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 RotB Newsletter Issue #36, Read all about it!
 Posted: May 1 2018, 09:54 PM
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MAY 01, 2018

Hello everyone, May the fourth be with you!

Or...not quite. We're getting there! Spring is starting to actually feel Springy (like, seriously, what was with all that snow and cold) and school is starting to release our poor captive members. That means muses are stirring, vacations coming up, and plots get pushed forward! What grand plans do you have this Spring? Make it happen!

This month's Activity Check starts SATURDAY, MAY 5TH!

Welcoming old returning member GODOT (formerly known as Cherry) and new member Kana to the site! If you see em around be sure to say hello!

There are whispers on the wind of a Taurus in the works, Sam's got her own character in the works, and a mysterious new member Kana has her character raven registered! We can't forget of course our long-runners still in it for the long haul. What can we say other than...we're psyched? (Sorry)



Two Leos, the brothers, return to the site, and with them comes a fae of the Seelie court! Lions and an animal theme going here!

We're always looking to fill our final canon roles - Jamie's still up for grabs, as are many of the kids of Burgess! We would also like to emphasize the Court of Shadows, which remains our smallest usergroup. Give the baddies some love! ....Wait.

LORE DOCUMENTATION CHANGES: As we go through the different user pages to change "Anti-Guardians" to "Court of Shadows", we would like to request your help! If you happen to see any pages that we have "changed" where anti-guardians are mentioned, let us know! Special thanks to Rath for already giving us a hand on this.

BELIEF GUIDE: We added a little bit to the guide to Belief! We had a question asking how technology like cameras would work with respects to magical beings that normally can't be seen - the answer can be seen here.

IN-CHARACTER CBOXES: These are now in effect! A reminder to try to keep chatter about the ICC's out of the regular cbox - if no one else is around, that's alright, but if people are having a conversation, just talk about it privately!

TOP BAR FOR USERLINKS: We will be putting this into effect very soon, however we will be putting it onto the night skins first, since those are easier to implement. There are still some issues with the mobile version, which is why we don't want to fully release it yet, but we're trying!

Skoll's plan to strike a blow to the Guardians' morale begins not with North, but those he is close to. He weakens their wills, his prisoner losing hope of escape. Her allies may come for her, but all they will provide him with is further ammunition to strike doubt in those close to the Wonder Guardian's heart. As he weakens, the allied court grows stronger. Their Christmas will not be so jolly, if it will be at all.

The Court has made itself known; the world will feel the changes.

Queen Toothiana: This Big Guardian takes her work very seriously and with all the memories stored in every baby tooth that's been lost to care for it's a good thing she has an army of mini-fairies to help her out. Don't be fooled by her bubbly demeanor and delicate build, she is also a fierce warrior when it comes to keeping those she cares safe.

Chrysanthermumi: A faun of sorts living in Burgess, Chrys has been doing his best to keep hidden from the humans while running his bakery. But when you have hooves and horns like this lad, that's tough stuff! He wears a hat when he's around others to make sure they can't see, but we'd bet his scent is a dead giveaway to those with keen noses.

In an ironic twist on the old story it seems a young wolf is going to help a girl find her way through the concrete jungle.

No one likes getting caught in a crowded street but is ducking into a dark alley really the best alternative? A certain newsie is about to find out.

What is a Catamount to do when her friend tries to go sneaking off somewhere in the middle of the night? Follow of course!

It seems like the young malevolent elf Vincens has been found out for his trickery....and is giving him advice on how to show emotions? Interesting.

Oh, tell me more~! Mother dearest sees that blush upon your face Farren, what have you been up to?

After more than a year of solitude, Nootau Leo has raised his head again....and Caerwyn is quick to lay claim to his lion prince.

It seems that the wolf and the deer boy are both aware of each other's scents...but that's okay, they're both more interested in just discussing pastry!

It seems there's a field of flowers growing. No, really, all the flower fae have congregated! Just what does it mean?

Another one bites the.....Cartney? No, you stop that Tobi. His emotions aren't food.

A certain Leo boy has resurfaced after so long spent in hiding....and the first one he meets is yet another Celestial. Are we really surprised?

The A-team of celestials, Alhena and Antares, face off against Nightmares.....and find aid in none other than Nootau Leo. That'd be great, except everyone's suspicious of each other. That's only helping the enemy....

It's like they're both getting weird nostalgia! Wolfmann and Koda just can't figure out the connection.

It seems Jack's encountered the potionmaster of the Court....but he has a dragon by his side, so he SHOULD be safe.

When your sort of son is a murderer, that kind of sucks....but don't worry Snow, your angel brother might have an answer!

Oh lovely, Alice has befriended Hamilcar! Isn't that wonderful for everyone. :)

Oh my....could it be that Vlad knows something about Hoffenheim? Wolf plans to find out all he can.

Well, the warg and the stromkarl have er....had their fun. Is this where they part, or are there sparks?

Can confirm: Subject's favourite food is blueberries. Repeat: blueberries.

Uh, Penny dear, you probably shouldn't shift in the middle of the library kiddo!


That's all folks! Sit back, relax, and let the muse energies flow and bloom in season with Spring <3

Be sure to get the next issue in the coming month!
~Staff of RotB
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