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 White Nights, tag Eurydice
 Posted: Apr 9 2017, 08:18 AM
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here was rules, that life and death and everything in between that followed in tandem. Once you were killed, you stayed dead. Unless you were some miraculous demigod, or an ancient powerful being. That hadn't been the case for Eurydice, a simple nymph that had been killed too soon. Taken from love, just because life had been unfair.

But then a chance had been given, even as he defied the odds and traveled to the Underworld. She could have risen again, yet she was ripped from that chance as well.

And so she had resigned herself to this fate, maybe she was not meant to be alive anymore. Death had become her permanent abode, and Eurydice was content to reside within it. She could tend to Persephone and order the shade's about, and that would give her the peace within the shadow of death.

Orpheus was not one she would think about. Not anymore. And so she moved on from the topic of conversation coolly, with a firm nod of her head.

"Yet there are those who define themselves by the swiftness of their decision and the movement of their blade, it is simply just." Pulling at the fibers of the basket subconsciously, the shade was swift to set it down and resume her work as she spoke. "Although it is true what you say, there are those who will act quickly, yet have the right intentions in mind to whom they direct it towards."

Death was equal, in some ways, the Underworld had different places, for different beings. Who had done what in life, they were separated by the good, bad, and the neutral, from her perspective. In her glances over the Fields of Asphodel, Eurydice had seen once-rich and powerful rulers there, taken by death. Yet left to wander for eternity...

A thin smile pulled at her lips, in response to his words.
"And so it is a game in guessing how they will act." She folded the linens swiftly, placing them neatly in the basket in short stacks. "It seems I was hardly lucky."

The amusement in the conversation was enough to make the shade part ways with a small laugh. It was not loud or even long-lived, but a short little titter. It did make her feel light inside, it was not often she held an entertaining conversation such as this.

"In my life before, I never thought I would be discussing with the God of the Underworld about his siblings, truthfully." The smile pulled at one corner of her lips, into a lopsided soft grin. This was a nice change from the usual gloom of the place, and the coldness she felt towards her lady's husband. "This is a nice surprise."

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 Posted: Apr 9 2017, 08:25 PM
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White Nights

Eurydice was not incorrect. The decisions of rulers- nay, of all people- were often not just despite their beliefs of the contrary. Good men were not incapable of making decisions just as bad men were not incapable of good ones. The notion of monsters was one the God of the Dead had always found silly. He imagined that his family thought it an easy job for the three kings to make their judgements and for Hades to come up with the punishments for those who had gained the ire of the Gods. However, even among those who were sent to Tartarus were people who had made good acts. The world was not so black and white as many liked to believe.

"Indeed," Hades agreed, "And it is because of that that the circumstances for why a blade is wielded are important. One can easily wield their blade with swiftness, but whether true justice is what carries it is always to be questioned. Tyrants are born when injustice is never questioned."

His lips curved upwards into the ghost of a smile, a spark of amusement glimmering in his gaze. It softened the dour deity's features, making them a bit more pleasant to look upon as he had crafted them to be. "I imagine that they see it as such." Determining the life and deaths of people was a difficult one, especially since it would require a lack of bias. There were a select few within existence who possessed such a thing. The Moirai were good at what they did. While it was questioned whether some were exempt from their powers, he did doubt it. After all, if Zeus had ever been exempt from Fate he would not have worried about it when they were young. "After all, if one lacks bias then the world likely looks different." It likely lacked a lot of colour, he imagined.

For a moment, he was silent at her last words, only a frown coming to his face. "Do not pity the dead," he advised. He meant it more by her, for he could not say whether Eurydice pitied the other shades around her nor was he inclined to invade the privacy of her mind and discover the answer to that question. "Pity the living, for they are the ones who truly suffer. Death offers such predictable fates. However, it is life that offers constant unpredictability, both in pain and pleasure."

Of this, Hades knew well.

Hades rose an eyebrow at the laughter that burst from the shade. It was not loud or long, but then that was not surprising. Such actions were usually only seen by shades within Elysium or the Isles of the Blessed. Those in other parts of the Underworld were often grim or tortured in their manner. As one who had originally come from the Asphodel Meadows, it was natural that Eurydice had rather muted emotions. Most within the area did.

A small smile crossed his face. It was genuine in nature and softened his features. The happiness of others was one of the rare things that managed to brighten his attitude. "I imagine most do not imagine such things." After all, he was one of the few Olympians who was viewed in a poor light. Both man and deities alike viewed him as cold and unkind due to his stubbornness when it came to preventing the dead from passing on. And perhaps he was cruel, refusing to be swayed by sacrifices to allow others to return to life. However, he did not expect most, especially mortals, to understand the importance of the balance of life and death. Such soft sentiments were ones that Persephone understood best, being Life where he was Death. It was why others had been more willing to make temples for her than him, few though their number were. "But then things would be quite unfortunate if I was as people thought me to be." Such an unpleasant picture they painted. "Besides, what would our existences be without surprises?"

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