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 RALEIGH, Court of Shadows / Splendiferous
 Posted: Jul 8 2018, 06:27 AM
25 • Unseelie fae • Change • Ann Arbor, MI

Once Upon a Time...
25 Years
Unseelie fae (changeling/outcast)
Court of Shadows


WEIGHT: Average
HEIGHT: 6'01
PLAY-BY: Final Fantasy 7/ Reno Art credit~ Moar art credit~

Assuming that Raleigh isn’t hiding his appearance behind a glamour of some sorts, one way to describe him would be...flamboyant. Given the deep shade of crimson his hair is, it’s obvious that he dyes his hair, and keeps it stylized in a sort of organised chaos manner; it’s messy, but it’s meant to look messy. He’s also grown his hair out long enough to couple the organised chaos with a ponytail, and the typical expression he usually wears is a cocky, self-assured sort, complete with mischief dancing in his piercing blue eyes. His complexion is fair, and almost seems to glow with a certain otherworldly nature. Maybe he’s born with it, maybe it’s maybellin--he’s screwing with you, ‘course he was born with it, what with being fae and all.

His clothing style is typically relaxed, but somewhat stylish. Still, if push comes to shove, he’ll abandon style altogether in favour of comfort. Expect to see jackets, button up shirts, loose slacks, and t-shirts galore, usually in a monochrome colour scheme. He’s got all the colour he needs with his hair and eyes, so to wear anything else would be a bit overkill. Therefore, he’ll stick to blacks and whites for his outfit colours, thank you very much.
And a final note, no matter how stylish his outfit is, Raleigh is always sure to bring a pair of sunglasses along. He usually wears them up on his forehead, but if he starts to get a migraine, you can bet your butt he’ll be donning those real fast. Doesn’t stop the migraines, but it helps them to not suck as much. And honestly, that’s all he can ask for.

Freeform App

tw: swearing, death

Well. This was awkward.

Raleigh went cross-eyed as he stared at the smooth barrel of the handgun that was hovering inches from his forehead, focusing more on it than the angry face of the thug that held it, or on his own arms that were wrapped around the money piled on the table between them. Slowly, he moved his arms away from the riches, and carefully eased back into his chair, and while that did put some space between himself and the gun, it was still pointed towards him in a silent threat. Said threat was pretty bog standard when it came to these kinda lowlives; don’t move or you’re dead, blahblahblah. He wasn’t too worried about this dramatic turn, so much as he was preparing himself for the snide, “I told you that was a bad idea,” he’d no doubt receive from his damn brother when he got home. Uggghh, spare him. He knew, okay, he knew that this shit was stupid, but wasn’t like he could hold down a 9-5 job and still have time between to jump out of bushes to scare people. He had to make money somewhere, and it just so happened that gambling was a very effective and easy way of doing just that. was just that it could lead to situations like this, if he went to unregulated bars. But hey, bright side! He had glamoured himself to look like some meek, glasses wearing, balding, and pale middle-aged guy! Ain’t no way the fall out from this was gonna be traced back to him.

...buuuut he had to sell the act, before Anger Management got trigger happy. So, Raleigh cleared his throat, put on a falsetto, and spoke after a few, nervous chuckles, “S-sorry, fellahs...uhm...what’s...what’s wrong…?”

Anger Management scowled at his question, and motioned for one of his lackeys to gather up the money as he moved to his feet. Instead of directly answering his question, he responded with a simple command. “Get on your fucking feet. Now.”

Raleigh scrambled to obey, nearly tripping over his chair in the process, and nervously began to play with his tie. “Wh-what’s the gun for? Look, I’m...I’m sorry! Whatever it was I did, I’m so--”

“Shut the fuck up, and keep your damn hands up.”

Sheesh. Not big on accepting apologies, was he? Nonetheless, the fae was sure to give the command the respect it deserved, clamping his mouth shut with a strained sort of squeak, and lifting his hands up so they’d be in Anger Management’s plain sight. When he was properly, “cowed,” Anger Management motioned with his gun for Raleigh to move towards the door. He did so, promptly even, and glanced nervously to his side as one of Anger Management’s lackeys started walking beside him. The thug opened the door to the back alley, and none too gently shoved Raleigh outside. The fae went tumbling, hitting the cold, wet pavement with a pained cry, but before he could scramble to stand again, he felt a foot on his back, and the gun barrel press against the back of his head.

...ooooooooh, was THAT how they wanted to play? Was this how they got off? Well, gee fucking gee. BIG OL’ surprise, this was!
Except it wasn’t, and he could think of children that were more creative than this. But whatever, they wanted a show before they offed the guy who’d upset them? Fine. He’d give them a show. Boy, would he ever give ‘em the performance of a fucking lifetime.
He took care to appear like he was shaking, gasping in irregular lungfuls of air, and struggled to plea for his life, seeing as how these guys seemed to be waiting for that shit. “P-p-please no, oh God, no. No, no, no, no, no, please don’t do this…”
He heard the gun being cocked, and prepared himself. Time to see how Anger Management acted when the tables were turned!

“Should’ve thought of that before you tried to cheat me.”
Those words would’ve made for a perfectly dramatic send-off, but when the gunshot rang out, the blood that sprayed in the alleyway hadn’t come from Raleigh’s head.
Oh, no. It, and the little bitch of a scream that rang out came from Anger Management, he crumpled to the ground. Right before he’d fired, the fae had wrested the gun from his hold with telekinesis, and had turned it towards the bastard’s leg. And as he clutched at the wound and screamed, Raleigh rolled away from him, and started to rise to his feet.

The sound of another gun being cocked caused him to exhale in a harsh, irritated sigh. Oh, right. Anger Management’s hired help. Without even looking towards the little idiot, Raleigh was sure to pluck that fucker’s gun from his grasp with another bout of telekinesis, and as the man swore softly under his breath, Raleigh worked on finally standing back up. He abandoned the glamour along the way, because fuck it, let it never be said that he couldn’t indulge in a little melodrama when he wanted to. The extra weight he’d piled on himself faded, along with the calluses on his hands. His skin took on a more healthy, even otherworldly sheen, and his receding hairline had a sudden and dramatic comeback, as it not only grew out in length to cover his head in thick locks, but it abandoned its pepper and salt colouring in favour of a deep red. He also grew a fair bit taller than the portly middle-aged man had been, and though his hearing hadn’t been affected by the glamour, he...uh, he was hearin’ an awful lot more swearing coming from Anger Management’s lackey. He only paused long enough to grimace down at his dirtied and wet shirt before he whirled on the pair, his startlingly blue eyes narrowed in a glare as he hovered the guns to fan out around him, their barrels fixed squarely on the two. And, once he was sure he wouldn’t accidentally bump one of the guns, he threw his arms out to either side. “What the fuck, guys?” He ran a hand through his red, unruly hair with a snarl, though a quick glance at the looks on their faces did wonders in diffusing his anger. Hah, dumb fucks. Look at their stupid fucking faces. They really hadn’t seen this one coming, had they?

He linked his hands together behind his neck, and regarded them with a grin. He sensed a learning moment coming up! “What, you only have fun dominating, and not in being dominated? There’s a word for that, I’m what was it…” He pursed his lips as he struggled to remember term, silently cursing his lack of a standard education in the process. He’d completed up to...part of third grade before he’d remembered what he was. He wasn’t a human, oh no, he’d only been left in a human family’s care by his real family, and it was to that fae family that he’d fucked off to at the tender age of eight. Wasn’t the warmest of family reunions, since his folks were pricks, but hey! At least he’d met his human brother that way, so he had that going for him.
Anyway, what the fuck was he doing again? Oh! Right.

“I wanna say coward?” He pondered over the word before slowly nodding, and fixing a grin on the petrified pair of felons. “Yeah, that’s the one. Anyway.” He leaned backwards to stretch out his back, leaning left, then leaning right to work out the kinks that Anger Management had put in it, when he’d so politely stepped on him. “I’ve got a little extra time, so tell you what; I’m open to suggestions on what I should do with you two chucklefucks. If you got any, now’s the time to voice them.”

He almost regretted saying that. Almost. As if freeing them from some petrification curse, the pair of felons instantly dissolved into loud, stuttering pleas to be spared in exchange, whatever he wanted, the guy’s kid sister? What the fuck. He wrinkled his nose as he continued to be bombarded by the cacophony of desperation, and furrowed his brows at the pair. Unsurprisingly, not a single damn suggestion of, ‘kill me,’ came through the chaos, and he released a long, heavy sigh at their continued selfishness. Sheesh. He got it, but sheesh.
He voiced his disapproval through an uncertain, “Mmmm…” before shrugging. “I dunno...can’t say I’m too keen on these plans I’m hearing. You were planning on killing me, after all.” He frowned at the two. “If you’re not willing to face the possibility of dying yourselves, you really ought to not make it a habit of capping the ass of every guy you suspect of cheating. I was, by the way, but that’s not important, what’s important is your reaction to that.” He grinned again, perhaps a bit too easily, and pulled his hands against his neck to crack it. Augh, that felt so much better. “I’d say it’s about time you got paid back in kind for that sorta behaviour, yeah?”

The following gunshots drowned out any further protests that the two may have made, and given that he’d aimed the guns at the guys’ heads…yeah. They weren’t gonna be making any sort of noise ever again.
The fae shook his head, and floated the guns over to the two deceased humans. He manipulated the corpses’ stiffening joints, causing them to grasp the guns that had ended their lives, and turned to leave them with that. As much as he’d like to get into the building to get the money he’d rightfully earned (through cheating), the cops couldn’t avoid this area forever. They’d have to investigate eventually, and when they did? He planned on being as far from this place as he could.

He sighed as he quickly adopted another glamour, this time of a young and muscular young man. Blond locks replaced the crimson, and brown eyes covered the blue. He kept his gaze forward, and gait quick and purposeful. With any luck, he’d be out of this shitty neighbourhood in twenty minutes. And after that, he’d be able to head home.
Raleigh couldn’t help but grimace at the thought, even if home would be a welcome sight. After all, his brother was probably waiting up for him, and he knew the guy had probably rehearsed all sorts of, ‘I was right again and you were wrong,’ speeches while he’d been away.
The fae rolled his eyes, and quickened his pace. May as well get it over with sooner, rather than later, and if he was lucky, he could squeeze in some time to relax before he was hit with another migraine. That’d be nice.

He cast a glance over his shoulder towards the alleyway he’d left the bodies in, and shook his head as he redirected his attention back in front of him. Tomorrow, he’d go ahead and see if the Boogeyman needed him to do anything. He’d have a better shot at avoiding the nagging if he got some actual work done. From his brother, not the Nightmare King. The Nightmare King didn’t really seem to nag…or, at least, not to Raleigh’s knowledge. And hey, not only would he be avoiding that, he’d be helping out a good cause! Seemed like the perfect day to him~
He’d just have to get to tomorrow, that was the sucky part. He’d manage to, like he always had, but he sure as hell wasn’t looking forward to it.
He sighed, before pushing those glum thoughts from his mind. One day at a time. He’d just keep on taking this one day at a time. And hopefully he’d catch a break soon.


Before he left his home (his fae home, that is, not human home), Raleigh picked up all sorts of techniques that his people are famous for. He’s capable of casting glamour spells, both to increase his spoken words’ influence, as well as altering his appearance via illusions. He can appear as someone else entirely this way, or he can seemingly shrink or grow in height. When it comes to extending his influence over others, the willpower of his target is an obvious obstacle, and he finds it much easier to ensnare humans with his words, while immortals are mostly a miss due to their innate magical nature. If he ever uses glamour on a player character, whether he succeeds or fails will be decided by the other writer, and proper consequences will follow should he fail.

Another trick he picked up is the ability to apply illusions to objects, so that they appear as something other than what they are. This so-called, “fairy gold,” allows him to screw over unfortunate cashiers the world around, and also makes it easier for him to cheat in card games. Never, ever, EVER gamble money in a card game against him unless you’re bringing along something to dispel his illusions. The sad truth of the matter is that he has next to no idea how to actually play shit like poker, so he’d be doomed if he had to actually play the game. He just knows how to best cheat at it, in terms of what cards he’ll appear to be holding.
Unless they’re dispelled, the illusions will last for as long as he’s present, and will fade after several hours once he’s left the area.

Raleigh also has the gist of how to make ointment that, when applied to humans, will allow them to perceive the fae world. It isn’t recommended that this ointment is used on just anyone, however, as it tends to attract the wrong kind of attention, and more often than not ends rather poorly for the human involved. Blinding said human will remove the effects, but for less extreme remedies, it could be possible for magical poultices or healing spells to remove it as well. He doesn’t have any real reason to use this, though, given that he’s pretty readily visible to the human world owing to him growing up in it. It’s just another thing he learned to do while with his fae family that he logged away for future reference.

And finally, Raleigh has been developing telekinetic abilities for the better part of a few years now. The strength of this ability seems to be growing by the day (not without severe lashback against him), and when he’s clear enough of mind, he can manipulate objects around him with relative ease. Too lazy to get up to grab something from the kitchen? No problem, he’s able to open the fridge from his couch, locate the soda he’s looking for, float it out of the fridge, shut the fridge door, float the soda over to him (while cracking it open along the way), and even keep both hands on his Playstation or Xbox controller as he uses his ability to tilt the drink into his mouth.
C’mon, don’t be acting like you wouldn’t use it that way if you could.
But uh, lazy uses aside, Raleigh can and will weaponise this ability should the need arise. He can easily levitate himself, as well as any weapons (improvised or otherwise) he happens to perceive in the area, and hover out of harm’s way while the weapons go off to fight his war for him. He can also create barriers and deflect attacks this way, as well as send blasts of telekinetic energy roaring towards his opponent. A more refined control would result in him being able to do stuff like choke people at a distance (much like a certain Sith Lord), though obviously any usage of this sort of application will be cleared with the other party first.
A less deadly version of this sort of manipulation is him simply pulling the feet right out from under someone, forcing them into an ungraceful faceplant. Much like the choking, this would be cleared with the other writer beforehand, and thankfully, he’s much more likely to decide to repeatedly trip someone than he is to focus on going straight for the kill. You can’t aim an attack at him if your face is on the ground, boyo.

And finally, Raleigh easily travels around through fairy paths that are scattered across the world. He has to be on one to access the others, but once he’s there, he can hop from one continent to the other in the matter of seconds. He can instinctively sense any nearby fairy paths, and will almost certainly head towards them should he find himself in trouble.

Other Attributes

Raleigh is unfortunate enough to experience horrific migraines at least once a day. This is due to his telekinetic abilities growing at an unnaturally fast pace, and they tend to last anywhere between three to eight hours. He can usually feel them coming on, and will do what he can to buckle down somewhere out of the way, so that he can ride the pain out. It isn’t usually safe for others to be near him when he’s down and out like this, as his telekinetic energies can and will lash out at anyone who gets close enough. He can make the effort to restrain them, should he be aware of the person beforehand, but doing so almost always ensures that the migraine will be one of the longer ones. Not to mention, he’s pretty much guaranteed to have another migraine crop up an hour or so after the first subsides. Suffice to say, he gets real cranky real quick if he has to keep idiots safe at his own expense, so if you see him curled somewhere in pure agony, be sure to ask him (quietly, mind you) from a safe distance if he needs anything. Do not, he repeats, do not approach him and try to help him. Sucks to hear people screaming out in pain, or getting splattered with blood and bile. So please, for his sake, let him deal with the pain on his own. He’s got this.

Course, this means that his sleep schedule is all out of whack, if he manages to get any sleep at all, and leaves him precious little time to focus on doing other things. He at least tries to keep an amiable enough air, just expect him to lose his temper real quick if he’s pushed the wrong way. He’s either waiting on a migraine, or he just went through one, so he’s probably gonna be a bit drained, and unwilling to put up with shit.

In time, his migraines will start to taper off, but that will take months of real time, and I'll be in contact with staff throughout it all, and wait until I get the go ahead from them on all matters. And when the migraines do subside, he'll find himself developing an ability more suited to his centre; the ability to change reality as he sees fit. Of course, nothing major will be altered without the express permission of any affected players, as well as staff. As always, nothing that will make other people uncomfortable or disrupt their plots will be done. He'll just be a bit more of a shit than he usually is but that's okay.

Also, being fae, Raleigh doesn’t do too well when iron is being waved in his face. His glamours and other such magic are much harder to maintain, and will probably be outright canceled if he’s nicked or stabbed with iron. His telekinesis, however, remains largely unaffected. It’s pretty neat like that.

About the Author...

OOC ALIAS: Splendiferous

Coded by Ducky for RotB
 Posted: Jul 10 2018, 04:03 AM
Immortal • Ghost Pokemon • Awkwardness • Kanto


Did you give us a telekinesis-using unseelie gambler? Awesome. Raleigh was a treat to read, he is both intriguing and mysterious. He will fit in well with the rest of the Court.

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