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 Lady Archive's Wants, Tooth & Ninianne wants
 Posted: Nov 12 2015, 10:37 PM
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The Tooth Fairy Armies

user posted image

So this is mostly a way of keeping track of mini-fairies that have developed individual personalities but I'm putting it here because it would actually be a lot of fun to see some played mini-fairies around. If you are interested in playing a mini-fairy here are some ideas though you are also welcome to come up with your own little fairies as well. Also if your character would like to have a particular fairy that they know somehow PM me the ideas and I can add them here.

General Headcanon

In order to explain why Toothiana was apparently able to "spin out" and "spin in" her fairies from herself in the books but not in the movies (it would have been a simple way to get them back from Pitch) I came up with the headcanon that immediately after being spun out the mini-fairies are literally just smaller copies of Toothiana in every aspect of her personality. If they are not spun back in however, they start to have their own unique experiences and develop personalities of their own. At some point in the process of becoming a unique individual they choose a name for themselves, before that they really just consider themselves extensions of Toothiana. Once they begin to identify themselves by a name of their own Toothiana is incapable of spinning them back in (nor would she try to as she would never want to take away their individuality once it has been gained).

Baby Tooth

Being lazy and not writing stuff out for her because movie covers how she got the name and her personality. The rest is open to player interpretation.


Songbird loves music and has a unique talent for managing to fly while also making her wingbeats sound like a melody being hummed. I imagine this sometimes creates some odd flight patterns (changing speed, stop and go effect, etc) so she can't do it all the time but she is fond of humming lullabies to the children she collects teeth from, especially if their sleep seems a little fitful or uneasy when she visits them. She is very good friends with Caerwyn, the Guardian of Love so I would recommend anyone interested in playing her to talk to Carma. It was her love of music that drew her to the sound of a fiddle, played by the Caerwyn. She quickly picked up on the melody and started humming along in her special way. Now whenever she happens to be in the same area as Caer she makes sure to stop by for a song or two. It was during her time with him that she was given her name.


I imagine jewel and precious stone based names (in a variety of languages) are fairly common among the mini-fairies, especially those old enough to have been "spun out" from Toothiana when she was still leaving jewels instead of coins under children's pillows. Emerald actually took the name for dual reasons, she is one of these older fairies but she has also grown to have especially shiny feathers, the green ones being the most prominent. She is quite proud of her feathers actually, maybe even a tad bit vain.


Pearl's favorite place to collect teeth is in seaside towns/cities. She happily travels over oceans and really loves the smell of salty air and the sound of waves. I also kind of imagine she has a habit of referring to teeth as "pearly whites" in her thoughts/fairy chirping language

Sweet Tooth

This little fairy absolutely adores sweets and especially chocolate. Despite Toothiana and her sister's reminders that sugar is not very good for teeth Sweet Tooth simply can't resist a little taste now and then. So it's no wonder that she is quite the fan of the best chocolatier in the world, E. Aster Bunnymund himself. Sweet Tooth is always happy to see Bunny whether for a visit or simply crossing paths- and you can be sure she always volunteers to collect any teeth that happen to be left under pillows on Easter.

Some fairy names that have been mentioned:

~Anika (means "splendor" or "army" in Sanskrit)
~Little Anna
~as mentioned in Emerald's information any jewel/precious stone based names are welcome
 Posted: May 14 2016, 12:02 AM
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Nimue Tamesis
Third Lady of the Lake

user posted image

Currently an NPC so most of the information on her can be found here.

Nimue is the youngest sister of Viviane (played by Katrina) and Ninianne and though the three were once close as mortals Nimue has since grown bitter and resentful of her sisters. Having died and become immortal at the age of twelve so on some level she is still a child but one who has become twisted by hurt and anger. Though she was immortalized with her sisters she remained in a deep sleep for centuries, the cause of this is up to the player, if known to Nimue at all. By the time she woke up her sisters had both left the Thames, meaning she was alone.

She must be an Anti-Guardian and I imagine that she is a very loyal one. Her recruitment hasn't been committed to canon so it would be open to player interpretation but my headcanon is that either Pitch or another Anti was one of the first immortals to find and reach out to her when she woke as an immortal. The playby here and in the NPC app is suggested but not required if you would prefer another. Feel free to contact Katrina or I if you have any questions or want to brainstorm anything.

user posted image

Arthur Pendragon

In terms of his history the specifics are pretty open provided you follow the basics of Arthurian legend and follow what has been established by other characters. He was raised away from the influence of Uther Pendragon in the home of Sir Ector and alongside his foster brother Kay (played by Tammy). Merlin (played by Momo) educated and watched over him but never revealed his royal lineage. That was, until the day he pulled the sword Excalibur from the stone and was crowned High King of Albion (England). He was always a kindhearted man who ruled justly and strove to protect his people.

At some point, Arthur's half sister Morgana tricked him into fathering a child with her. She kept the whereabouts of their son a secret, raising him on her hatred and bitterness. Their boy, Mordred, would grow to seek to destroy Camelot for his mother. He raised an army of knights to turn against the King and in a place called Camlann the two met on the battlefield, both landing a fatal blow to the other. Excalibur was returned to Ninianne and Arthur's body was laid to rest on Avalon.

The Once and Future King rose briefly only to find that his reawakening was not quite complete and so had to return to Avalon to rest again. How much he remembers of that brief rising when he returns will be up to you. We would ask that certain details of his mortal life time be kept consistent, most notably that Arthur and his foster brother Sir Kay had a positive relationship growing up and remained close into the current time. I recommend you reach out to Tammy and Momoto work out any specific details about Arthur's youth. Ninianne was mainly working in the background, only directly interacting with Arthur if/when he came to visit the Thames while he was mortal but I'm happy to brainstorm ideas as well.

Playby is completely open and he is recommended to be a Guardian.

Morgana, aka: Morgan le Fey/Fae

Arthur's half sister who was bent on destroying him and Camelot as part of her quest for revenge against Uther Pendragon. She tricked Arthur into sleeping with her and from that encounter she bore a son she called Mordred. She raised him to hate his father and Camelot and continue her vengeance. The specifics of her life are mostly open to interpretation beyond those goals and the fact that at some point she was taught magic by Merlin (played by Momo).

The easiest way to explain her still being around would be to say her skills in magic allowed her to retain immortality. Existing site canon put her as technically a neutral immortal but she did also work with the Anti-Guardians so you could work with either of those two usergroups depending on how you wish to play her. Ninianne and she would know of and recognize each other but had minimal direct interaction together so her feelings towards Ninianne are open to your interpretation. Recommended you speak to Momo about Merlin teaching her magic in her youth and any played Knights of the Round Table (currently just Sir Kay played by Tammy) and I'm always happy to help with brainstorming. Playby is open.

Knights of the Round Table

See ad here.
 Posted: Jan 28 2017, 04:29 AM
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Bumping due to some updates.
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