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 Rooted to the spot, Tag Tree Boi
 Posted: Oct 3 2017, 01:04 AM
2/3 • Daisy • Kindness • Ireland

I will try
to fix you
The smell of the grass was good. It was clean and Daisy lay in it at peace, her body furled around itself as best as she could; she had no petals to cover her form, but her dress was suitable, leaving only her limbs and bulb visible. She reached with the fingers of one hand to brush individual blades, taking a deep breath in, absorbing the familiarity with a pretty yellow feeling in her “tummy”. That was what she’d heard saplings call it…the big part of her stalk in the middle just a bit above where her lower limbs attached.

She let herself unfurl, spreading her arms wide and rolling onto her back. This place was nice. It was safe. And it was better than before. She pressed her two-lips together, reaching one arm up to brush at soft fleshy skin where it was still a little scratchy. Her encounter with the fear-beast had left her in quite a bit of pain…even if all he had wanted was her fear, not her harm. She had managed to retreat to a place far from him where she could recover…and recover…and recover in the glow of the sun. But, now she was left to think, and to seek comfort in the green that surrounded her. The grass was kind and brushed against her softly to reassure her, and she was kind to the grass in return. She had to wonder now, if this was what it meant to be a Guardian that fought. Would she meet more like that one? Would she have to fight them? It was a truly scary thing to think of.

She didn’t want to fight, but she supposed…that if a fight came to her, she had no choice.

Daisy sat up when she smelled a new smell. Her body bent in half, her upper part stalk-like and stiff, eyes closed, bulb raised so that she could catch the strangeness on the breeze more readily. She listened with sharp ears to the soft sound of movement in the grass. There was another figure here, another drawing near. She tilted slightly. The smell was not bad….it was…strange, not the usual smells she had ever smelled, but it was a good smell. She took a deep breath. ”Hello?” She attempted to engage the strange person….if they spoke up…then probably, they were friendly.
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I??? Can't remember if I was starting this or the other one? But I wrote a thing? Also have a tree pun. KATALA
 Posted: Oct 12 2017, 03:03 PM
2 • Sylvari • N/A • N/A

Katala was out exploring by himself once again. It wasn't as though he disliked the Grove. He loved it, it was his home, but more and more he found it stifling. He wanted to explore every corner of the world and yet others warned against it for reasons he didn't understand. Why would Mother encourage such curiosity if they were not allowed to act upon it? It was frustrating.

Katala just sighed and made his way through the forest. At least there was enough here to keep his attention. For now at least. He had already spent the morning following the river south before branching off to see what was beyond the river banks. He'd come this way before, but it had been a while since then and he was sure there was still more to see. Especially since he had only passed through briefly then. Maybe he would find a cave system to explore or perhaps a hidden grotto. Maybe even both.

He was looking for just that when he heard someone call out. It sounded like a little girl. Which was weird. Now that he was aware that someone else was here though, he could see her through the trees. She wasn't close to him per say but her pale skin and white dress stuck out again the dark green foliage. He narrowed his eyes at her curiously and made his way toward her. How had she known he was there? Had he been making too much noise? He usually didn't. And she certainly hadn't seen him, not with her eyes closed. Either she was being silly or something was genuinely wrong with her eyes. He really hoped she was just being silly. He didn't like the idea of a blind child lost out here in the woods by herself.

"Hello. Are you lost?" He asked gently. He didn't want to scare her. Part of him wanted to ask if she had a parent around but... there was something strange about her. Something he just couldn't quite place.

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