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 Leafs in the Street, tag: Caerbaer
 Posted: Oct 12 2017, 03:37 PM
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Technically speaking, he wasn't supposed to be here. Ok. No technically. He wasn't supposed to be here. Although, no one had told him no so surely there was nothing wrong with wandering around a human village in the dead of night. That was completely normal and acceptable right?

It was already his second night away from the Grove and he had no intention of returning any time soon. Almost as soon as night fell, he threw a cloak over his shoulders and headed into the town. It was nothing large or all that impressive but it wasn't the Grove and it wasn't Santoff Claussen and that was enough. He was careful of course. He kept away from busy streets and had his hood up the whole time. Whenever he was near humans, he ducked his head so the hood would hide the glow of his face. He earned a few glances as he walked through the streets and someone once commented on his cloak but otherwise, he was undisturbed. No one assumed he was anything other than human.

He was having a blast. It was interesting to see how their day didn't end when the sun set. Which, it didn't end then at the Grove either but there were so many still out and about even as darkness set it. At home, it was only really the Dusk and Night blooms who stayed up late. Dawn and Noon blooms like himself, tended to go to sleep earlier, leaving the Grove even emptier than during the day. Perhaps it was just how many humans that were still out that gave him that impression. Any number seemed like a lot compared to the mere 12 who inhabited the Grove. And any time spent not hiding himself from the humans was spent peering at the town around him. He always admired the humans for their buildings. They couldn't grow their homes from plants and yet they found ways to build higher and bigger anyways. And while he knew this was nothing compared to human cities, he could still admire the three story apartment buildings and double decker store fronts.

As more went to sleep and the streets grew quiet, he found himself venturing into the heart of the city where most of the stores and businesses were. There were still a few cars about so he had to be wary of them but he was enjoying himself far too much to worry about something like that. If he wasn't careful, someone was going to notice that he didn't quite match the city around him.

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