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 The Fine Print, tag Asheton
 Posted: Mar 30 2018, 06:09 AM
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Pippa did not want to listen to Asheton. While she was stubborn on the matter of not leaving, she was not so foolish as to believe that he was incorrect. Part of the reason that she disliked her stay on the ship was exactly for the reason he had stated. While she had managed to avoid it thus far, it had begun to become quite clear that Pippa was unlikely to keep her stay on the Jolly Roger without killing someone unless she would prefer to be the person killed. She doubted that even if she was made a chef she would avoid that fate. After all, the Jolly Roger got into too much trouble and Hook's entire mission was to kill an immortal child. Something bad would likely happen if she did not leave.

"That's not what I meant." She did not believe him in regards to taking her. He did not come off as a particularly kind individual and thus far he seemed far more willing to be without her company. It made more sense in her mind for him to take her and then abandon her, a fate which sounded just as unpleasant as the one she had now.

She wasn't entirely sure why he seemed interested about the whole writing down magic bit. It was a fairly common thing as far as she knew, akin to writing about animals or science. Just because she could not use magic did not mean much. It was all about learning. After all, it wasn't like people wrote about dinosaurs because they wanted to be one...or she hoped not.

"Yeah," she said, "It is not like I can use it and I don't see much purpose in sharing it. Us humans just tend to think this sort of stuff is fiction and experience has taught me that a fair amount of magical beings would think I made it up." It was something of a miracle that Hook had not thought that, but then the man seemed to be as perceptive as he was cunning. Nonetheless, such a situation worked to her benefit. She got information that nobody would have ever believed was true and could personally help her in times of trouble. Outside of that she saw no other use except learning. She had never been a manipulative person. "Think of it like learning about animals and then writing it down. I just want to learn."

The moment was cut quite short as it was clear that the rest of the crew was returning. Pippa's jaw tightened as he yelled, annoyance running through her. After all, if he was too loud someone would likely hear him. Thankfully, it seemed as though she did not have to answer the question as realization crossed his face.

She breathed deeply. "Look," she said, trying to not loose her temper. She was actually trying to keep the death count low and would prefer he got out of this alive. "The Captain is a magic user and a cruel one. He tends to pick off his own crew without a care if he thinks someone has run out of use." It was a vague explanation, but then Hook's idea of running out of use was vague as well. She had seen him get rid of men for just one mistake before and it didn't matter if it was small or big. It was quite clear that he was a perfectionist in the worst of ways. "The guys upstairs? They are literally dead once the Captain realizes that not only did they get drunk, but they got drunk enough that the ship was only being watched by me." It was a large mistake since Pippa had not actually been taught how to fight properly, only holding enough knowledge on how to use her dagger if she ever got in a scrap. The others had better knowledge and leaving only her to watch the ship meant the place was virtually defenseless. "If you are in there then we both get out alive."

She realized that it sounded odd, but then Hook was an odd pirate. While he was cruel, charming, and handsome, he was also capable of being lenient with prisoners. The man simply liked his way. Offering immediate death was not his way, but she knew that he would if someone touched on a nerve. Taking to Peter Pan's side was an easy way to do it.

The correction was a welcome one. Hesitating for just a moment, she made to take his weapons off of him so she could have him in the cage.

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