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 Open Threads, Post your open threads here!
 Posted: May 10 2015, 11:17 AM
??? • Canadian • Feels • The snowy place

Open threads can be a great way for new members to start out, or to get new characters on the go. Do you have an open thread available for people to snag? Put it here! Just copy this code and fill it with the adequate information.
[b]Your Character[/b]
[size=5][url=Link to your thread]Thread Title[/url][/size]
[b]Location:[/b] What country/area is your thread in?
[b]Summary:[/b] Brief description of what's going on.

If you're someone looking for an open thread, take a look at our list! As new posts are made, we add them to the list, which is organized as such:

Player Opens - open threads created by a player with any one of their characters. These can be any sort of scenario.

Open Empty Scenes - a member of staff has created an "empty scenario" - a prompt, if you will. Two or more members can fill this in.

Open NPC Scenes - a member of staff has created a scenario in which Anti-Guardians, Guardians, or neutrally-aligned individuals can jump in and participate. These can be considered small-scale "events" as they relate to the war for belief in some fashion.


Road Trip
Location: Athens, Greece
Summary: Eros has taken his youngest children on a trip to Athens. Perhaps he will meet someone while they are there?

Alexei Pendleton
Central Park Conspiracy
Location: Central Park in New York City
Summary: Alexei was on a walk and saw a mysterious spectre before stumbling upon the entrance to a cave.

Queen Toothiana
Among the Brambles
Location: Santoff Claussen
Summary: After the events of the Masquerade Toothiana plans to visit some old friends and see what can be done to help the other Guardians process things. But it seems she is not the only one approaching the hedge that protects the magical haven.

Tugging at the Strings
Location: Europe; unspecified as to where
Summary: Summer, 2025. Wishing for a moment of isolation, Hades has escaped to the surface under the cover of darkness. However, he has found himself at a place that appears to be extravagant but unfamiliar. Curious, he has gone forth to investigate. Will he come across anyone?

From the Love of God
Location: North America. The year it takes place is open.
Summary: It is Valentines Day! Naturally, Eros is flying around and spreading the love. Curiously, he has yet to run into anyone on his rounds, as he usually would.


Currently Empty.


Pitch & Onyx
Darkest Nights [past]
Location: An unspecified metropolis in the United States. Let's go with New York.
Summary: Pitch and Onyx have reunited finally, and decide it's time to start spreading some fear. Is there perhaps a Guardian willing to step in and protect the children and their dreams?

**Because this is a past thread, it'll probably be assumed that both parties make it out okay - so whomever joins, make sure you talk to myself and Nara so we can choreograph a good "getaway" when the time comes~**

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