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 Bros before schmoes, a totally normal family relationship
 Posted: Jul 11 2018, 07:12 PM
25 • Unseelie fae • Change • Ann Arbor, MI

Given that Raleigh is a changeling (that is, a fae child swapped in place of a human child), he has what he considers to be a human brother. Now, his fae parents weren't the best of folk, being Unseelie and all, and their motivation for swiping the human kid was to gain a human servant. They raised him until he was old enough to perform menial tasks for them, and set him to work.

Raleigh arriving on the scene changed some of that, in that Raleigh was more curious about the human kid than the fae parents were, and kinda pal’d around with him throughout the years. Sure, Raleigh was bullying and domineering, but he did see more in the human brother than his parents did. When it came time for Raleigh to strike out on his own, he asked if he could take his human brother with him. The parents agreed, if only because the human was becoming a strain on their resources, and Raleigh’s been dragging the poor fool around ever since.

Now, I did have a few basic ideas for how the human brother would be, but if you’re considering taking him up, you’re welcome to work around and adjust them as you see fit. He’d be twenty-five years old, like Raleigh, and what bits of their relationship I’ve touched on with Raleigh thus far is that the human brother tends to be critical of Raleigh’s harebrained schemes, since they often end messily, and could be executed much more smoothly, if only Raleigh went in with a plan in mind. Whether this criticism is due to irritation or concern would be entirely up to you, and how you want him to be written.
Other than that, the sky’s the limit, really. He could hate Raleigh, or he could like him. He could think highly of his fae parents, or despise them for what they did. Why, he could even be a bit arrogant, and consider himself to be more fae than human, if just because he was raised by the fae. If that’s the case, then he may find himself to be a bit less visible than most humans, which could make for some interesting plots further on down the road. Whether he’s officially joined the Court of Shadows is also up to whomsoever takes him up, or if he’s decided to stay on the sidelines and just support Raleigh as he skips around making poor life decisions. He and Raleigh share a home in Ann Arbor, Michigan, so he could either sit at home and sigh, or he could be going around and doing his own thing while his brother makes a mess of everything.

Other than that...the human brother probably knows a bit of fae magic, such as glamour, but how good he is at it, as well as how much he knows exactly can be whatever you think fits best. At the very least, he’s good at chores, and probably a decent cook. 8U But ye, if you have any other questions, feel free to poke me! <3 Otherwise, let your imagination run wild, and create the foil to this gigantic idiot. Raleigh sorta likes him, no matter what he has to say on the matter.
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