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 Precious With This Place, Katala/North
 Posted: Apr 10 2018, 11:48 AM
Old • Human • Wonder • North Pole

North had landed in Santoff Claussen just a week ago, committing to spending some time there. It was awfully close to Christmas, and he really couldn't afford to, but he trusted his Yeti to get everything in order, they were good for that. The people of Santoff Claussen has asked him to go back to the Pole, to work, but he refused graciously and with hearty laughter. He could not imagine being anywhere else than with the people who needed him.
The town had been tucked in with a certain dark blanket since the attack on Halloween. North has been told by Tall Willa, so very much like the Willa he knew so long ago, that The Big Bad Wolf had lured them from the safety of their forest and had attacked them with monsters. She'd lost her younger brother that day. The loss made the fear palpable in the town. North could taste it on his tongue even has he'd landed. Everyone was afraid, afraid The Nightmare King was coming back for them, that he'd cause the same chaos that this generation only heard stories about, but North knew so well. He was afraid too. North tried not to, he didn't want to feed into whatever power the Anti-Guardians had, but he was afraid. Of course, he'd never show it, he was kind, and he was giving, and he was mournful. North was everything this town needed, and nothing what he needed.
Returning to Big Root was a joy. The old hollowed out tree was covered in dust. It was more of a historical site now, serving as a testament to Ombric, and even North himself. To him, though, it was home. It was more home than the house he'd shared with his family in his youth. Ombric had been like his father, the town, his family. Nothing matter to North more than Santoff Claussen.
So, he stayed, when he shouldn't have stayed. He ran the parameter of town everyday, nodding to the Spirit of the Forest, saying hello to the animals that scurried about. North's boots crunched through the snow as he watched the parameters, tested their strengths, repaired old magic with newer magic. He did his best with what he had and what Ombric had taught him. Sometimes, the children would join in the walk, but today they were meant to study, and North refused them. The only way they would get to be as strong as him is if they took their lessons just as he had. Alone, he sat on a fallen tree, listened to it creak in protest. He placed his hand on the bark to strengthen it, then the wood no longer whined at the weight. North took out a thermos and poured some homemade soup into the lid cup, one of the women of the town was kind enough to make for him. He sipped slowly, watching the snow fall just beyond the forest. North's eyes were sharp and he caught something... green.
Green was not a common colour in Siberia this time of year. He paused his movements and simply watched, wanting to see what happened next.

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