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 Posted: Oct 13 2015, 05:40 AM
3000+ • God of the Dead • Loneliness • The Underworld

Cerberus - Taken

- 3000+, DRAGON AGE//Morrigan -

Suggested PB: DRAGON AGE// Morrigan

Gender: gender is up to you

Personality: Personality is up to you!

History: Cerberus was one of the children of Typhon, the last son of Gaia, and Echidna, the Mother of Monsters. Typhon, after challenging Zeus and losing, was buried under the mountain Etna. Echidna, however, was killed by Argus Panoptes, a 100-eyed giant who was a servant of Hera, in her sleep.

To my knowledge, there are no myths explaining how Hades comes into possession of Cerberus. If anything, it seems like he's always had the dog. As such, exactly how he came into possession or how Cerberus came into his service is up to you.

Just for a few ideas- Cerberus could have been something that Hades gained at birth/as-a-child. Cerberus and his family were considered monsters and Cronus looked down upon the Titans and anyone like them or below them. It would not have been beneath him to actually give Cerberus to Hades (though I doubt it was a gift in Cronus' eyes- Cerberus was and still is considered a monster by the gods. Moreover, Cerberus might have been a small enough dog that Cronus thought he was going to die anyway). Another possibility would be that Cerberus found Hades, whether as a child or later in life.

Tons of ways, honestly :P Up to you!

GROUP/SPECIES: Cerberus may be an anti-guardian or creature

Powers: Shapeshifting. Other powers up to you ^^

If you have any questions, feel free to ask!


- UNKNOWN, Jessica De Gouw -

While Hades loves all of his children, he seems to favor Macaria, which is something he does not realize. This is no doubt due to the fact that Macaria is the only child that is his own and that she is the youngest of the three. Macaria is the goddess, or rather the embodiment, of blessed death, as opposed to damnation.

Overall, she is up to you. As is stated in Persephone's application, Persephone has to be her mother. This is a given. There is, however, one thing I would like to see in her. This would have happened a century ago in her timeline during the early 20th century. Macaria would have been attacked by Zeus because he wanted to be Zeusy. However, she managed to escape before he could do anything because Snow White interfered, though it cost the angel her life (whether Macaria knows that is up to you).

If you have any questions, please ask!

Suggested PB is Jessica De Gouw


- UNKNOWN, Winnie Harlow -

Suggested PB: Winnie Harlow

Melinoe actually has some information on her, both ability wise and background wise. She is a chthonic nymph, or rather a nymph who lives in the Underworld. She brings about nightmares and madness. I would suggest looking at wikipedia- or other resources if you prefer- as there is actually a fair amount of information on her.

Melinoe was born from after Zeus tricked Persephone into sleeping with him, having disguised himself as dear, old Hades. Upon learning of this, Hades, in a fit of anger, gave his version of a C-Section (basically he ripped the child out). She is the oldest child.

Something I would like to point out is that Melinoe is described as appearing half black and half white, which is why I suggested a vitiligo model. If you choose a different face claim, simply keep this in mind (also why I suggest reading up on her since there is far more to find about Melinoe than Macaria).

Overall, she's up to you. If you have any questions please ask!

Zagreus/Dionysus - Taken

- UNKNOWN, Kwon Jiyong (G-Dragon) -

Suggested PB: Kwon Jiyong (G-Dragon)

I would heavily advise looking at Zeus' application as Dionysus is referenced in it, Katrina who plays Persephone, and Alivi who is taking up Hera.

Zagreus is Persephone's middle child and is meant to be the indirect cause to why Hades cut off most of his ties with Zeus. I am afraid that the story of his birth/childhood has to match what is already written down, but outside of that his history is relatively open.

In the beginning, Zeus tricked Persephone into sleeping with him- according to the myth, he was in the form of a serpent- as he was aiming to try and have an heir. However, Hera, mad with jealousy, aimed to kill the child. Convincing some of the Titans to kill the child, they attempted to distract the babe with toys. As he looked into a mirror, they tried to grab him. However, Zagreus fled and, possessing the ability to change form, changed into animals as his attempt to escape. When he took the form of a bull, they finally caught him, tore him to pieces, and ate him. (The way its told Zagreus was probably more of a young child than an infant when it happened.)

The unnamed Titans involved were killed by Zeus. However, Persephone managed to recover his heart. The myth which is referenced about Dionysus' birth is the one where Semele dies due to seeing Zeus' true form.

Outside of this, the rest of his history is open. His personality is also open to you (if you would like some references which give a good image of his personality as Dionysus I can point you in the right direction). Also, his opinion on his family- Zeus, Hera, and Persephone- is up to you. Whether Dionysus actually remembers Hades- and has seen Hades since he was a child- is up to you!

If you have any questions, please ask!


am I dead?

 Posted: Oct 24 2015, 03:49 AM
Unknown • God of Love • Romantic Love • Mount Olympus

Okay, so Eros had quite a few siblings, all of whom were children of Ares and Aphrodite. They were, however, all quite different, both in personality and even upbringing. I'd love to see these guys :D

Information on the Erotes can be found here and here.


- unknown, jamie campbell bower -

Anteros was one of Erotes, Greek Gods associated with love and sex. He in particular was the God of Requited Love. He punished those who scorned love and the advances of others. He was also an avenger of unrequited love. While Anteros and Eros had the same parents, the two, at first, did not grow up together. Later, however, Anteros is given to Eros as a playmate as Eros becomes lonely.

He is described as looking incredibly similar to Eros in every way, sometimes with longer hair and butterfly wings. He's also described as being armed with a golden club or arrows of lead.

Second eldest among the children Aphrodite and Ares had together.


- unknown, open -

Another of the Erotes. Himeros represented sexual desire or unrequited love. He's depicted as having a bow and arrow, so as to create desire and lust in people.

If you are considering taking Himeros, please talk to @TAMMY on the subject, as she had a mortal character that was in a romantic relationship with him. I would talk to her on that matter.

Third eldest.



Pothos is one of the Erotes. He represents longing and/or yearning. He is meant to be the second youngest of the Erotes.


- unknown, open -

Another one of the Erotes. He was the God of Sweet-Talk and Flattery. There is not much known about him, but chances are he would be close with Pothos since he is depicted drawing the chariot of Aphrodite with him (here).


Makes the World Go Round

 Posted: May 5 2016, 08:41 PM
Unknown • God of Love • Romantic Love • Mount Olympus


- unknown, open -

She is the Goddess of harmony and concord.

In most accounts, she was the wife of Cadmus. With him, they had Ino, Polydorus, Autonoë, Agave and Semele (name seem familiar >:]). Their youngest son was Illyrius.

Harmonia was desceibed as a Samothracian, by those who knew her related,that Cadmus, on his voyage to Samothrace, after being initiated in the mysteries, perceived Harmonia, and carried her off with the assistance of Athena. When Cadmus was obliged to quit Thebes, Harmonia accompanied him. When they came to the Encheleans, they assisted them in their war against the Illyrians, and conquered the enemy. Cadmus then became king of the Illyrians, but afterwards he was turned into a serpent. Harmonia, in her grief stripped herself, then begged Cadmus to come to her. As she was embraced by the serpent Cadmus in a pool of wine, the gods then turned her into a serpent, unable to stand watching her in her dazed state.

Exactly where Harmonia stands in relation to the others age wise is up to you. However, she should be younger than both Eros and Anteros.


- unknown, adam lambert -

Deimos is the identical twin brother of Phobos and he is meant to be the younger of the two. He is the personification of the sheer terror that is brought upon by war. He is well known to accompany his father, Ares, as well as his aunt, Enyo, into battle, along with his father's attendants, Trembling, Fear, Dread, and Panic.

I would look at Phobos' app and talk to @REED if you have any questions in regard to Deimos' and Phobos' relationship.


- unknown, open -

Hymenaios is one of the Erotes and the god of weddings or, more specifically, of the wedding hymn sung by the bride's train as she was escorted to the house of the groom. He is usually described as being the son of Apollon and one of the muses; however, it is up to you as to whether you wish to go with this or not. More than likely, Hymenaois is the youngest out of all of them. I ask that he be depicted as having the appearance of a child.


- unknown, open -

Adrestia was the Goddess of revolt, just retribution, equilibrium and balance between good and evil, as well as a handmaiden of Nemesis. She was believed to accompany her father, Ares, into battle, which is something I'd discuss with Blaze, who plays Ares.


the guns of war

 Posted: May 5 2016, 08:57 PM
Unknown • God of Love • Romantic Love • Mount Olympus


- unknown, tait hughes geijer -

Hermaphroditos was the son of Aphrodite and Hermes. He is also one of the Erotes and is the god of hermaphrodites and of effeminates. Apparently, he was originally born as an incredibly handsome boy. However, he was later transformed into an androgynous being by a union with the water nymph Salmacis.

According to the Ovid, he was raised naiads in Mount Ida. At the age of 15, he traveled to the cities Lycia and Caria, as he had become bored with his surroundings. In the woods of Caria, near Halicarnassus, he encountered Salmacis in her pool. Overcome with lust for Hermaphroditos, as he was very handsome, she attempted to seduce him, only to be rejected. [TRIGGER: MENTIONS OF SEXUAL ASSAULT]

Once he thought her gone, he undressed and entered the empty pool. However, Salmacis sprang out from behind a tree and jumped into the pool. She wrapped herself around the boy, forcibly kissing him and touching his breast. While he struggled, she prayed to the gods, asking that they may never part. Her wish was granted, though perhaps not in the manner she thought it would be. The two blended into one form, becoming ""a creature of both sexes." Hermaphroditos prayed to Hermes and Aphrodite, asking that anyone who bathed in the pool would be similarly transformed, a wish that was granted.

PB is up to you, as well as personality and all that. Feel free to mess with his history, if you so wish.


- unknown, open -

Rhode was the daughter of Aphrodite and Poseidon. She was also the wife of Helios. In particular, she was the sea nymph/goddess of the island Rhodes.


- unknown, open -

In some versions, Peitho is considered one of the three Graces (though the most common names for the Graces are Aglaea, Euphrosyne, and Thalia). There are many versions as to who her parents are, but she is commonly known as being a daughter of Aphrodite's. Her father, however, varies from source to source. If you go by her being a Grace, then her father would be Dionysus. Peitho was the wife to Hermes, though in another source she is said to also be the wife of Phoroneus, and the mother of Aegialeus and Apia.

Peitho was meant to be the personification of persuasion and seduction.


- unknown, open -

Eunomia was a daughter of Aphrodite and Hermes (though this is not the most popular account; in most accounts she is a daughter of Zeus and Themis). She was the goddess of law and legislation, as well as a spring-time goddess of green pastures. She was one of the Horae, goddesses of the seasons and the natural portions of time.


best served cold

 Posted: May 5 2016, 08:59 PM
22 • Flying Squirrel • Cheesecake • Momo's Pocket Dimensions


- unknown, open -

Tyche was a daughter of Aphrodite and Hermes or Zeus [I would advise going with Hermes, but if you plan to go with the latter then please speak with Asgard who plays Aphrodite and Gengar who plays Zeus]. She was the presiding tutelary deity that governed the fortune and prosperity of a city, its destiny.

greek cult

- many, open -

So, we've mentioned several of them, but I thought it would be interesting to actually make one. This particular cult originated from Greece, though I don't have any specifics for where all the members are from (they all, however, can speek Greek). They've popped up in a thread of mine and the basic idea is the following:

This Greek cult is rather diverse, filled with a mixture of people who have always been pagans, are new to the scene due to immortals making themselves known, and curious nonbelievers. The cult has been floundering for awhile, as they wish to stick to the old ways but are not entirely sure how to do so. Moreover, they, unlike most cults, are not devoted to one God in the Greek pantheon, as there is disagreement among the members who they should worship. As such, they've gone about worshipping multiple Gods to please everybody, while also trying to do so in a manner that might not anger the Gods. Notably, there is a majority who wish to worship Underworld Gods/Godesses.

This cult has recently encountered Gaia- mind you, they did not know it was her, just an angry Goddess- whose actions (they were attacked) worked in a manner to spike more belief. Whether it did so is questionable (though any nonbelievers in the group would have been able to see her). She sent the group on a vague quest, stating that their belief would help them find what they sought.

  • Agapetos | 25-30 | Leader | Faith

    Agapetos is the leader of the group. Overall, he seeks merely to have unity, something that proves to be a a harder and harder task as time goes on. However, he has taken the meeting with Gaia as a sign for better things to come in the future. Having seen the wrath she caused, he has quickly taken her word to heart and set out to follow her word, as vague as it was. Belief wise, he can only see those of the Greek Pantheon.

  • unnamed member| age up to you| Second- in-Command| Believer
  • unnamed child | 6-10 | Orphan | Seer | Disbelief

    This is a child that Agapetos picked up along the way. They've managed to gather little about the child except that the child is a they believe is something of a fraud. Nonetheless, Agapetos is not one to abandon people, especially children, in need and the child appears to be a believer.

    In reality, the child is something of a Cassandra figure. Their mother offended the Gods and they paid the price, their visions never to be believed (at least by mortals). Their mother was a mortal. They do not know who their father was but doubt the same can be said. Gender up to you.

  • Enyo | 20s | Believer |Concept up to you

    Rumors follow Enyo like a plague. Many within the cult whisper about her, particularly because they believe her to be cursed by the Gods. This is far from true, though there is something supernatural about Enyo. Her quite mortal mother- one who died a rather early death- claims that Enyo's father is Zeus himself. Perhaps the warlike Enyo will discover it in the journey to come.

  • unnamed member | 15 | mortal | non-believer
  • unnamed member | 30s | mortal | new believer
  • unnamed member | 40s | mortal | non-believer
  • unnamed member | age up to you | up to you | new believer

    Exactly what species they are is up to you. They don't have any real powers. Only two things stand out: they've been aging quite slowly and they are deaf. The former has been catching the attention of the others- as well of them- seeing as they technically aren't too old. The others have been coming up with ideas for their parentage. Exactly who are they? Gender up to you.

  • unnamed member | up to you | up to you | believer

If you have any questions, I would be happy to hear them! Also, I am flexible so if you would like to change something just tell me ^^


- unknown, open -

She was the Goddess of the Earth, Agriculture, and Fertility. Demeter was believed to be the reason that the crops grew each year. As a result, she is well known for not only this, but also for her part in the story of Hades and Persephone. She is not only the sister but also the mother-in-law of Hades and the mother of Persephone.

She is meant to be the younger sister of Hades. As I have them imagined, Demeter is far younger than Hades and Hestia, while closer in age to Hera. She was probably a toddler when Cronus was going about hunting down his children to swallow them all up. However, as I have described them so far, she has the unique quality of possessing a respectful amount of wisdom, a terrible temper, but while certainly being Hades' superior in wisdom he manages to be her intellectual superior.

History is up to you. For the most obvious of reasons, Hades does not currently get along with her. Moreover, he's meant to have had a terse relationship with her before he kidnapped Persephone as she distrusted him though exactly why is up to you.

I would suggest speaking to @KATRINA since she plays Persephone.


- 3000+, open -

PB: OPEN, but I would like her to be a redhead

Hestia is the Goddess of the Hearth, Home, Architecture, Domesticity, Family, and the State. She also happens to be one of Hades' five siblings. She is quite prominently known as one of the few virgin goddesses in Greek mythology. She is known to reside on either Delphi or Mount Olympus (of which, or if she even recides on either, is up to you).

I am looking for a few things in Hestia. First off, Hestia is meant to be one of the few members of Hades' family that he has a very close relationship. To explain how close it is meant to be, Hestia, who is meant to stand for family, is meant to understand Hades' struggles, particularly when Persephone is away. As a result, she is a figure of comfort when his wife has to be away and is one of the few people who is capable of calming him down. Their relationship is purely that of siblings, but probably treads along the lines of friends.

Hestia is meant to be the oldest of all the siblings. Whether you wish to put a date on her is up to you. If you wish to do so, I advise looking at Cronus' NPC app as I explain exactly how old Cronus is meant to be. Either way, she is capable of being older than the Furies, though possibly not by much.

Personality wise I have only named vaguely given the hint of her being a motherly sort. While history is up to you, I would like to mention that when she was swallowed by Cronus it was likely quick as she was meant to be his favorite child. In fact, she's likely the only child who has seen any sanity out of Cronus aside from Hades as Cronus did not become insane until Hades came along (though whether she remembers that is up to you).

Fyi, I rather like the idea of Hestia either being a Guardian or an immortal.


blink & I'm gone

 Posted: May 5 2016, 09:03 PM
22 • Flying Squirrel • Cheesecake • Momo's Pocket Dimensions


- unknown, open -

The second to last sibling and second eldest brother of Hades, Poseidon is known as the "Earth-shaker" due to his role in causing earthquakes and is the God of the Seas, Earthquakes, and Horses. He was married to Amphitrite, one of the granddaughters of the Titan Oceanus.

His appearance is up to you, though I would suggest that he have the ability to change his appearance as he is within the generation that had the ability to do so.

Poseidon is known for having a quarrelsome personality and being quite greedy. It is due to these two attributes that he often had disputes with other members of his family. One object of his anger was the amount of power he had, as Poseidon's realm was far less powerful than Zeus and, according to some takes, Hades' as well. As I have portrayed his and Hades' relationship, Poseidon had no problem with Hades until the lots were drawn, as not only was the idea for lots being drawn Hades' idea, but so was the idea that the realms be split. As a result, Poseidon became, quite falsely, convinced that Hades had plotted that Poseidon would receive less power than his brothers. As such, Poseidon holds much against Hades, while Hades less of dislikes his brother and more of is saddened to see what he believes to traits that his brother has inherited from their father.

Of the GOOD traits that Poseidon is depicted as having, it would be caring for his family, even those that might have otherwise not have been cared for by other members of his family (such as uglier children or halfling children). This is usually seen when others suffer his wrath due harm done to his children.

His history is up you. Poseidon is meant to be closest in age to Zeus as he was, according to myth, meant to be an infant when Cronus was going around gobbling up his children.

the keres

- ancient, open -

Suggested PB: OPEN.

This is a concept that is largely up to you on how it should form. By myth, Pandora's box is meant to have been a box (jar) that was given to Pandora under the guise of a gift. She was told not to open it, but had been given the key to it. Eventually giving into her curiosity, she opened the box and unleashed all that is evil onto mankind (a punishment for Prometheus' theft). Only hope, which shrouded Pandora, did not escape.

Now, the "evils" are actually meant to be the Keres- daughters of Nyx- who are malevolent spirits, each representing evils. "Hope" would actually be the personification of hope, Elpis. Exactly how this all ties together is pretty much up to you. Pandora is not meant to remember much about the event except that she saw someone escape the box. Hope is meant to be who changed her into a magical being by "shrouding her," but whether it was Elpis or the Keres that she saw is up to you.

As I am asking for the Keres aspect here, exactly how this is formed is up to you. Were the Keres themselves in the box? Was it someone who was a container, so to speak, for them? There are a lot of potential ideas that could happen and it is up to you. Please note that the Keres are more than one individual if you plan to make them as the Keres. Here is some information about them: here

One thing that I do need to point out is that whomever is being made here needs to have the ability, or have had it, to have given Pandora the 'Mark of Cain' mark she has. So, perhaps the ability to curse people or give people blessings that come with prices.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.


- unknown, Kaya Scodelario -

The daughter of Eros and Psyche. She was the personification and goddess of pleasure, enjoyment, and delight. However, being the child of Eros, she was specifically associated with sensual pleasure. She was conceived before Eros had his marriage to Psyche acknowledged by Zeus, but is born sometime after it is acknowledged and Psyche is made immortal.

PB is open.


- ageless, open -

This is a particularly vague concept, so a lot of it is open to you. According to how they are portrayed- both in mythos and on the site- Chaos would be the original creator of the Greek pantheon. It is meant to have created Gaia, Tartarus (the being), Erebus, and Nyx. According to other versions, the personification of Night and Day- Nox and Dies- as well as Ether- Aether- were also children of Chaos.

Exactly who Chaos is depends upon the source. I'm more of aiming for the orphic tradition that claims it is the child of Chronus- not to be confused with Cronus- and Ananke. In other words, the child of the personification of Time (Father Time) and the being of inevitability, compulsion and necessity (Ananke is meant to have depicted the beginning of the Cosmos).

Chaos is not really depicted as a person, despite the source you might find. Ovid depicts chaos as an unformed mass where all the elements are. Hesiod, on the other hand, depicts Chaos as something almost akin to a person. It was still a place- and one that was far away from even the Titans- but was personified enough to bear children and be affecetd by Zeus' thunderbolts. I'm kind envisioning something sort of like the latter. Basically, a being which is technically formless but is capable of taking on some type of form.

Personality wise, it is mostly up to you. All I have really depicted so far is that it created Gaia with the intention that she create and only create. I imagine that whatever image it had in its head for her to do is not the product she ended up with, particularly because Chaos originally created her as an instinctual being. Also, Gaia doesn't remember much about him aside from his name and what he told her to do, in case you wished to mention her.

Chaos was also called Haos, Khaos, and Arche if you are looking for something more name sounding.

Face claim is completely open


Substitute my Heart

 Posted: May 5 2016, 09:04 PM
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psyche - taken

- unknown, emilia clarke -

Group: Immortal
Species: Human turned Immortal/Goddess
Age: A lady never tells her age At best, Psyche is younger than Eros and likely by many centuries. However, it would be difficult to give an exact number because Eros doesn't actually know his own age. Children: Hedone. Also, these two are meant to have recently just had twins. I haven't yet come up with any of the information about them (names, genders, centers, etc, etc) so information about them is very open.

Personality: Honestly, this is pretty open. If you are looking for something to work off of, a good impression of Psyche can be found within the myth about her and Eros.
Suggested PB: Emilia Clarke

History:, I'll just write it out since the source I have has the Roman version >> (and ugh names) So here's the story of how Eros & Psyche get together:

Psyche was one of three, the youngest in fact, daughters of a king of queen- the city is never named in her story- and while the other two were certainly beautiful, Psyche was considered so beautiful that those that admired her began to neglect worship to Aphrodite, rumours spreading that Psyche was the second coming of Aphrodite or, perhaps, the daughter of Aphrodite, born from a risque union between the goddess and a mortal.

As one might expect, Aphrodite was quite offended (perhaps on all aspects) and sent Eros to avenge her, demanding that he have Psyche fall in love with someone hideous. Of course, this did not go as planned ;)

Eros ended up scratching himself with one of his own arrows, causing him to fall in love with the first person one sees. As a result, Eros ends up falling in love with Psyche instead and disobeys his mother's orders.

Meanwhile, Psyche's two sisters have married. In contrast, Psyche has yet to fall in love. Due to this, her father believes that they have offended the Gods and turns to the oracle of Apollo. The far from reassuring. He is told that he will not have a human son-in-law., but a dragon-like creature who harasses the world with fire and iron. This creature, he is told, is feared by Zeus and even those of the Underworld.

Dressed in funeral clothing, Zephyrus (the West Wind) transports Psyche to her fated match, bringing her to a beautiful meadow where she then quickly falls asleep.

When Psyche awakes, she finds herself at the edge of a cultivated grove. Upon exploration, she finds a beautiful house with golden columns, a carved ceiling of citrus wood and ivory, silver walls embossed with wild and domesticated animals, and jeweled mosaic floors. A voice then tells her to make herself comfortable. she is then entertained at a feast which serves itself and by singing to an invisible lyre.

While fearful, she basically allows Eros, whom she cannot see, to guide her to the bedroom and do the do, making her his wife. Over time she begins to look forward to his visits; however, Eros always leaves before sunrise and tells her she is not allowed to look at him. Soon, she becomes pregnant.

Naturally, Psyche's family begins to worry and, after much pestering, Eros allows Zephyrus to bring Psyche's sisters for a visit. Upon seeing where she lives, her sisters become jealous and demean her happiness by constantly prodding as to who her husband is, a fact that Psyche does not know, because, as the oracle told, there is no doubt to them that she is married to the serpent that will likely eat her and her child.

Tricked by her sisters, one night, Psyche carries out a plan her sisters came up with. She brings out a lamp and a dagger she had hidden within the room so that she could kill the monster. However, when the light shines upon Eros, she is struck by his beauty. Startled, she ends up wounding herself on one of Eros' arrows in his cast-aside quiver.

Now struck with a feverish passion for Eros, she spills oil from the lamp on him, causing him to wake up. He immediately flees, and despite her pursuit, flies away, leaving her on the banks of a river.

It is here she is discovered by Pan, who recognizes the signs of passions she is experiencing. After acknowledging his divinity, she then begins to wander the Earth in search for Eros.

Psyche first visits her sisters, one at a time. Both become envious upon learning Eros' identity as her husband and each attempt to offer themselves as replacements, attempting to climb rocky crag and cast herself upon Zephyrus so that he can transport them. Instead, each is allowed to fall to their deaths.

Through her wanderings, Psyche came to the temple of Demeter., only to find a disorder in the grain offerings, garlands, and agricultural implements. Recognizing that this should not be, she puts everything in order herself. In doing so, Demeter herself appears to the girl. Psyche prays for her aid and while Demeter agrees she deserves it, she states she cannot offer it as she cannot offer aid against a fellow goddess. An incident similar to this happens later in Psyche's travels when she comes upon Hera's temple.

Through this, Psyche realizes that she must serve Aphrodite herself.

Unfortunately, Aphrodite takes great pleasure in having Psyche under her thumb now, mistreating her greatly, such as having her whipped and tortured, mocking her for conceiving a child in a sham marriage, and gives Psyche incredibly difficult tasks. ( look here under 'Wanderings and trials' and 'Psyche and the underworld' for what Aphrodite [Aphrodite is Venus]).

After the mention of the first task, it is revealed that Eros is also within the house, weak from his injury.

At dawn, Aphrodite gives Psyche a second task. She is told that she must cross a river to fetch golden wool from violent sheep that graze on the other side, who belong to Helios [the personification of the Sun].

Psyche holds no intention to this, instead planning to drown herself on the way there. Instead, she is saved by the instruction of a divinely inspired reed, which are used to make musical instruments, and gathers the wool caught on briers.

For her third task, Psyche is given a crystal vessel so that she may collect black water that is spewed by the source of the rivers Styx and Cocytus. Upon climbing the cliffs where it comes from, she finds herself daunted by foreboding air of the area and the dragons that move about on the rocks. As such, she finds herself falling into a despair. However, despite this, Zeus himself takes pity upon her and sends an eagle of his to battle the dragons and retrieve the water for her.

For her last task, Aphrodite tells Psyche to go to the Underworld. She is told to take a box and take from it a portion of the beauty of Persephone, the Queen of the Underworld. Aphrodite claims her own beauty has, while she has been tending to her ailing son, begun to fade. As such, she needs this remedy so that she can attend the theatre of the gods.

No doubt overwhelmed by the task, Psyche climbs a tower so that she can throw herself off of it. However, the tower itself speaks, advising her to travel to Lacedaemon, Greece and to look for a place called Taenarus. It is here that she will find an entrance to the Underworld.

The instructions she receives for navigating are the following:

"The airway of Dis is there, and through the yawning gates the pathless route is revealed. Once you cross the threshold, you are committed to the unswerving course that takes you to the very Regia of Orcus. But you shouldn’t go empty handed through the shadows past this point, but rather carry cakes of honeyed barley in both hands, and transport two coins in your mouth."

She is warned to keep silent as she passes several figures: a lame man driving a mule with sticks, a dead man swimming in the river that separates the world of the living from the world of the dead, and old women weaving. According to the tower, they will only seek to divert her by asking for help. Cake is for Cerberus and coins are for Charon.

Everything goes according to plan. Due to her humble query, Persephone grants Psyche her her request. As soon as Psyche returns to the surface, she finds herself overcome with curiosity and ends up opening the box, hoping to enhance her own beauty. Instead, she finds nothing but an "infernal and Stygian sleep". As such, she is sent into deep and unmoving lethargy.

Meanwhile, Eros has healed from his wound and escapes from his mother's home. He ends up finding Psyche. He draws the sleep from her face and places it back into the box, pricks her with an arrow which does her no harm. Lifting her into the air, he takes her so that she may present the box to Aphrodite.

Afterwards, he then confronts Zeus, presenting his case so that he may, more officially, wed Psyche. Zeus agrees, though only the agreement that Eros give future help in whatever maiden catches his eye. Zeus then has Hermes convene the gods in Olympus, where he states his approval, tells Aphrodite to stop, and gives Psyche ambrosia, thus turning the mortal immortal as it is the drink of immortality, so that they may marry on equal terms. According to Zeus, this union will redeem Eros from his history of provoking adultery and sordid liaisons. They then have a wedding banquet. AND BAM HAPPY ENDING.


First off, Aphrodite needs to be a bit less cruel. Mind you, Aphrodite IS meant to have gone into bitch mode on Psyche because GURL HOW DARE YOU THERE IS ONLY ONE APHRODITE AND I AM SHE. YOU AIN'T EVEN THAT PRETTY. However, there are some things that Aphrodite would and wouldn't do. I imagine the main thing would probably be physically harming a pregnant woman. I would suggest talking to @ASGARD who plays Aphrodite to get a good idea on this.

Secondly, you may wish to speak to @KATRINA who plays Persephone, if you want an idea of how that might have gone down, as Psyche does confront the goddess at one point.

Outside of that...well, it is up to you! I don't mind if this is changed up any. If you have any questions or would like to talk about this, please PM me ^^


- ~6 months, open -

NAME: alexis or alexius

AGE: 1 year old

GENDER: both gender and gender identity are up to you, as I have left it ambiguous until now

SPECIES: a hawk-like creature of gaia's own making

PLAY-BY: open

Overall, this character is largely open to your own interpretation. Alexis is a being that was created by Gaia when she encountered the deity, Pan. Their name, in ancient greek, means "helper" or "defender," and much like any of her children, their name is the core of what she created them around. Alexis was crafted less to be a defender or helper of others, but more of one for her personally.

Alexis' personality is largely open to you. The only thing I wish to see in it is a strong loyalty to Gaia herself, one that is likely untainted due to how young they technically are. It is meant to be a rather strong one, as can be seen here.

Appearance wise, I have described them as being hawk-like in appearance. The main difference is meant to be in size, as, despite their age, Alexis is meant to be a rather large bird. However, any other differences in appearance from a hawk are welcome. Whether they have a human form or not is up to you.

Alexis' powers are pretty much open. They do have to fit the core of what she created them for: to help her. I do ask that Alexis be good at tracking and have a mental connection with Gaia (thus making her capable of summoning them).

Lastly, their usergroup is open to being Immortal or Creature. They can be a Guardian, but you will need a rather good explanation as to why they are, as Gaia herself is an almost purely neutral being and would have likely been teaching Alexis to act similarly.

the twins

- 2 yrs old, open -

NAMES: Therma and Iremia

AGE: up to you. they are meant to have been born sometime in autumn, 2023

SPECIES&USERGROUP: deities & immortals

PLAY-BYS: open, but they both have to be female

Eros and Psyche are meant to have recently had twins. As of the moment, the two would be nearing their first birthday (the two are meant to have been born sometime in Fall). Considering how quickly deities are seen to age physically in Greek mythology, the two likely look older than they really are, but act rather childish. Chances are they look somewhere around 3-7 years old or so.

I only really have a vague outline outside of that for them. The two are both female. Their personalities are open; however, I do ask that you keep in mind that they are technically still children, ESPECIALLY for their own pantheon (where it takes probably centuries for people to stop considering you a godling).

In regards to their powers and centers, I do actually have some things in mind. What the twins hold dominion (or what their powers are) would be related to what Eros and Psyche hold power over. Eros is meant to have power over romantic love. Psyche, on the other hand, is associated with the obstacles of love (her name also happens to mean soul or breathe of life...if that gives any inspiration?). However you decide to go about it- perhaps positively or negatively- the two do need to either be two sides of the same coin or two parts of a whole.

Power wise is rather open, but the two are technically VERY young. Chances are that they still haven't come into some of their powers (i.e. if one or both of them has wings, they may or may not know how to fly yet or if they inherited Eros' control over fire, then that more than likely has not shown [that is meant to have shown up in Eros when he was a bit older]...not to say they don't have any, but they are children and children are learning and discovering, not only about the world but also about themselves ^^).

Also! They do not have to be identical. That is open.


- unknown, Seungri (Lee Seunghyun) -

Thanatos is a spirit of death, not a personification, though he would have been considered one by followers of the Greek gods. The term in particular used was "daemon", which basically means benevolent spirit. What Thanatos is is not at all similar to what Death is. For information on it look here. Obviously, you can change it up somewhat, but please stay to the basics.

Thanatos is the twin brother of Hypnos, a personification (in this case, he'd probably be a spirit) of sleep. His mother is Nyx, goddess of Night, and his father is Erebus, a personification of darkness. I won't go into Nyx's and Erebus' past, but if you plan on bringing them up in detail in your history, look them up. They are both very old, so this could leave some freedom with how old Thanatos (and thus his twin) is.

His personality is completely up to you. I'd like to point out that Hades, in the past, tended to consider Thanatos as lazy (though these would have been personal thoughts he did not share with anyone). However, this is meant to be an exaggeration. When it comes to his work, Hades is obsessive and a perfectionist, not reacting well to mistakes, though he would lash more out on himself than others. As such, he would hold Thanatos to this standard of perfection. Thanatos' work ethic is up to you.

Thanatos is basically supposed to be Hades' personal assistant, taking care of the jobs that Hades cannot personally do due to how he is incapable of leaving the Underworld. As such, he likely deals with a fair amount of work, but his main job would be in doing the one thing Hades cannot take care of: collecting souls that need to come to the Underworld. This is likely a job he did with his sisters, the Keres. Where the Keres hold domain over violent death, Thanatos, by myth, is meant to have a more gentle touch, holding domain over non-violent. As such, the process would likely be Thanatos helps those (who should be going to the Underworld, of course) who have died of non-violent death "pass on", basically taking the final step from holding onto life to dead. His sisters likely do the same, but with those who have died of violent deaths (and probably not as nicely >>). Seeing as Thanatos isn't the guide of the dead- that is Hermes- Thanatos is likely meant to just tally up that everyone who should have passed on HAS and makes sure things are in order [leading to him likely talking to a fair amount of people involved in the process x.x]. Hades would deal with everything after the process (like mistakes, problems, etc, etc). The only time Hades might get involved is if Thanatos ran into a situation he could not handle (like someone meddling with the process, like stealing souls or just...general stuff that could mess with the balance of life and death)....which might be happening a bit more frequently, honestly XD

He holds some symbolism, rather morbid symbolism, in psychology and medicine also. Information on it can be found here. You don't have to add it, of course. Another source is here.

Lastly, Thanatos needs to be either a Guardian or an Immortal.

If you have any questions, feel free to PM or Skype me.

Suggested PB is Seungri (Lee Seunghyun)


cold and eternal

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- open, Aurora Aksnes -

PB: Aurora Aksnes [If you'd like to use someone different, please ask]

Gender: Female

Appearance: When mortals think of angels, they likely think of beauty. In this angel's opinion, she does not fit that image. What stands out most about her is the scar that covers almost half of her face, going down past her neck to her chest. It does not stop there, continuing on to her left wing. How she received this is up to you.

She is albino.

SPECIES/GROUP: Archangel/ Group can be varied! I'm fine with her being a Guardian, Immortal, or even an Anti-Guardian.

Personality: Her personality is up to you. The only thing I'm asking for in it is that she'd be less confident than Snow.

History: She is meant to be a mortal turned angel. Mortals are turned into angels by asking for miracles, ones which end up taking their life (think equivalent exchange). Not all miracles are granted, but the ones which are would be ones which are deemed selfless or good (i.e. Snow asked for a miracle of saving someone else's life, even at the cost of her life; Caer's was similar). I suggest you talk to CARMA of what they are meant to be like.

Her history is up to you, but considering she is meant to be either older than Snow or around her age, she likely did not have a happy childhood, simply because of her looks. She and Snow ARE meant to have gotten along while Snow was in Heaven.

If you have any questions for this, just ask!

Powers: Mortal turned angels' powers are based off of what their miracle was. For example, Snow's miracle asked to cure her friend no matter the cost. This ended up costing her life since her friend was dying from poison. As such, she had healing based powers. Of course, you could have powers outside of that. Either way, the powers are up to you, but keep that in mind. I'd suggest showing Carma if you aren't sure you are doing it right :P

Snow White's Mother

- ~500s, Charlize Theron -

Suggested PB & Appearance: Charlize Theron. Considering that Snow's mother asked for a child who held a specific appearance- and then ironically grew envious of it- I would like these two to hold few similarities appearance wise. I am thinking specifically in the areas that her mother asked, so different complexions and hair colours. However, it is up to you how she looks ^^

Personality: For this, you'll want to read Snow White's application, as I delve into her mother's personality a bit during Snow's childhood. Overall, however, I based her a lot on how she's presented in the fairy tale. She is cruel, vain to the point of narcissism, jealous, delusional, and perhaps even a touch insane. Also, I emphasize on the fact that Snow's mother is delusional to the point that she enjoys living in her own world, stating the following: "Her mother, naturally, was far from happy. In fact, her mother was wary of what this event may speak of, for now Snow White was a queen. However, her mother comforted herself with the thought that her child had always been compassionate and naive. Nothing bad would happen." This is something she thought AFTER she abandoned her own child, who had been found years later, seeming to expect that Snow would have let bigons would be bigons because Snow had always been compassionate and naive.

Other than that rest is up to you.

History: Her childhood is up to you. I pretty much imply that Snow's mother WANTED to have her. Exactly how she was treated by her parents, however, is another story. She would have been raised as was traditional to the times. I imagine her parents did not have much involvement in the beginnings of her raising and she was raised by a nanny of some sort, which would likely explain why her mother did not notice something as simple as Snow's appearance until Snow was growing older. Her parents would have likely had some contact with her, but her father is not meant to have been someone who expressed his emotions well in most aspects. Unfortunately, this meant that instead of trying to start some conversations, he simply did not and came off as cold and uncaring to her. What Snow's relationship to her mother is up to you.

"Snow White" is not Snow's actual name, so please keep that in mind. It is a nickname her mother came up with and called her often, one she eventually took up later in life in preference of her name as her actual name holds too many painful memories attached to it. Her actual name is Margaretha von Waldeck.

Snow's mother did not act upon her feelings of jealousy, but simply let them stew. When she did act upon them, she tricked Snow, stating that they would be going to pick flowers by the forest. Instead, she abandoned Snow in the forest and fled, expecting her to die, as Snow was meant to be very young when this happened, about seven or eight perhaps.

A couple things to point out at this point. I pretty much took out all the magic of the story. There is no magical mirror or any dwarves. There is not meant to be a magical mirror. Snow's mother is merely a woman who is vain and jealous, driven to extreme ends due to her own delusions. Snow is meant to have been a beautiful child, but it is only she who is believing it to such extreme ends. As for the dwarves? No. Snow is merely a lost child who stays lost but manages to adapt in order for survival.

There is a break in time here and you may fill it with whatever you wish. Snow is not found by her Prince until YEARS later, perhaps until she is a teenager, about fourteen years old. Snow's mother would have likely been wary...but not enough to do anything I imagine and it would have stayed this way for about a year.

After this, Snow enters the picture. After Snow's incident with her husband, where she then changes from being rather complacent to a very angry queen, she turns to her parents first...but not for comfort. Basically what happens is she manages to trick her husband into allowing her to visit her parents with at least one guard. This is actually completely unscheduled and her parents know nothing of it. What this visit ends with is her father dead and her mother beheaded. Due to Snow- as she knows the area and how to escape unseen- the entire incident ends up blamed on the poor soul who finds the bodies.

Whatever happens after this is up to you. Obviously, her mother lives on, seeing as I'm asking for this, but it is totally up to you as to how.

GROUP: I imagine immortal or anti would fit best. However, one could also make her something like cursed mortal if you want to go that route.

Snow's Prince

- ~400s, Gaspard Ulliel -

Suggested PB: Gaspard Ulliel

GROUP: Up to you :P


PAST: In Snow's past, Prince here tended to take turns at being a good person and a bad one. His flaws always shown bright and Snow can certainly claim she never got a chance to see any of the strengths of his personality. Exactly why is debatable. He was never very smart- in fact, he was always a bit of a fool- better with a sword than playing the game or standing behind a war table, and quite a flirt, perhaps to the point of being a womanizer. He also had the typical views of women of his times. He was always happy to listen to other people's opinions. Whether they ever sunk in or not is another matter entirely though.

CURRENTLY: Has he changed or is he very much the same? Totally up to you ^^ I'm interested to see what someone will do with him.

AGE: He's definitely at least a couple years older than Snow.

History: Let's see....

When Snow was fourteen, he was visiting the kingdom her family was from and went on a hunt while he was. During one of the hunts, he bumped into her and...believed he had fallen in love with her at first sight. He offered to marry her, an offer her father accepted.

Their marriage was perhaps...okay for a year. Snow was complacent, coming off quiet and perhaps like a wife of the time should have been. Exactly how he read her behavior is up to you, but their marriage was ruined when he raped her. Snow would have changed completely after that. She learned the game and went a spring of murders, assassinations, simply killing in a bind rage. There would have still been an apparent kindness in Snow but...whether he saw it is up to you, as she would have been manipulating his constantly.

She did a lot of the things he should have been doing, basically ruling the kingdom for him. He led the armies and was akin to being her puppet, her pawn.

This would have changed once Snow's lady in waiting came into her life and she pretty much went through a big change in her life. She would have forced him to take up his duties, refusing to do his job for him any longer. If he begged her to do any of it, she would have simply said no and demanded he learn how to do it if he did not know how. Overall, in that part of her life, she would have taken to avoiding him for the most part, more often then not going out of the castle so that she could help the impoverished and sick, etc.

Snow would have died somewhere around the age of 25 due to the miracle she had asked for, so it likely would have seemed out of the blue since she had overall good health. The exact details as to what happened afterwards after up to you. However, overall, the kingdom would not have done well with him actually in charge, as he would both have no clue to what he was doing and be easily manipulated by people such as advisers. Land and allies would have likely been lost.

Besides that, totally up to you. If you've got any questions, just ask me :)

Zhinü - Taken

- ancient, open -

Age: Unknown. More than likely older than Niulang.
Group: Anti-Guardian or Immortal
Species: Deity
Gender: Female

Okay, so part of Niulang's past is based off of a Chinese folk tale called "The Weaver Girl and the Cowherd," which is about Yin and Yang. To summarize, it is a love story about two lovers who are, literally, star crossed. Niulang- Yang- is the cowherder. Zhinü, on the other hand, is a weaver. Their love was not approved and they were sent to separate sides of the Milky Way, only capable of seeing each other on the seventh day on the seventh month of the lunar calendar.

For information on it it, read here and here.

I've read a couple versions of the story and the one I like best is this version. In this version, Zhinü, the granddaughter of the Heavenly Empress, is a deity, while Niulang is a deity who broke the heavenly rules and was punished by being sent to Earth as a mortal.

Zhinü: So, I state in Niulang's app that Zhinü is one of the Chinese Zodiac which are, according to his app, are members of nobles houses of different constellations. However, I want this to go fairly close to the story so Zhinü should be a deity, notably a grandchild of the Heavenly Empress as mentioned in the story. Why Niulang thinks the other is a Zodiac is up to you. Perhaps it could be because Zhinü possesses power of Yin? Or perhaps Zhinü told him that? Up to you honestly.

Appearance: Up to you.

Personality: I have actually stated very little about what Zhinü is meant to be like, but I imagine that Niulang would only have managed to fall for someone incredibly different from himself. Up to you what the personality is like though.

History: First off, you will have to look at Niulang's application. However, it is important to state that Niulang is meant to be under several false pretenses about Zhinu. The biggest one is about what she and her family are. He believes that she is a celestial and one of the noble thirteen as well (I state which one she has claimed to be in the noble thirteen wanted ad). Naturally, this means that Niulang does not fully understand the reality of his situation and that it is far more grave than it truly is. In reality, Zhinu is supposed to be a deity and a granddaughter of the Heavenly Empress.

Moreover, an explanation for why Niulang has not seen Zhinü for centuries will be needed. He's meant to have still come to the bridge every year, but Zhinü is never there. He doesn't know why the other missing. The why is totally up to you.

A lot of her history is up to you, to be honest.

The scandal: Zhinu's and Niulang's relationship is meant to have been scandalous. I hint to this in his application, but it is more directly addressed in the story. First off, Niulang's family is meant to have held a deep prejudice against Yin users due to their belief that Yang and Yin users re meant to have always be in conflict. As such, they would have disapproved of the relationship upon discovery of it. Secondly, the Heavenly Empress is meant to have disapproved of the relationship as romantic relationships were against the heavenly laws (the name of her realm is called heaven in the story fyi).



Hurts & It Hurts

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Heavenly Empress

- ageless, Fan Bingbing -

PB: Fan Bingbing as Empress Wu Zetian

The Heavenly Empress is a being who goes by many titles and names; however, she is generally considered the Queen of Heaven. In the story of "The Weaver Girl and the Cowherd," she possesses a large role, being the primary force that wishes to keep the two lovers apart due to their relationship being against the rules of the Heavens.

Appearance: Her appearance is relatively open. However, she is meant to look quite regal and beautiful in appearance. While the face claim mentioned is not required, I do ask that her face claim be Asian. It is not required for it to be a real life face claim.

Personality: While her personality is open, it should be kept in mind that she is generally considered benevolent and powerful, viewed as something of a motherly figure. She is often combined with figures like the Virgin Mary. I would advise looking at Zhi Liu's application, as it might give you some ideas to certain aspects of her character.

History: So, this might be a bit complicated. I would advise looking at this and this. Mazu is generally associated with two things: a Chinese sea goddess and the Heavenly Empress. The nature of the Heavenly Empress is fairly complex, in that she is connected to the Nine Emperor Gods. The Nine Emperor Gods are worshiped in the form of the Heavenly Empress. Exactly how you take this is up to you, but a few things are required.

The Heavenly Empress is meant to have had a relationship with the Jade Emperor (the first god of the nine emperor gods), the two likely being married. This relationship is meant to have resulted in one of Zhi Liu's parents. The Heavenly Empress was probably privy to what he did, as the Jade Emperor is meant to be the deity who designated the celestial beasts the mansions they received in the cosmos, making them guardians of the stars in a way. (Just to note, the celestial beasts would have been fairly distant from heavenly business due to this). Whether or not the Heavenly Empress knows this is, of course, is fairly open since it depends upon how you spin the relationship.

One thing that definitely needs to be explained is why [romantic] relationships were against the rules of the Heavens. Is it due to personal reasons? Is it more due to something biological? Is it a cultural thing? The reason is up to you~

As for her powers, these are pretty open. The Heavenly Empress herself probably does not require belief, but if she does she likely has a lot (the same probably cannot be said for all of those within the Heavens). She is meant to be powerful and definitely not someone you want to mess with! Some required powers are the ability to use both Yin & Yang. Explanations are also needed for how she could create the bridge, separate Zhi Liu & Niulang, and how she took away some of Zhi Liu's powers and her memories of Niulang.

The Rat King

- open, open -

Suggested PB: OPEN

Species:: Up to you. He could also be a magical toy or, keeping in spirit of the play, a magical rat.

Group: I would like him to either be an anti-guardian or a creature.

Center: I would find there to be a certain amount of irony in his center being cowardice since he is not only a rat, but also Ivan's enemy (whose center/concept is fortitude). However, this is up to you.

Personality: Up to you.

History: I am not looking for much, honestly. Exactly where the Rat King is from and who he is is up to you. The only main things I am looking for are him to have been to be a "Rat King" and to be out for revenge against Ivan. I imagine he's not very happy about his loss.

The Sugar Plum Fairy

- ancient, julie andrews -

PB: Julie Andrews. If you have a different idea, please ask me.

Feel free to look at her NPC app for ideas.

Name: I have never given her a name outside of her title, but you are welcome to if you wish.

Usergroup: While I have portrayed her as a neutral immortal, she does hold leanings towards the Guardians. She may be either an immortal or guardian.

Species: Fairy, specifically the sort from Christian mythology (a former angel that was turned into a fairy after the gates of Heaven were closed as she was in neither Heaven or Hell). Naturally, this means she is, at least, older than the Earth.

Personality: This is largely up to you. A few features about her would be the fact that she does genuinely care about the happiness of others, especially children. Moreover, she is technically the monarch of her own land but chooses to have Ivan rule it instead as Prince-Regent (which may say something about her personality).

History: I have not gone into her history too much as she only pops up now and again. However, she is meant to be deeply involved in Ivan's history. For one, she is the reason that Ivan exists. She is meant to have noticed that a young child lost his father, a man by the Anatoly. Anatoly, who was a Russian soldier in the 19th century, died after saving his family in a fire. She specifically noticed that his son, Gunther, had come to miss his father and struggled as he tried to step into his father's shoes.

The Sugar Plum Fairy is meant to have come to North, of whom she is meant to be a friend of, and requested that he make something to help the boy, bringing him a picture of Anatoly. This is how Ivan is meant to have come into being. Early in his life, the Sugar Plum Fairy is meant to have given him the title of Prince-Regent to her land.

The full story of Ivan's creation can be found here.

The Sugar Plum Fairy's relationship with Ivan might be something like that of a mentor or a friend? He certainly considers her to be both. They both help dreamers who come to the Land of Sweets (a description of the land of sweets can be found in her npc app). Ivan is just the one who actively rules and defends the land. She is the creator of it. Though, that is not to say that others do not know of her.

Most of her history is open though.

I believe that is all. If you have any questions, feel free to PM me!

Sarah Anne

- 5-7 yrs, open -

Suggested PB: Varvara Vorobieva, Diana Pentovich, or Mackenzie Foy. If you would rather not choose from one of these, that is fine. I merely ask that she be blonde.

Species:: human

Group: mortal

Age: 5-7 years old

Appearance: She is meant to be rather pale, skinny, and short. The one thing about her that sticks out is her blonde, curly hair.

Personality: I am honestly looking for very little in her personality so this is mostly up to you. Overall, Sarah is meant to be a sweet girl who has not had the best of luck in her life as of yet.

History: Who is Sarah Anne? She is meant to be the last owner that Ivan had before he left. Originally, Sarah Anne came from a rather poor family situation. Her mother had married/gotten together with a man who had taken to mistreating them both, particularly Sarah Anne. RP wise, he's been described as having treating her as well as a dog. However, once she was capable, she left the man, escaping to England to Sarah Anne's grandparents so that she might be able to split off from this man.

Sarah Anne's father? She is meant to have had one, though who he was is up to you. Was her mother previously married? Did she get divorced? Is he dead? Alive? Or is Sarah just the result of a one night stand? All up to you~

When Ivan separated from Sarah Anne, her life was beginning to turn for the better. However, he had ended up sold by her grandparents after he and a couple of other Guardians helped the Moon Rabbit get all patched up. Sarah is meant to have stumbled upon this scene and helped (by getting a lollipop for the giant furrball). Exactly how she remembers the event is up to you (since she may or may not equate the nutcracker with ivan).

Abilities: Sarah Anne is meant to be a rather big believer. Her mother would, when living with the second man she was in a relationship with, read stories of all sorts to her. However, wanting to keep some form of happiness and hope in her child's world, she never squashed the idea that what she was reading about might not exist. As a result, if it is something that Sarah Anne has heard of, either because it was read to her or she might have gotten to read it herself, then chances are she believes in it because she's either been told it exists or it possibly could...and isn't that the same thing?

Aside from that, she's pretty much a regular human.

Other stuff: Sarah's father, as well as his side of the family (thus Sarah's grandparents), are meant to have been originally been from Russia and are descendants of Ivan's second owner, Clara. Her grandparents are meant to still live in Russia, only having been there for a vacation which Sarah Anne and her mother had accompanied them on. Where Sarah Anne and her mother lived beforehand, however, I never said and thus that is up to you.


Beat Within Me

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Pierre Gringoire

- 549, Gerry Sundquist -

Suggested PB: Gerry Sundquist

Pierre is Esmeralda's husband from her mortal life. A poor playwright, he shows up at the beginning of the novel, giving the first glimpse of Esmeralda's compassion for others. Later, after Quasimodo is crowned the Pope of Fools, Pierre, disappointed in his loss, first sees Esmeralda when he spots her dancing near the fire, forgetting about his failed play and falling on love with her. That night, he follows her, only to witness her to be almost kidnapped by Quasimodo, who has been ordered to do so by Frollo, and saved by Phoebus. Later, he accidentally makes his way into the Court of Miracles when he sees some Truands (beggars) come towards him, the Court of Miracles being their home. Clopin Trouillefou, the King of the Truands, accuses him of entering without permission. He gives him an impossible test to save his life: to reach a purse from a pocket without making the little bells sound. This is made more impossible by the fact that Pierre is not a thief and this is meant to be an act that only a skilled thief would be capable of doing. Failing it, Clopin is about to hang him, only to give Pierre another option to save his life: marry a gypsy woman present in the Court. This too is meant to be impossible and is more meant to taunt Pierre, as it quickly becomes apparent no one is willing to do so, merely amused by the show that appears like it will be ending with Pierre's death.

Until Esmeralda appears. Coming to his rescue, she accepts him as her husband and Pierre lives. They have their wedding night together and it is there that Pierre learns that Esmeralda does not love him. Instead, she merely tolerates him and it is made clear that he cannot touch her ever. Pierre's feelings of love for Esmeralda not only vanish, but seem to diminish to the point that he becomes fonder of her goat, Djali, than Esmeralda herself.

Pierre is not seen much throughout the rest of the novel. He later pops up to rescue Esmeralda with a cloaked Frollo, notified by the latter that Parlement has voted to have her removed from the sanctuary (the cathedral) and intend to send soldiers to accomplish this task by force. Reluctantly agreeing, Frollo and Pierre formulate a plan together. The next night, Pierre leads all the Parisian Gypsies to Notre Dame, an action that leads to their slaughter due to a misunderstanding on Quasimodo's part. However, Frollo, Pierre, and Esmeralda manage to leave Notre Dame safely by boat. Upon hearing the voice of a guard, Pierre chooses to save Djali instead of Esmeralda, leaving her with Frollo, an action that results in her death. By the end, he has become a writer of tragedies and receives better attention from audiences.

PERSONALITY: Pierre is a...complex character. If you read the books, it is clear that he is not a malicious sort of man. He's more of a man who has talent- this can be seen by the fact that he becomes accomplished by the end- but is down on his luck and simply meets nothing but trouble. As I portray Esmeralda, she might describe him as a "fool of a man." This would not be meant maliciously, but as I portray her, Esmeralda is meant to feel conflicted about him is not entirely far off. The task that could save his life is one that Pierre gains himself upon claiming that he is the King of Thieves...a statement that is obviously stupid since Clopin is the King of Beggars and, by extension, the King of Thieves. He claims to ave prowess in a skill he has none in, and Clopin, knowing the man either has either never stolen in his life or has little skill at it, actually gives him a task meant for a skilled thief, all the while taunting him. A lot of his character, however, is up to interpretation. Pierre is more of a character that shows up little in the books but has a large impact in the moments that he does. For instance, could his actions towards Esmeralda be considered malicious or thankless? Esmeralda does make it clear that she does not love him and will never love him (in fact, she's in love with someone else) and she makes it clear that this marriage isn't really a marriage. The two are more like flatmates. They sleep in the same bed, yes, but they never become intimate, only tolerate each other, and otherwise go on as if the event had never happened. It is clear Esmeralda saved him either out of pity or a feeling that what Clopin was doing was wrong (as I portray her, it is a mixture of both that leans towards the latter).

HISTORY: As Pierre is only in the book, you'll either need knowledge of that or need to look up information on him (looking up both him and Esmeralda should be enough). What comes after the books is up to you, of course. Exactly why he'd be existing is up to you. Perhaps this is the natural route of the soul cycle (for whatever afterlife he went to) and he's been reincarnated? Perhaps he began to dabble in some things or got mixed into bad business (like getting cursed) and became immortal? Totally open!

Just to be clear, if you make him a magical being of any sort, chances are he won't need to belief to be seen. The character Pierre Gringoire was actually a real French poet and playwright, and a popular one at that, living c1475 to 1538.

If you have any questions or need help, just ask :)

Phoebus de Châteaupers

- age, suggested pb -

Suggested PB: OPEN

GROUP: Anti-guardian plz!

APPEARANCE: Phoebus is meant to be not only of noble birth, but is clearly stated in the novel as being very handsome.

PERSONALITY: This boy is a far cry from the Disney Phoebus, but then Phoebus was meant to be one of the main antagonists as it was. Vain, untrustworthy, and a womanizer Phoebus is, to put it simply, an asshole. I would personally argue that he is manipulative, particularly for matters he cares for, which tend to be completely shallow at their core. However, he's not very...bright.

HISTORY: So, yeah book, but I'll try to hit highlights and if you'd like to take up the character but have never read the book, feel free to ask questions!

Esmeralda and Phoebus first meet when Quasimodo attempts to kidnap her. Upon saving her, the young girl falls for the Captain. A womanizer, Phoebus makes a display of returning her affections. In reality, all he wants is a one time fling. Esmeralda arranges to meet him. At their meeting, she confesses her love for him and he convinces her he feels the same.

The truth? Phoebus is actually an engaged man. He is engaged to a spiteful socialite by the name of Fleur-de-Lys de Gondelaurier. Worse, he has agreed to allow Claude Frollo spy on this little meeting. The latter, however, proves to be his undoing.

As the couple prepare to do the do, Frollo, overcome with jealousy, literally stabs him in the back. Making a quick getaway, Phoebus is presumed dead by homicide. Unfortunately, Esmeralda is accused to be the killer as she was the only one present. Phoebus, however, is not dead and recovers from the injury. alas, this is not enough and Esmeralda tried- a trial that involves her being accused of witchcraft- and sentenced to death. Phoebus, for his part, stays silent despite the fact that he could have proven her innocence. By the end of the novel, he has married his fiance and watches Esmeralda's excecution with little to no remorse.

Just desserts, however, seem to come in the fact that it is hinted that Phoebus' marriage will be unhappy.

What comes post-book is up to you, of course~

name here

- open, open -

content here

Daniel Fenton

- 30s, open -

Danny Fenton- alias being Danny Phantom- is the godson of Vlad Masters and was raised by the man after Danny's entire family, friends, and his English teacher were murdered. Exactly how long he lived with Vlad is up to you, but by the point I stopped in canon Danny was already beginning to take exams for college. So, either it was a short amount of time or he continued to live with Vlad after he became of age.

Personality wise, a lot is up to you. As a teen, Danny was what you might expect: a reckless, but kind teen with big dreams and a rather black and white view of the world. Exactly what he is like now is mostly up to you. The only thing I would point out is that Danny is meant to still be struggling with getting past the deaths of his family.

History wise, you can find most of Danny's past here. Danny and Vlad are not supposed to have had a good past together. The only reason they get along now is because Danny is meant to view Vlad as the only person who can fully understand and sympathize with him (on Vlad's side it is a bit more complex). Just to note, Danny's past is meant to stop at the episode "Ultimate Enemy," which is why his entire family is dead.


Is Just a Beginning

 Posted: Sep 15 2016, 05:53 AM
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myrcella cassel

- ~1550s, ksenia vasylchenko -

NAME: myrcella alayne vienne lavernia cassel

AGE: around Vincen's age

SPECIES: Malevolent Elf

PLAY-BY: ksenia vasylchenko

Personality: For the most part, her personality is open to you. I only want to see a few things in it. Myrcella is meant to be insane, though it is likely a bit low key. As is noted by Vincens, she is obsessed with fire, to the point that she has endangered herself due to it (most likely uncaringly considering that it is a note of frustration for him). She is also meant to have romantic feelings for Vincens, but they were something he was mostly oblivious of.

History: Fairly open. I just need to see a few things:

> Mycrella comes a fairly small branch of the family. She is the youngest of three siblings, the other two being twins who would have been closer to each other than they were to her.

> For the most part, her early childhood is up to you. There are only two things to note. The first is that she would have been taught how to fight, less for defense and more to kill. Secondly, she would have come to know Vincens at some point.

> Myrcella is meant to be the only survivor of her branch of the family. While Poesy aimed to kill off the entire family, she did spare any children and those who lived outside of the family residence. Unfortunately, while Myrcella would have been considered a child among their kind- about a teenager- her older siblings would not (and obviously nor would have her parents). Whether she knows Poesy killed them is up to you.

If you have any questions, please PM me ^^

maire cassel

- 14-16, Natalia Vodianova -

NAME: Maire Cecilia Cassel

AGE: Somewhere between 14-16

SPECIES&USERGROUP: Half Malevolent Elf, Half Human/ Mortal

PLAY-BY: Natalia Vodianova (suggestion)

The basic idea for Maire is that she is the child of a malevolent elf- her father- who left the family to marry/elope with a human from the village in France near where the Cassels used to live. As the Cassels are quite strict on who people can marry, her father would have been hunted down, resulting in her parents, and eventually her, having a rather nomadic lifestyle (whether they knew why is up to you!). Her mother is meant to have been killed by the Cassels when Maire was young while her father was killed by them shortly before their slaughter.

When it comes to her as a person, the only thing I am looking for in her is a tendency towards obsession, one which is borderline stalker-like but has a tendency to switch targets easily. Outside of that, she is yours to craft.

The only other thing to note is that she likely suffers from side effects of inbreeding, such as a weak immune system, as she is the first generation of a union outside of the family.

Knights of the Round Table

- open, open -

I'm not even gonna and make this pretty, because there are so many of these guys. So, exactly how many of the members of the Round Table there were differs from version to version. I'm just going to put the main ones. More can be found here.

So, for anyone who does not know, the Knights of the Round Table were the best knights in Arthur's kingdom and lived in Arthur's castle. As one might expect, they were called Knights of the Round Table because everyone who sat at it was equal. These guys were a source of drama (looking at you Lancelot) and any of them coming back would probably bring about drama, especially considering that not all of the Knights parted on good terms.

In Le Morte d'Arthur, a Code of Chivalry can be found for the Knights. It is the following: >To never do outrage nor murder (not to assault or murder anybody)
> Always to flee treason (do not commit treason, a crime against your country or king)
> To by no means be cruel but to give mercy unto him who asks for mercy (Do not be mean. Grant mercy to those who ask, even in combat.)
>To always do ladies, gentlewomen and widows succor ('succor' is an old word for help; this means that the knight must promise to help women if they need it. Note that this does not necessarily include peasantry.)
> To never force ladies, gentlewomen or widows (never 'harm' women. Note that this does not necessarily include peasantry.)
> Not to take up battles in wrongful quarrels for love or worldly goods (do not even join in fights over anything less than God or country)

If you have any questions or need help, speak to @TAMMY , @LADY ARCHIVE , or myself.

These are just small summaries of each knight. Obviously, with how extensive Arthurian Legend is, you don't have to go off of what is written here. The important thing is to make sure that you are keeping with what has already been established.

Lancelot - One of the most trusted knights of the Table, something which changed after he fell in love with Arthur's wife, Queen Guinevere. He was the only knight known to defeat Arthur in a jousting match. Briefly known as the father of Sir Galahad, the greatest knight of all Camelot. He was a Red Cross Knight, meaning that he was one of the knights who went on the quest to find the Holy Grail. I would speak to @LADY ARCHIVE about this, as Lancelot was raised by the Lady of the Lake, thus his title Lancelot Du Lac.

Gawain - The nephew of Arthur. His relations vary from story to story. He is usually portrayed as being the son of Morgause (or Anna) and King Lot, while his brothers are Agravain, Gaheris, Gareth, and Mordred. In other versions, he is said to have sisters as well. Some legends depict him as being the rightful heir to the throne after Arthur's reign.

Geraint - a king of Dumnonia and a valiant warrior.

Percival - One of Arthur's most loyal knights. Most commonly known for having retrieved Excalibur from a clan of mischievous faery creatures whose only distinguishing characteristics were their brightly colored headwear and small stature. Of noble birth, his father is stated to be either Alain le Gros, King Pellinore or another worthy knight. His sister is the bearer of the Holy Grail; she is sometimes named Dindrane. In tales where he is Pellinore's son, his brothers are Sir Aglovale, Sir Lamorak and Sir Dornar, and by his father's affair with a peasant woman, he also has a half-brother named Sir Tor.

Bors the Younger - Son of Bors the Elder, King of Gaunnes. Bors was known more for his loyalty and faithfulness than swordsmanship. Loyal to Arthur even if it meant risking his life. Could be considered fearless. Was also known for his great power and agility, having once slain three dragons with a slash of a sword. One of three to witness the wonders of the Holy Grail. Speak to @LADY ARCHIVE as Bors' history involves the Lady of the Lake.

Lamorak - Son of King Pellinore. Known for his fiery temper and strength, fought off thirty knights on at least two occasions. Referred as Arthur's third best knight, bested only by Lancelot and Tristan.

Kay - Son of Sir Ector and Arthur's foster brother.

Gareth - Given the nickname "Beaumains" by Sir Kay. Sir Gawain's brother. Named a knight by Lancelot after a jousting and sword fighting challenge.

Bedivere - One of the first knights to join the Round Table and one of Arthur's earliest followers. According to early legends he is the cup-bearer. Later legends have him as the one who returns Excalibur to the Lady of the Lake. Moreover, he is the one who puts the dying Arthur in a boat to take him to Avalon. As the story goes, he and Arthur survived the Battle of Camlan, but Arthur was mortally wounded. Arthur commanded Bedivere to throw his magical sword Excalibur back into the Lake. Twice Bedivere lied to Arthur but the third time he threw the sword into the lake it came from. In other legends Arthur gives him rule over Normandy. He is frequently associated with Sir Kay. Sir Lucan is his brother and Sir Griflet is his cousin. He lost his hand in a battle. In legends, he had a grandfather also named Bedivere who was the founder of the city of Bayeux. His son was named Amren and his daughter Eneuavc. Bedivere was said to have been killed in the Roman Campaign.

Gaheris - Nephew of Arthur. Third son of Morgause and Lot. Described as valiant, agile, handsome, and his left arm being shorter than the right. In Prose of Lancelot, Lancelot kills him.

Galahad - Son of Lancelot and Elaine of Corbenic. Known to be very noble, loyal, as well as fierce and ferocious when it came to swordplay. Extremely skilled with a sword. Known as the greatest knight ever. Arrived at Arthur's castle wearing red armour and sat at an empty seat at the Round Table. He pulled a sword from a block of crystalline stone which was floating in the moat surrounding the castle. While many knights tried to pull it from the stone, as well as Arthur himself, to no avail, Galahad did so with ease, merely saying "Is that all?" He went on a mission to find the Holy Grail with Percival and Bors the Younger, wishing to heal King Pelles, his grandfather, with it.

Tristan - Close friend of Arthur's and a well-known archer. Is sent to Ireland by his uncle, the King of Cornwall, to bring back Isolde so that the king can marry her. However, Tristan and Isolde accidentally fall in love. Among the best of Arthur's knights.


- unknown, open -

Epimethus is the Titan god of afterthought and excuses. He is also the brother of Prometheus. His history is relatively short. Having been tasked to populated the earth with men and animals along with his brother Prometheus, Epimetheus used all of the supplies they had ben given for animals, leaving mankind helpless. It was this that led Prometheus to have to steal fire, lest mankind die, and Prometheus eventual punishment. Angered over the theft, Zeus ordered the creation of Pandora as a means to spread evil onto mankind.

Epimetheus is meant to have been tricked by Hermes, having been told that Pandora was being gifted to him as his bride. Despite warnings from his brother, he is meant to have accepted her into his house. Unfortunately, not too long into her stay there, Pandora, who had been gifted with the box- a "wedding present" as Hermes had told him- eventually opened it and released evil unto the world.

Some of this may or may not have to be changed. I would advise that you look at Pandora's application and speak to @GENGAR about this part of Epimethus' history, as Gengar plays Zeus.

The rest of Epimethus' history is open to you. Traits of his personality can be found in myth (here and here). He is pretty much open for your interpretation.

The idea that Epimethus and Pandora were married only comes from some interpretations, so we can work with this as you like!

Contact me if you have any questions :)


In the Membrane

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giraloma's mom


- 20s, open -


APPEARANCE: As Giraloma takes after most of Ryder's appearance, this is almost completely open. She is meant to have the same eye colour as her mother, brown eyes. Outside of that, everything is up to you.

PERSONALITY: I advise that you take a look at Giraloma's application for this, as there are some key traits to her mother that are mentioned. Her mother is meant to not have wanted to have children- whether she still feels this is up to you- but due to feelings of how she grew up did not get rid of the child. Chances are that her mother has a questionable moral compass. However, her personality is pretty much up to you!

HISTORY: Most of this can be found in Giraloma's application, but I advise that you speak to @LLOYDY on it also. Her mother is meant to have been the unwanted offspring of a lampad and a human that resulted from a one time fling. As a result, her mother is meant to have grown up without a mother. This is meant to have affected her, as the reason that she carries Giraloma to term despite note wanting her is due to her feelings on the matter.

While her relationship with Ryder is meant to have been a one night stand, she is meant to have not wanted him to get his hands on Giraloma, to the point that she was willing to lie and have the foster home believe him dead. Exactly why this is is up to you. She could have possibly known something about what he does, have gotten a bad impression about him, or just due to the nature of the relationship. Tons of possibilities.

She is meant to have abandoned Giraloma days after she was released from the hospital at a foster home on its doorstep. Giraloma's name is her real name, but she did not tell the foster home that, only leaving a letter that claimed 'the dad' was dead and what Gira's surname was.

POWERS: She should not have magical powers. Ordinary human. Her mother's magical powers skipped her generation.

AGE: She should be in her mid-20s or older. Ryder would have been involved in crime at the time.


captain hook


- OPEN, Jason Isaacs -


Captain Hook is a fearsome pirate who holds reign over his crew through guile and fear. A villainous man, he holds a rather impressive resume. At some point, he is meant to have attended Eton College. Moreover, he was once a boatswain for Blackbeard himself. He is known to be the only man that Long John Silver (a fictional pirate) ever feared. Hook's true name is supposed to be something of a mystery, but is likely one that either holds some importance or is quite recognizable (or was at some point) as, according to J. M. Barrie, if knowledge of his true name were known it would "set the country in a blaze." He holds few fears, the only two being the sight of his own blood and the crocodile that has continued to follow him after Peter Pan fed his hand to it (an action that has caused Hook to swear revenge).

While Hook is meant to be villainous, he is not wholly unheroic.

He is supposed to be an objectively handsome man, holding a countenance that makes this clear and speaks in a manner the makes it clear that he is elegant/well learned. PB is Jason Isaacs. If you would like to use someone else please discuss it with me.

Hook needs to be an immortal, though it is open as to what species he is.

Outside of this, everything is open.

PM me if you have any questions.  


merlin's father


- old, open -


PB: Completely Open

Species: Sorcerer

Overall, this is pretty open. The only thing that you need to keep in mind is some things about Merlin's past. Merlin's mother is meant to have been a Seelie fae who had lived within a village where most of those within it were of mixed magical blood. His father is meant to have targeted her with ill intentions, less about her and more because of what he wished to do with the child he wanted. Whatever his plan is, it is meant to have failed due to Merlin's mother's actions (she is meant to have gotten Merlin out of the village, but it cost her her life in the process) and he destroyed the village as a result.

You can craft this to however you wish. If you have any questions, feel free to PM me :)  




- 558, Charles Laughton -


So, I am looking for a Quasimodo <3 Overall, his history should follow what happened in the book, which can be found here. Age wise, he should be around the same age as Esmeralda as they were switched when they were quite young. How he is still alive and what he has been doing since then is all up to you!

Personality wise, Quasimodo is relatively open. In the past, he would have been something of a wallflower though this is behavior that he likely showed around Frollo. Whether he is still like this is up to you. At the very least, he should be obsessive and potentially caring in regards to those he cares about.

Appearance is up to you. Whether it is the same as before is up to you. Suggest PM is Charles Laughton.  




loneliest number

 Posted: Jun 17 2017, 01:55 AM
Unknown • Egyptian Deity • Equilibrium • Egypt/Duat




- Unknown, Open -


Seshat is the daughter of Thoth. She was the Egyptian goddess of writing and wisdom. Moreover, she was seen as a scribe and record keeper. She later became known as the goddess of accounting, architecture, astronomy, astrology, building, mathematics, and surveying. She is meant to have gained the title of Mistress of the House of Books. It should be noted that she is also known as being Thoth's wife, but I have gone as her being his daughter. Information can be found here.  




- Ancient, Open -


Ma'at is the wife of Thoth. Her name refers to the concept Ma'at: truth, balance, order, harmony, law, morality, and justice. Ma'at herself is the personification of these concepts. Moreover, she regulates the stars, seasons, and the actions of both mortals and the deities, who set the order of the universe from chaos at the moment of creation. If you take her up there is a chance that you might need to adapt her character to the site.

For the most part, everything about her is open. It should be noted that, at the very least, Thoth stays faithful to Ma'at. Whether this is a two-way street is up to you. Information can be found here.  


Niulang's daughter


- Ancient, open -

NAME: Last name would be Altair. The rest of the name is open.  

SPECIES: half-celestial human/half-deity

AGE: She would have been born shortly before Niulang and Zhinu were exiled to the Milky Way. At the time, she was likely an infant. As that was during the Golden Age, she is pretty ancient.


HISTORY: For the most part, this is pretty open. However, there are a few things that I do need to see in this. First off, Niulang is meant to have raised both children as they went with him when Zhinu and him were separated. As such, both children likely did not see their mother often. Moreover, she is meant to have a brother, though who is older is open. By now, they would both be adults and they are not meant to be living with him. The story can be found here.

POWERS: I would prefer that these be based off of Zhinu and Niulang. He is meant to have yang magic and Zhinu has yin, so either child could have gotten yin or yang. Elemental magic is completely open since Zhinu and Niulang are meant to be opposites in magic.

PB: open, but please use an Asian PB  


Niulang's Son


- Ancient, open -


NAME: Last name would be Altair. The rest of the name is open.  

SPECIES: half-celestial human/half-deity

AGE: He would have been born shortly before Niulang and Zhinu were exiled to the Milky Way. At the time, he was likely an infant. As that was during the Golden Age, he is pretty ancient.


HISTORY: For the most part, this is pretty open. However, there are a few things that I do need to see in this. First off, Niulang is meant to have raised both children as they went with him when Zhinu and him were separated. As such, both children likely did not see their mother often. Moreover, he is meant to have a sister, though who is older is open. By now, they would both be adults and they are not meant to be living with him. The story can be found here.

POWERS: I would prefer that these be based off of Zhinu and Niulang. He is meant to have yang magic and Zhinu has yin, so either child could have gotten yin or yang. Elemental magic is completely open since Zhinu and Niulang are meant to be opposites in magic.

PB: open, but please use an Asian PB  




Has Many Forms

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Zhinü is taken!
 Posted: Sep 8 2017, 11:49 PM
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Heavenly Empress ad is updated~
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