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 Posted: Oct 15 2014, 10:24 AM
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site rules
If you haven't already, check out our Guidebook!

We are a site based on & inspired by the concepts of Rise of the Guardians, and therefore our main emphasis is on original characters derived from fairytales, fables, mythology and folklore in combination with canons from RotG + Guardians of Childhood. This is not necessarily a rule, but it is absolutely integral to our site and if you attempt to diverge from it then you will be violating our basic genre and aim. Please note that these rules are subject to change at any time, with or without notice. If you have any concerns or suggestions about them, personal message any administrator.

registration RotB utilizes the subaccount feature. Register first with your OOC name; this will serve as your parent account. Register subsequent character accounts with the character's first + last name (or only first, or their fairytale title, if that is more appropriate) in ALL CAPS.

You MUST create a parent account and character account, both registered in all caps. No member or character will be accepted until you have done so. If you have registered incorrectly, you can change your own registered name under the User CP function. You do not require approval to rename your account - you can do it manually.

behaviour There will be no bullying, harassment, discrimination, disrespect, or hate speech directed towards any other individual. Members are expected to behave maturely, respectfully and tactfully at all times. This rule applies across the entire board and any connected media: posts, personal messages, instant messages, and the Cbox. Those found in violation of this rule will be given warnings, leading up to a formal dismissal from the site upon repeat offences.

rating We have a premium subscription and a rating of 3-3-3, which means we allow mature topics, but we tend to encourage PG-13 content. Going beyond that is perfectly fine. All explicit sexual acts, heavy violence, and gore must have an [M] in their titles. We ask that players use tact, and to avoid writing gratuitous detail when it comes to disturbing matters. High-rated content must be clearly discussed and agreed upon between their respective writers to ensure no one is made uncomfortable before or during threading. Innuendo and discreetly-elaborated mature content is encouraged as an alternative if agreements for explicit scenes cannot be made. Please keep in mind that 3-3-3 is not an invitation for excessive smut, and characters whom are fixated on overly graphic themes. Such content is not the focus of our site.

taboos Topics of a sensitive or taboo nature will be examined carefully and should be mentioned only with caution, moderation, education and respect, otherwise they may be asked to be edited or removed. All sensitive topics will require usage of the topic tag for triggers, and a note at the very top of the first post to inform the reader of its contents. These include psychological illnesses, terminal illnesses, self-harm, rape, incest, cannibalism, and all forms of abuse. It is expected that members who will include such topics in the histories of their characters or in the content of their threads will have done ample research to give such topics the gravity and respect that they deserve.

skill We expect members to write at an intermediate to advanced level. While each member has their own writing style, our writers must practice meaningful storytelling in each of their threads. All writing and communication must be comprehensible and of good quality without spelling errors or incorrect grammar.

word count None. Remember to try to give the other players something to work with, and please respect your differences in this regard; some love short posts and others love long posts. Having more words in your posts does not make it more meaningful in the same way that having less words in your post does not make it less meaningful. What matters is the details you provide, and being respectful to your partner. Whatever your preferred style, go for it! However, be mindful - if a partner asks for more detail, please be courteous and edit your post.

characters There is no limit on the number of characters a member may play, as long as they are able to handle all of them. Be realistic; if the staff feel you are making new characters just for the sake of it, you will be contacted. Our policy is thus: You must have had at least one thread with all of your characters, either currently or in the past, before making a new one.

When apping a new character, consider the activity of your current ones; if activity with more than half of your characters is sparse, staff reserves the right to deny a new character's creation until we trust that you will be active with them. If staff does not believe your activity will improve, we may enact a full-time character cap. This is nothing personal, we simply require that if you are playing multiple characters, you be active with all of them, especially if you are playing multiple canons from multiple folklores.

Members who are under a character cap who wish to apply for a new character MUST first contact a staff member. If we believe your activity is suitable, we will remove the cap. If not, you will be notified.

Characters in general (whether original or canon) must suit the rest of our theme and rules. They cannot be excessively melodramatic or farcical. This does not mean in any way that we will be excluding villainous characters, but subtlety and skill in characterisation is highly important.

NPC Characters Rise of the Believers has a system which will allow members to create NPC characters which do not count towards their roster. These are characters who are significant to your plots, but don't warrant a full application of their own. Note that NPC characters are playable by anyone, not just you. Also note that NPC apps are not to be abused; if it looks like a member is using the NPC system unfairly (creating extremely overpowered NPCs, for example) they will be contacted and the NPC will be removed. An apped NPC character may only be in a total of TWO threads on their own at once (that is, you are only writing as the NPC character, and not as any of your played characters along with them), while played characters may be in an unlimited number of threads.

Major canons can be made into an NPC application. In some cases, it's necessary in order to move existing plots forward. However, if a member, new or old, comes forward with the hopes of applying for that character as one of their own, they have the right to supercede the NPC application with the one they create. However, we ask the member to be courteous and bear in mind the plots that involved the previously-NPCed character.


A member may have no more than two (2) characters from the same canon. They cannot be personally related in any way. This is to ensure no single member is "hoarding" an entire group of characters to themselves and ensures fairness across the memberbase and to new applicants.

Staff has placed a cap on Golden Age Survivors. There may be no more than 20 on the site at a given time. Currently, there are 10 slots open.

Fandom Adaptations Canons adapted from other fandoms will be highly monitored and limited. As we are a largely magic and fantasy-based site that takes place in the real world, any adapted Canons must fall into the appropriate genre and world setup. Please see our Characters & Usergroups topic for more information.


Canons from either folklore or fandom adaptations are first-come, first-serve. We advise you use the reservation system we have in place on the Canon List page.

Plotting Please keep in mind: Until your character has been approved, you may not post in the Plotting forum. Applicant accounts are unable to post there; however, for members who have previously created an application and have been approved, we ask that you not use your Storyteller account to plot with a character that has yet to be given approval. We may ask you to change aspects, or flat out deny the character; as such it's improper to start plotting without proper approval.

In addition, it is expected that members who have plots together maintain good communication between each other and keep each other in the loop. Remember - things that happen to your characters can affect others. Clue in your partners and other players who play characters close to yours. Furthermore, you MUST make sure your thread partner(s) consent to the material within your threads. This is not limited to mature content in threads - you must always make sure that your partner is comfortable with a plot before progressing forward.

graphics Play-bys are not mandatory, but are encouraged for reference's sake. If used, they may be real people (known figures such as celebrities and models), animated people (i.e. from animated movies, video games, comics and anime) or art (your own work, or another's work which you have given credit somewhere, e.g. linked in your profile). Duplicate play-bys are permitted if discussed beforehand with the original play-by owner.

Large avatars must be 250 x 450px. Smaller avatars are 150 x 150px. Even if your character does not have a chosen play-by/face-claim, please give their profile an avatar of some sort anyway - for example, it could just be something that pertains to their theme or something else pretty.

Although our rating is 3-3-3, we do not allow nudity, gore, or unsettling themes in any graphical content, as there is no barrier that can be made with seeing a graphic as opposed to clicking on a thread.

activity Activity checks will be run approximately once a month, or according to the staff team's discretion. OCs and non-RotG/GoC canons only require one post per month, but anyone with a major canon will require TWO posts. They will require proof of in-character posting and/or plotting, or a valid absence note. If you are not able to be active, please do the courteous thing and let us know if you can instead of just disappearing!

Roleplay flourishes when players work seamlessly together to weave a story. When that story grinds to a halt for one or more reasons, it can hinder either a single player or an entire plotline. To prevent this from happening, it is important to note that the following attitudes towards RP will be regarded by staff and treated on a case by case basis. When deemed appropriate, a player exhibiting one of these behaviors may receive a temporary character cap. These behaviors are as listed below.

  • Frequently abandoning or neglecting existing characters, in favour of new ones.

  • Failure to keep partners updated with RP schedules, e.g leaving your partner in the dark and taking several months to reply to their thread.

  • Disappearing from the board for extended periods and coming back to post last minute absence notices more than once in a row.

Combat Rise of the Believers is a writing-focused site that uses minimal game mechanics in any form of combat. You are not expected to follow any set of specific combat rules unless by your own choice, except in the case of Site Events. In the case of a site-wide event, we use a basic dice system to ensure fairness, which is described on the Combat System page.

If it is brought to our attention that a member is cheating this system, staff may intervene and perform rolls in the place of the player in question. If the behaviour continues, the player may be unable to participate in combat events for a duration of time, or permanently.

Large-Scale Plots Members are allowed to create large-scale plots outside of site-wide events. However, if your plot has the potential to be world-changing (such as levelling a city, starting a war, etc..) we expect that you speak with admin to receive permission first. Staff may reserve the right to either watch or assist as NPCs to ensure the plot is unbiased towards a certain outcome, but we will always aim to ensure your end plot is reached. Failure to contact staff over this matter can result in the plot being frozen or staff taking complete control.

We ask that members bear in mind IC Consequences when making large-scale plots. Any actions your character takes can come back to bite them. If characters are seen avoiding appropriate consequences, staff will contact the member in question and see this rectified.

etiquette No godmoding, powerplaying or metagaming. This means no taking control of another player's character without permission, no overpowering your character and manipulating situations so they can win all the time, and no implementation of outside knowledge to influence in-character decisions and consequences. Administrators will heavily monitor this rule to ensure that all characters are balanced in their roleplaying. If you feel a particular character is unbalanced or is being written in an unbalanced way, message staff.

In addition, we ask that you use common courtesy and ask people before incorporating their characters into your own application. Respect their decisions in regards to how extensive their character's relationship to yours will be. Also, do not force plots onto other people, whether it be in the Cbox, via PMs, or on their plot pages. In other words, be considerate of other people and their characters, especially the main canons.

If your character has special abilities that may inadvertently lead to the control of another character (i.e. telekinetically making them float in the air), please roleplay the situation out in a manner realistic to your character's capabilities. If it is brought to our attention that you have failed to obtain player permission to control another character that is not yours, your thread will be frozen until a resolution can be reached between you and the player(s) involved.

copyright Plagiarising from other sources is strictly forbidden. This includes stealing art and graphics and declaring them your own, copying someone's application from another site, and copying canon information word-for-word from Wikipedia. Consequences for breaking this rule are severe; your application will be rejected, and you will not be allowed to apply for that character again. Repeat offenses will result in a member being asked to leave or outright banned.

Original member-made content at Rise of the Believers and its precedent, Guardians Arising, belongs to its members and creators, and the original concepts and ideas are credit to William Joyce and DreamWorks Animation.

 Posted: Aug 30 2016, 08:59 PM
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cbox rules
The chat box is often the first thing a new visitor sees. At Rise of the Believers, we hope to maintain an advanced writing atmosphere, and the chat box greatly reflects on that. Above all, the chat box is a place for members to chat and get to know each other, but just be mindful of a few things:

name For simplicity's sake, please match your chat box name to your OOC account's name.

language This is an English-speaking site, and conversation should remain primarily in normal English; this covers avoiding obscure or heavily modified words. Additionally, swear words and other rude language have been censored and are safe to use, but sparingly. Attempts to circumvent the filters will not be tolerated.

topics Topics are ever-changing in the chat box. Be mindful, however, of topics that may offend some users, such as religious debate, political conversation, racism, rape, or anything else sensitive or triggering.

diction We all make typos, but adequate spelling is a staple of a site for advanced writers. This means no excessive chatspeak, although common abbreviations like "lol" or "lmao" are permitted, but sparingly. We also ask you not to type excessive one-word messages consecutively. Nobody is going to go after you if your sentence is not perfectly constructed. However, make sure your sentences make sense. In other words, don't speak like an internet cat!

tagging Excessive tagging in the cbox - whether for threads or PM's - is discouraged. We have a tagbox at the bottom of the site for a reason! It's okay if it happens once in a while because you're excited, but please, be courteous and avoid tagging back and forth all the time.

etiquette Be polite! We're all friends here so we may joke, but try to keep in mind that somebody lacking context may be watching and they may not perceive the situation in the same way.

attitude If you're having a bad day, of course talk to somebody on the site! All we ask is that you try to keep any negativity out of the chat box, as you can ask for somebody's contact information or send them a PM if you wish to vent your feelings. If you're irritated at something, that is no excuse to be rude to another member. Additionally, excessively whining or fishing for attention is not appreciated by anyone.

ic discussions It's okay to talk about your characters in the cbox. Everyone's having fun, and people are bound to get excited about a plot. That being said, don't make your characters and plots the center of attention all the time. If you wish to talk about your rp things frequently, and in contexts that cannot be related to other members, please take it somewhere else, e.g. to an instant messenger.

other sites Advertising or bashing other forums in the cbox is not welcome. We do allow simple things such as 'I need to catch up on posts on another site', but clear advertisement or indecency towards another site will not be tolerated.

images Please do not post images in the cbox. While other sites may do this, it is not a practice we appreciate on Rise of the Believers. Instead, you are welcome to post links.

cbox avatars Avatars must be png or jpg format. We do not accept gifs. Icons should be related to the site in some way - as your personal avatar (not necessarily one of your characters, but a face that "clicks" with you), one of your characters' faces, etc. We ask you to refrain from using memes and the like as your avatar.

 Posted: Sep 30 2016, 11:10 PM
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ICC Rules
  • Only accepted characters from the RotB Forums are allowed in the In-Character Chatroom (ICC).

  • The interactions in the ICC are set in an Alternate Universe in modern times (2025). This means the following.

    • That none of the ICC interactions will be considered canon.

    • Nothing that happens in the ICC will affect the board.

    • No Past RPing in the ICC

  • Be respectful to your fellow members. Please keep all OOC biases away from the ICC, and don't force interactions.

  • If there is a disagreement take it up in PMs or contact an Admin.

  • Limit OOC chat in the ICC. That's what the OOC chatbox is for! We may ask you to move over there to discuss OOC if it gets to be too much.

  • The ICC is not a replacement for Forum Activity. You will still be expected to regularly post on RotB and make your Activity Check as normal. If we find a member is neglecting their threads, we reserve the right to revoke ICC permissions.

  • We ask that no extensive combat be conducted in the ICC. Skirmishes or scuffles are ok- but anything larger than that is not allowed. If you notice that the skirmish is growing, pushing people out of the cbox, or flooding it- please let it drop. Likewise, if you are asked to tone it back, dial it down, or stop- please do so immediately.

  • No mature activity is permitted in the ICC (including fade-to-black scenes). Likewise please be wary of excessive or problematic topics. While RotB is a 3-3-3 site, the ICC should follow a PG/PG-13 ruling. If it would need a Trigger/Mature warning on a thread- don't do it!

  • We have two different ICC boxes with different locations. A character active in one ICC is not allowed to be in the other at the same time.

  • Characters can only use abilities they have in their most current application on the site.

  • Animated/gif icons are not permitted for use in the ICC

  • Don't let a plot completely overtake the ICC. The ICC is meant for small burst interactions or casual soft RP. It's fine to have some coherent story taking place, just don't let it completely overtake the ICC. The admin reserve the right to ask players to cease plots they deem to be too overbearing.

We also would like to point out that the ICC will only be available for a limited time for 1 month per season (Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring).

**About Absences**- Players are permitted to use the ICC during absences or posting breaks. However excessive usage of the ICC during an absence with no posts on the forum may result in a temporary ICC ban so that the user can concentrate on the forum.
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