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 Places, [E]veryone!, Open
 Posted: Jan 9 2018, 08:38 PM
610 • Anima • Revolution • The Alps

I have dreamed of joy departed-
But a waking dream of life and light hath left me broken-hearted.
Could Tobias dodge gun fire? No not really, even he wasn't that fast, though he was fast enough to read and adjust his movements for the body language of others. That had been the main reason he remained unscathed in his scrap with the currently fleeing soldier. He saw the movement for the handgun and shift quickly through the air billow snow with his movement. "Broad side of a barn, eh." He called out to the soldier in retreat. It was a smart move on his end, but he wanted the satisfaction of winning this bout, just from pure competitiveness.

His knuckles surged with energy of winter. Taking in the air around him and coldness he augmented the flames to have a truly icy blaze sizzling in his pale palm. The pale blue flame danced with energy yearning to spread and freeze all in its path. He wondered how bad the soldier would be burned from the sheer cold if this hit. Only one way to find out he took aim and concentrated a moment having the ball of flame grow to the size of a soft ball before launching it. It sailed in a straight line with devilish speed toward his opponent. "I hope we can at least put one of them on ice." He said over to Yi, seeing as he bested his opponent, but the rabbit man sadly got away.

Defense Roll: 5 vs 2 (success)
HP: 3/3
Action: Attack – giant fireball
Attack Roll: 5

NOTES: Ivan is resilient XD

 Posted: Feb 5 2018, 05:12 AM
2144 • Yaojing • Intuition • Where there's alcohol

I see things that nobody else sees

Yi grinned, blood pumping through his veins as his adrenaline howled like an animal come to life. They exchanged blow for blow, but his skill was more than a match for his opponent. Oh dear. He really did hope that this land's warriors weren't as lacking as this rabbit. While he was stronger than a mere human, he simply didn't have the technique. It looked like his speed with his bladed staff had caught him far off guard.

But before he could finish off this Guardian for challenging him so foolishly, the rabbit suddenly turned tail and fled. Smart, sure, but disappointing nonetheless. "Oi!" Yi straightened in protest and surprise. He didn't even have time to consider pursuing. The idiot had just taken off. Yi swore in Mandarin, taking off, but it was hopeless.

The monk-looking demon came to a stop next to Tobi, frowning heavily. "Eeeeh, yours is running too? No fun."

It looked like they were abandoning their so-called "holy" area to the Nightmares, then. Tch, no fun. Well, he would have to stay and make sure these creatures got their fill before returning to the Nightmare King.


 Posted: Feb 5 2018, 06:28 AM
132 • Toy • Fortitude • Russia

'Cause the best gift I can give you
is this heart inside of me!

TW: >> Ivan is pretty apathetic in this and, while I don't describe it in detail, limbs are removed.

It could be of little surprise that the Anti-Guardian chose to return his attack and certainly not in any halves. After all, the vampire had proven to not only be an arrogant individual but one who held a clear competiveness within his spirit. Ivan supposed that it must be a certain grim irony that the vampire would eventually be disappointed if they ever crossed pats again. After all, he was not fighting a man but a toy. As a result, every wound that he inflicted upon the Nutcracker Prince, at least in this moment, would be fairly useless, healed the moment that Ivan took the form of a toy again.

Just barely did he see the fireball coming towards him, as his attention was far more focused on placing distance between himself and the other two. Unfortunately, the moment was too late and he found himself hit nonetheless, his arm frozen in ice. He stared at it with an apathetic expression but allowing himself only a sigh. He did not particularly wish to know what would happen if he took the chance of this moment. As such, he did not bother. Seeming to think little of it, he rid himself of it.

Sheathing the sword, he took out the globe and, in a flash, was gone.

Ivan's HP: 1/3 -> 0/3
Defense Roll: 2 < 5 [ouch]
Action: Adios

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