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 Misleading Apperances, Tag Snakebean
 Posted: Jun 25 2017, 09:54 AM
3624 • Serpentine Water Spirit • Vengeance • Lerna

The Hydra of Lerna did not come to a pause until the name Emil spilled forth from the fae's lips. The other heads did not show much sign of care, but the immortal head paused. He knew quite well that this had become quite complex as he knew the one by the name Emil. He owed him a favor, he supposed, and this child was clearly related to him to an extent. He doubted that she was kin, at least in a biological manner. However, there was a relation.

Any further, he decided, and this would have gone too far. After all, his lesson had certainly been put in place. If there was a problem with it then he supposed that he might expect a visit from the other. After all, it was not as if Emil did not have some idea as to where he lived. His very home was in his name.

Uncurling slightly, he offered the chance for escape. "Leave," said the tallest of the heads. He cared little if the others became hurt by her actions. Chances were that any of the weaker heads might only end up scaring her considering what happened when any head was slain. "Lesssst you learn what happenssss to thosssse who attack thosssse sssstronger than they." thanks!

 Posted: Jun 28 2017, 09:18 AM
615 • Kelpie • Ignorance • Near the water

Still living in the currents you create Still sinking in the pool of your mistakes Oh, I'm coming up for air.
Panic and pure instinct ran through the Kelpie as she struggled to escape from the monstrous Hydra. Her cries were strained, as whinnies and panicked neighs broke through the inhuman wails. She wanted her Emil to swoop in and save the day, he was very good at that. Whenever the walking food came at her with sticks and pointy objects, he was always there to call them to the water and poison them. Emil was always, always going to save her!

But this time, he was too far away. As she beat her fists upon the tough and scaly skin of the snake, she snapped every now and then. Maidie absolutely refused to be subjected to venom, the horrid stuff would kill her in an instant! At least...she was quite sure, she had never been infected with the stuff before.

Still, she didn't want to find out. No way in hell!

"EMIIIIIIILLLL!" Maidie released another high pitched whinny, that broke through in English. Her bottom lip trembled, while her eyes were already red and puffy.

The offer of escape however, had her stilling. Her cries quieted to sniffles, while her gaze flashed with suspicion. Why....why? Wasn't he going to kill her?
Slowly, slowly she snuck towards the opening, stepping out of the circle of the Hydra. Once she was a good yard away, still facing him as she backed away. With one final act of childishness, the young Kelpie stuck her tongue out at him.

After that, she promptly turned tail and bolted out of the area. While she still wondered why the Hydra had let her go, she didn't stick around to find out. A final roar of an angry and terrified horse escaping her as she ran off to find her mentor, and probably cry some more.


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