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 Summertime Reunions, Tag: Pippa
 Posted: Apr 5 2018, 06:16 AM
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i'll try oh lord i'll try
to carry on
Belief was a dangerous thing. In putting faith in another, one could easily take away the belief that had once been held in another. Fear, in particular, was something that was both easy to gain and take away. For Pippa, the events a decade ago were recalled far more differently for this reason. It was not that she had forgotten in Pitch Black. Rather, she recalled him as the Boogeyman, something which had become pushed aside and lacking in belief in the victory. With a childish viewpoint that had been near the age where belief should be rid of, it had been easy to leave behind Pitch Black in favor of an idealized vision of the Guardians she had met.

Her brow furrowed at the explanation. "I remember that," she said, feeling as though she was being explained something she should know. After all, Jack certainly looked perplexed enough by what she had said that it seemed that way. "Specifically the loss of belief. But, the Boogeyman..." It was slowly becoming clear that her memory was not the problem.

Her expression brightened at Jack's words. "Yes, exactly!" Not everybody seemed to understand her point of view. Rather, everyone she seemed to meet seemed far more intent upon scolding her. It was frustrating since they merely repeated things she knew, but seemed to turn a deaf ear to her actual reasons for being where she was. "I mainly like it for the traveling. I've enjoyed doing that since I was young."

She did feel a bit like she was missing something though. Jack seemed a bit...restless, she supposed? Exactly why she was not entirely sure and it took a bit of thought to consider why.

"Hm? The crew?" she repeated, snapping to attention, "Uh, well they are technically here, just sleeping. I just have to get up earlier." She paused. "Do you want to leave the ship?"

come sail away

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