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 Guide to Avalon
 Posted: Dec 21 2017, 06:17 PM
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The Mystic Isle of Avalon

The Isle of Avalon is a mystical one deeply rooted in ancient magic and quite literally flowing with the forces of light and healing. It is not tied to one location but can actually appear in almost any reasonably sized body of water. It does however tend to favor the British Isles (England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Orkney, Shetland, Isle of Man, Hebrides, Isle of Wight) as that is where belief in Avalon and its lore has generally been the strongest.

Because of it's moveable nature the specific details of Avalon's appearance is not entirely set. It will however always be recognizable to anyone who knows about its existence. While the size and exact topography may vary there are certain features that will always remain constant. It will appear to be an island predominately covered in forest with beautiful and often magical flora. Animals of both natural and supernatural kinds can inhabit it. There are also usually at least a few hills or even mountains if the island manifests in a large enough size. These consistent features are as follows.

The Mists of Avalon

The island is always shrouded in some degree of mist though the thickness can vary. The way the mist manifests can be used as indicators of what is going on in the island. When Avalon is moving it will be enveloped in a thick fog, don't expect to be able to see much of anything past the shoreline until it has settled in its new location. Deeper inland the fog may not be so blinding as to prevent someone from moving around but it will be significantly thicker than when the island is stationary. When the mist is no more than fine wisps it means Avalon is quite settled and not likely to be moving any time soon unless some emergency or demand for it elsewhere comes up.

The Memorial Tree

A beautiful tree with white perfectly smooth bark, silvery leaves extending from wide stretched branches, and aquamarine blossoms giving off the scent of an ocean breeze mixed with something gentle and sweet. It was formed by a magical crystal infused with the Lady of the Lake's desire to offer a tribute to those who suffered and sacrificed in Avalon's defense. Born from tragedy and loss it's beauty is a reminder that those sacrifices were not in vain and that because of them there is hope for peace in the future. The details of it's creation can be found here.

Fairy Godmother's Bench

Created by Desiree, the Fairy Godmother, when she came to help with Avalon's recovery. The consists of healthy vines rooted in place and growing to weave together to form a solid bench. Across the seating area is a patch of thick, soft moss scattered with blue flowers creating a nice cushion. The creation of the bench can be found here.

Heart of Avalon

Always very close if not perfectly in the center of the island. A pool of crystal clear water from a gently flowing spring. This pool is connected to every water source on the island.

The Resting Place of Arthur

A tomb at the base of one of the hills. This is usually found somewhere near the center of Avalon in a sheltered spot. Surrounded by dense foliage and uneven terrain it is not a place people are likely to wander into accidentally (even if not impossible) though a path will usually form for those wishing to pay their respects to the Once and Future King.

Note: Exact details of Arthur's tomb/coffin/arrangement/etc. will be left as open as possible for potential player to decide unless it becomes necessary for plots. It is however presumably a resting place fit for a King that is anticipated to rise again.

Silvius' Boat

As a boat this vessel is of course capable of leaving the island but it still retains a strong connection and has become a part of Avalon. The boat was made from the wood of trees and branches that fell or were broken during the Battles of Avalon giving the trees new life rather than damaging healthy living ones. Because all of these trees did grow on Avalon however they remain attuned to the island and it's natural magic. The frame curves gracefully to provide a secure place for passengers. The beam at the front of the ship rises up to form an elegant curl from which a small lantern is hung. This light can give off a golden glow that shines even in the thickest of Avalon's mists.

Crafted by a young elf named Silvius when he decided to settle and live on Avalon and became its ferryman the boat has a number of spells worked into it. It is capable of expanding or shrinking depending on the number of passengers though its "default" size is about big enough to carry two or three passengers. The smooth, polished planks are enchanted to be resistant to damage meaning even as it ages there will be nary a sign of a splinter or other worn patch. Silvius also channeled the bond the wood shares with Avalon's natural magic to ensure that it will always return to Avalon before the island moves no matter where it is. It also shares the magic that guides Avalon to people who need or are meant to be on it. Especially if said person would require the boat to get them across the water and onto Avalon itself. The final enchantment enables the boat to travel independently though Silvius does his best to always be present to ferry visitors, allowing him to answer questions they may have or at the very least make sure they are given a proper welcome.

Information of Silvius the Ferryman found here and image reference for the boat here.

Inhabitants of Avalon

For many years, as belief in Avalon and magic in general faded from mortal minds the isle began to diminish as well. It still held magic but it had largely become dormant. The magic was there, the waters far cleaner and purer than most other parts of the world, plants that could be used for especially potent spells and potions growing but there was something a little lackluster about it. It lost the feeling of magic literally hanging in the air. And belief in the fae and other magical creatures had also faded. And so they retreated to other realms and strongholds of magic. Some even became dormant themselves moving deep underground to the hollow hills or nymphs and dryads simply returning to their tree and flower forms and river and lake spirits resting deep in their watery beds.

However the violent upheaval of magic when Avalon was taken by Nian Shi Lan and the subsequent reclamation by Ninianne when she defeated Nian in the second Battle for Avalon changed that. Magic was rejuvenated and hibernating beings awakened. So now Avalon has become something closer to what it was in its prime. Now magic is in the very air one breathes on the island, a calming and soothing sort of feeling. The waters are undeniably like anything found in the mortal world. And there is life everywhere that comes in many forms though the majority belong to different kinds of fae.

Note: The following list is only a sample of possible types of inhabitants that can inhabit Avalon. Residents may include but are not limited to this list, in general any fae or magical being could potentially be living in Avalon, the only stipulation is that they must not be malevolent by choice. Unseelie fae are more likely to visit (if anything) rather than live on the island due to the more positive/light/Seelie-like energies in the magic however if an individual limits the harm they do to only what is necessary for survival they would be permitted on the island.

In cases of beings that have wide and varied mythology the descriptions here are in no way the final word on them. Common/stereotypical traits and behaviors will be listed but will not be considered definitive.


Beings that had lived deep in the hills of Avalon's landscape for ages. They are skilled crafters and generally of a very helpful nature. The common types of beings one might find in Avalon includes (but not limited to) the following.


Elves are a somewhat varied race, capable of magic relating to many different elements and possibly different physical appearances though humanoids with pointed ears, youth, and attractive features tend to be typical traits. All are welcome on Avalon though depending on their natural element the environment may or may not be appealing. Water, nature, or earth tied elves will usually find it the most comfortable while the humidity and thick foliage may not be the first choice of fire based and some may find Avalon appealing only during certain seasons (ex: it can be quite warm during summer but will cool and even see occasional snow in winter).


Like elves, fairies can vary quite widely and so while all welcome may or may not find the island an appealing choice to settle. One of the most common traits of fairies is humanoid form with some kind of wings. And like most fae are typically attractive to human standards.
  • Pixies

    Often considered to be related to fairies, sometimes even referring to the two interchangeably as both are often relatively similar, with human bodies and wings. Often though pixies are much smaller than fairies, who are typically close to the average size of humans while pixies might be small enough to sit in the center of a flower.
Nymphs and Dryads

Generally stay close to their natural homes and can often be found tending to the flora of Avalon or enjoying the waters.


Beings capable of shapeshifting between human form and that of a seal. The key to their transformation is the use of a seal coat, that will resemble a coat or cloak made of seal skin. Putting it on allows them to become a seal while removing it makes them appear human. Typically have big, round, brown eyes and may sometimes retain some markings on their skin that resemble the patterns in their seal fur. In seal form they are almost impossible to distinguish from ordinary seals though many mortals reference a surprising level of intelligence in their eyes. Can often be seen in either their human or seal forms lounging on the beaches of Avalon or playing and enjoying the waters around and deeper into the island.

Wood sprites

Little humanoid beings though usually only the size of a human's hand. They can easily camouflage themselves in trees as their skin is bark like and small leaves can sometimes be seen sprouting on their bodies.
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