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 Posted: Aug 3 2015, 09:02 PM
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As we roleplay, our characters tend to grow. Sometimes, new abilities are awakened as they change from mortal to Guardian or Anti-Guardian, or hidden potential is otherwise tapped. We wholly encourage this growth in characters!

Since our character applications reflect our character in their current state, it's highly encouraged that members add these growths to their character!

To make things easy, we are providing this thread; copy the code below, and fill it out such that we can assess the new modifications for approval, jump into your character's app, and add the updates.

Don't be shy about using this thread! If your character has learned some new skill, that should be celebrated - but let us know here, so we can add it in.

For a total app rewrite, please PM a staff member and ask them to move your app into Work In Progress, so the app can be edited there.

[b]Character:[/b] Please provide a link to the character in question.
[b]Updated Section:[/b] The section in the application to update.
[b]Updates:[/b] Please provide the update you want added into your application. Remember to use the proper code as it would appear in your app!

Staff reserves the right to refuse an update if we do not believe it fits a character. Those who do not receive updates will receive a PM outlining why.
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