. The boys shot a look up at the sound, and there was Brae looking at them with his fully black eyes. The kids screamed and ran off, while Brae sighed and went back to his cabin which wasn't all that far away. It wasn’t till later as he was going to bed, that he felt a chill run down his spine. He could feel a lot of negativity and hostile intent but couldn't quite pick up where it was coming from, he hoped it was some bandits going past the slope below.

But that notion was foregone when the door to his cabin was kicked in, and men with weapons and torches came barging into his home. Brae had come to check on the noise and was greeted by the angry mob, which started calling him a monster and said several of the boys that came up here had spoke of a Black Eyed boy who they'd seen up here. But the people didn't care that Brae was a kid, and wanted nothing more than to hurt him. They grabbed him and slammed him against a wall, telling Brae what they did to monsters and witches. Brae tried to plead with them, that he wanted nothing more than to just live alone and that the boys were in no danger from him.

Sadly it fell on deaf ears, as the men started pounding on young Brae's body, face and legs. While others in the group started trashing his cabin, pulling it apart as they also started building a make shift stake. While the other brutalized Brae, they started getting the stake together and tied him to it. Some of them started taunting Brae with their torches, by putting in on his skin and burning him. Then the rest of the group exited while one remained and lit he fire, using the broken wood piled up underneath. As the fire grew the man who lit it laughed and told him that he'll was waiting for you, the whole cabin went up in flames as the mob left to return home. Brae of course survived, but it was considerably horrible experience he'll never forget. So he went to a new area, to some place safe and made certain to avoid contact with anybody he didn't have too.

He lived life for a while until his people caught up with him, wanting to start making inroads to America. They followed stories to Brae about a child that asked for help but seemed to unintentionally frighten adults and children it came into contact with. His people knew they couldn't kill him but they tried to trap him several times, they even turned the town against him and Brae had to flee but not in the direction that his people had hoped. Brae went to Canada for a while and went into seclusion, this way he wouldn't have to worry about being caught up with. He'd venture out far and wide to get food so that the stories wouldn't connected and nor would the locations, this went on for a while till the modern age started happening.

Modernization was making his seclusion less secluded and Brae made his way back to America, in hopes there was some places he could use there. While there he observed some goings on between other mythical races including Guardians and Anti Guardians, writing and drawing them up for his collection of interesting things. Going on his way, Brae tried to stay out of it all despite the odd Anti minion coming across him and assuming he was some kind of evil entity, thankfully he was able to avoid their questioning and was forgotten about. Time passed and Brae found himself a nice place to keep to himself that would allow him a nice supply of food, but as things came to a header with the Guardians and the Anti's/

The world started learning about the mythical world and all its wonders and craziness, this made Brae worry as he didn't want to be discovered and have what happened to him be repeated. So despite the inroads made by mythical kind to be accepted by humanity, Brae remained in the shadows hoping to avoid the whole craziness.


Black Eyed Children have an array of abilities that they can call on, when they're out in the world attempting to gain food for them. These include but not limited too.

Teleportation - Black Eyed Children can vanish quite easily from sight, though they prefer to do this when someone is not looking. Thus it's more akin to what Batman does, vanishing when out of another's viewpoint. This teleportation however isn't all encompassing and they can't use it over long distances, thus they have to plan their movements.

They're limited to where they can teleport, usually within their viewpoint but they can also go back to places they've been before. This doesn't allow them to side step the distance issue however, and more works for when they're done eating and decide to vanish outside or into the forest or something. In very extreme cases, such as protecting themselves from major damage or death but this is rare and something they don't technically control as it ports them to the closest safe location such as the house of a fellow Black Eyed Person.

Empathy - Black Eyed Children can sense emotions in others, though this by no means allows them to control emotions in anyway. They can tell whether someone is angry with them or happy, and something as specific as weather they believe they're bad luck or good luck. They can't read minds but can sense someone's reaction to them down to an almost specific point, not details i.e. weather they've had a feeling like this before. But whether they're considering them good or bad luck, is how they'll respond and or react to them i.e. hostile or nice etc.

The other thing they have in regards to emotions, is that they consume the emotions of others weather they're human or mythical. Though they prefer going after humans, because they're easier to deal with and get away from. This has little impact on those being drained, except a slight coldness and chill but by no ways removes emotions partly or fully. It's their food source and draining it from people would just leave them without a source of food, as such it's merely a quick consumption and then they vanish.

Mesmerism - When they're talking to those they wish to feed on, Black Eyed Children have a way of putting people into a false sense of security. Talk them into doing what they ask without realizing it, this works best on humans because their defenses are much more limited and minds weaker than those in the mythical realms. It isn't perfect and can often be broken if one gets too scared or worried about their own or others safety, a family pet can sometimes help break the trance depending on weather they're hostile to the child or also scared. This trance last for at most an hour and usually fades quickly when the Black Eyed Children have left, allowing for those effected to recover from their trance.

Part of this is related to why people don't always notice them, and why even the mythical types aren't all that sure on their existence. Because Black Eyed Children aren't always noticed, and usually only seen in one’s peripheral vision and then forgotten about. Humans sometimes remember and tell stories about them, but they're rarely believed because no one can ever drum up proof.

So it becomes an Urban Legend, even though Black Eyed Children have been around for millennia. Those of stronger minds and heightened observation skills have a good chance of noticing them, but even then it's possible to forget or a just have it slips their minds. It's not that they're forgotten about completely, at least in the eyes of history or the mythical community but because they don't always stand up and make themselves known. It’s been as though no one knows they exist outside of stories intended to scare children.

Disruption - When in an area of electromagnetic nature and electrically powered, such as a human home or some other wired up place. Black Eyed Children can disrupt such things and devices, such as having light flicker, channels change and devices act peculiar. Kind of like those stories told about ghosts and poltergeists, though unlike them Black Eyed Children don't cool the air around them. But a person's own feelings on them, might give them a metaphorical chill up the spine, or maybe a simple fuzzy feeling depending on their reactions and beliefs.

Other Attributes

Brae is a skilled writer, this is of stories as well as detailed notes of actual observations. He's also skilled at drawing, this can be of natural or artificial landscapes but can also be of people and other beings. He often uses pencil, drawing leads or sometimes even a quill which was something of a gift from one of the few nice people in his life. Brae is also skilled at being unnoticed, though stealth is a big part of being a Black Eyed Child. Brae has become better at being unnoticed, even if he's standing there drawing something chaotic.

Being the representative of his race forced or otherwise, Brae is actually Immortal while the rest of his race lives a rather long time compared to humans. With enough damage they can be killed, unless something else protects them like Brae does. He is protected by the marks on his back, and when damaged Brae heals back to his original self. He fears that the world and everything on it will die and he'll be left alone on a dead planet, and although he likes to be alone it doesn't mean that he doesn't appreciate life.

Brae's immortality is complete, in that he heals within seconds when injured in a minor way. Depending on the damage, it can take Brae up to five minutes to recover from major and or fatal damage. However, as long as there is but a cell left of Brae somewhere even if the rest is gone. Brae will return to life, maybe if he is obliterated completely he might die but the ritual that made him immortal would likely just call him back. To the location the ritual was made, this would however lead him back into the clutches of his people.

About the Storyteller...

OOC ALIAS: Tenebrae

Coded by Ducky for RotB
 Posted: Aug 18 2017, 10:57 PM
??? • Canadian • Feels • The snowy place


Your poor boy ;_; HE'S BEEN THROUGH SO MUCH.

Gosh though I love this :D I enjoy the idea of that figure who's just out of your sight and you never really see him or remember him <_< Also good call kid, coming up to Canada XP Well done though, this was a fun app to read!

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