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 The Fine Print, tag Asheton
 Posted: Aug 8 2017, 05:26 AM
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A heavy sigh escaped him. That last comment of his came out the wrong out. It was not the way it first intended it to be at all. He didn’t mean for it to come out so harsh and mean sounding. It was just how it happened without so much of a thought of what he was doing. He truly cared for the girl’s wellbeing. He did not want for her to get hurt in any way possible. He understood what it was like. Being and living on a pirate ship is not an easy life like what most people thought. It was a hard life, constantly changing for the better or the worse. The kitchen was one of the safest spots on a ship. He truly wanted her to be actually be a good cook unlike him just so she would be likely not come into any harm if any.

He should apologize. He should yet that quickly changed upon hearing her next words. A frown made its way onto his face. She was making things much more difficult. More than anything, Asheton wanted to walk away and go find somewhere else to relax. That is what he wanted to do yet despite how he felt he did not leave. He wouldn’t. Not now. He first needed to know that she was truly safe with this group of pirates. She was lacking in skill from what he seen when it came to fight and well… she seemed to be a bit clumsy. “I didn’t mean it that way.” He snapped, trying to keep his temper at bay. “I know what it’s like. I’ve been where you were right now. It was a long time ago, but I remember it all.”

It was really starting to prove very difficult to keep his temper down. She managed to spark it right back up with her words yet again. His age and what he was had always been sort of a touchy subject for him. He was dead. He remembered dying and what it felt like. It was a horrible experienced that he wished he could forget. He hated that he was even able to have this second chance at life. He was the last person on earth to deserve it and yet after all the wrong he did, all the people he killed he was given another chance. She knew and understood nothing. She was the child here compared to him. She talked like she knew these things but from what he went through to get here she had no idea what she was talking about. Not at all.

Without so much as a word, he pushed himself off the tree he was leaning on and made his way over toward Pippa. Once there, he whacked her on the head, harder than he first intended. “Stop talking.” He said, harshly. “You know nothing. Breathing has little to do with anything. I shouldn’t even be here. I died. I remember every single detail of how it happened yet out of everyone someone or something brought me back. Why they did that, I have yet to learn anything. Yes, I’m breathing but that doesn’t mean that I’m not dead. Most people can’t even see me, how does that make me alive?”

Talking about himself is not something that Asheton like doing very often. It brought back far too many painful memories. He was glad that Pippa here understood that he was against discussing his past unlike a certain blond. Yet what she wanted to know was something he was not sure he could explain. His personality would be easy enough. But his powers? That was another story. He could control that wind and the air. What more could be said about it? There were some other things he could do yet he did not feel comfortable talking about. He did kind of agree to this so…

“Like I said before, I have this connection to the wind and air around me. I can bend it to my will and make it do whatever I want. I am also able to sense the air currents so I pretty much know when and who is going to attack me. Oh. I can make a shield around me and others though I usually feel like blacking out when I do that one.” He explained. That was pretty much all he knew when it came to his powers. He left some things out because he would rather not say what they were. “I got swordsmanship down along with marksmanship.” He added in rather quickly.

What date it was when he had the pleasure of running into Blackbeard, Asheton had no way of remembering. He could not remember much of when and how it happened. He could only recall meeting the other pirate captain. “I would imagine so. All I remember is that it was a couple years before all hell broke loose.” He commented with a shrug. “I never met his crew. We were in a pub when we met.”

He was still having trouble believing that Pippa was truly a young adult rather than some sixteen year old brat. She had no reason to lie about it, Asheton knew that. It was just she did not look like it at all. That thought quickly left his mind once he heard something about that ship having some kind of magic in it. Purple eyes blinked. “What? You mean that ship isn’t normal? What kind of magic are we talking about here?” He did not like the sound of that. Ship and magic were never supposed to mix. Well not in his eyes anyway.

I'm so sorry Pippa D8.

 Posted: Aug 8 2017, 06:27 AM
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Pippa shrunk back at the tone the other used. It was a foolish reaction and one she desperately tried to keep at bay. After all, Asheton did not appear to hold any ill will. His words were relatively kind even if his tone was short and impatient. It was silly of her to get worked up over it. However, Pippa had always been nervous and insecure girl who tried to hide such qualities behind a wall of what she deemed as confident and cool. The only problem was that it was not always easy to stay that way.

Asheton was starting to prove that this might be a much harder task than she had expected.

Of all the things she had expected from the other, it was hardly to get hit over the head. She blinked, seeing stars for a moment. She stared at him with wide eyes as a rant seemed to flow free from his lips. Desperately, she tried to keep her composure. However, it seemed that the pirate was quite good at knowing exactly what to say. You don't know anything. The wall crumbled.

Her face scrunched up and desperately she tried to keep back tears. It was a wish in vain as her eyes grew wet. Anger curled up within and, straightening so that she stood just a few inches shorter than Asheton, she lashed out. "Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!" she yelled, trying to push him away and create distance, "I'm sick of people telling me how things should be. You want to be noticed so bad? Then try having my life since it seems that's all people want to do: notice me and tell me how I should be living my stupid life. Did it ever occur to you that maybe you were over analyzing your life, asshole?"

She seethed, taking in everything else he said with a half ear. She didn't care anymore. She was angry and hurt. More importantly, she wanted people to stop telling her how things should be done. So, she was a pirate. So what?

She crossed her arms. "I don't see why I should tell you."      

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