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 Spring 2017 ICC, April 1- May 1
 Posted: Apr 1 2017, 02:16 PM
26 • Human • Ships • Japan

IC Cbox
You voted!
Now they are back!
Let your characters enjoy 1 month in the mysterious and magical Springtime Retreat~

The Lounge

A large manor that sits on top of a hill. It has plenty of rooms, and many nooks and crannies for tea and parties. It has a large library and an expansive ballroom lit by sparkling chandeliers and adorned with fresh flowers. The banquet table is always filled with luxurious food of all kinds including some oddities like cookies that say 'eat me' and colorful bottles that say 'drink me'. What possibly could happen if one were to follow the directions?

Only one way to find out~

Rules for Wonderland Manor Items

  1. Each Character can do 2 bites or drinks per day.
  2. Drinks will shrink your character
  3. Cakes will make your character grow taller
  4. These Cakes and Drinks would be marked specifically as 'Eat Me' or 'Drink Me' respectively. Other cakes and beverages in the Manor do not carry these effects.
  5. Characters who can naturally change their size can consume them, but it wouldn't do anything special since they can already change!


A vast forest far away from any human civilization save for the lone Manor on the hill. At first the well lit trails can seem inviting. Mysterious things seemingly beckon travelers to explore further in. There are all sorts of wild flowers growing out here, and a beautiful clearing by the sparking cerulean lake. However, deeper in wisps can be seen from time to time - it is truly a magical place with secrets abound ripe for discovery.

IC Cbox Rules

**By entering the IC rooms above you have agreed to follow these rules stated below.
Failure to adhere to these rules will result in the revocation of ICC privileges.**

  • Only accepted characters from the RotB Forums are allowed in the In-Character Chatroom (ICC).

  • The interactions in the ICC are set in an Alternate Universe in modern times (2024). This means the following.

    • That none of the ICC interactions will be considered canon.

    • Nothing that happens in the ICC will affect the board.

    • No Past RPing in the ICC

  • Be respectful to your fellow members. Please keep all OOC biases away from the ICC, and don't force interactions.

  • If there is a disagreement take it up in PMs or contact an Admin.

  • Limit OOC chat in the ICC. That's what the OOC chatbox is for! We may ask you to move over there to discuss OOC if it gets to be too much.

  • The ICC is not a replacement for Forum Activity. You will still be expected to regularly post on RotB and make your Activity Check as normal. If we find a member is neglecting their threads, we reserve the right to revoke ICC permissions.

  • We ask that no extensive combat be conducted in the ICC. Skirmishes or scuffles are ok- but anything larger than that is not allowed. If you notice that the skirmish is growing, pushing people out of the cbox, or flooding it- please let it drop. Likewise, if you are asked to tone it back, dial it down, or stop- please do so immediately.

  • No mature activity is permitted in the ICC (including fade-to-black scenes). Likewise please be wary of excessive or problematic topics. While RotB is a 3-3-3 site, the ICC should follow a PG/PG-13 ruling. If it would need a Trigger/Mature warning on a thread- don't do it!

  • We have two different ICC boxes with different locations. A character active in one ICC is not allowed to be in the other at the same time.

  • Characters can only use abilities they have in their most current application on the site.

  • Animated/gif icons are not permitted for use in the ICC

  • Don't let a plot completely overtake the ICC. The ICC is meant for small burst interactions or casual soft RP. It's fine to have some coherent story taking place, just don't let it completely overtake the ICC. The admin reserve the right to ask players to cease plots they deem to be too overbearing.
We also would like to point out that the ICC will only be available for a limited time from:

April 1, 2017- May 1, 2017

**About Absences**

Players are permitted to use the ICC during absences or posting breaks. However excessive usage of the ICC during an absence with no posts on the forum may result in a temporary ICC ban so that the user can concentrate on the forum.
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