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 DARKSIDE, NPC | Darkside of the Moon | Max
 Posted: May 10 2017, 12:51 AM
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Once Upon a Time...
Lunar Lunanoff Darkside
Date of Birth:
Immortal / Shadow


WEIGHT: Fluctuates. As a shapeshifter, Darkside can change their density at will.
HEIGHT: Varies. Between 5'4" - 6'2" Darkside's female form is always taller than their male form.
PLAY-BY: Akihiro Sudoh [YOZORA NO SUMIKKO] && Ichihara Yuuko [XXXHOLIC] [along with various commissioned works]


Darkside is a shapeshifter-- in his most basic form he looks just like Mani himself-- short with pale skin and curled hair. His position requires him to take this appearance, and others, as needed. His usual form is slightly taller with short black hair and dark eyes. He prefers to dress in all black-- as it suits both his disposition and position as the Tsar's shadow and bodyguard.

His feminine form is tall, curvy, and often clad in a bit more... revealing attire-- some clothes appear influenced by asian cultures. Darkside oozes confidence no matter what shape he takes, and has grown rather attached to presenting as a strong female person. It is in this form that Darkside truly feels most at ease-- most herself. She also enjoys showing off this form, but prefers to take it around those she feels at ease with. More often than not, she's likely to be seen in her feminine form when it comes to teasing her Tsar or those she deems worthy of kinship.


Darkside tends to contrast the Tsar almost perfectly-- his male and female forms have certain mannerisms unique to them, while when impersonating the Tsar he is a perfect copy. For unlike the Man in the Moon, Darkside can lie and he uses this to his advantage frequently. The only person who has his absolute trust in all the cosmos is Mani.

Darkside is egotistical, overconfident, and extremely selfish. In his masculine form he's blunt and crass when addressing individuals, which often leads the Tsar to request he refrain from speaking during certain diplomatic encounters.


Once upon a time there was a lonely little Tsarling-- he wanted a friend his own age to play with, and like most children do, he often played with his shadow. Time and again he wished his shadow was his friend-- someone to stay by his side, to fill the void left by his lost family. Wishes have their own magic-- especially when encouraged by a budding mage. Over time the shadow began to move on its own, entertaining the little Tsarling.

Then one day, it did something unexpected. The shadow pulled itself off the wall, standing on its own two feet. Together the shadow and Tsarling had quite an adventure around the Clipper-- playing hide-and-seek with the moonbots, skipping around on the surface. When night came, the little shadow and the Tsarling slept beside one another.

Come morning, the shadow seemed even more real-- their adventures continued for seven days until one day the shadow looked very much like the Tsarling. Wishes, magic, and belief gave him the strength he needed to become real. The Tsarling would never be alone again.

Darkside was created by Mani's magic coupled with the desire for companionship-- over the millennia since he's grown into his own being. He trained in combat to become the Tsar's bodyguard-- and practiced day and night to fully comprehend his abilities. He required little rest to get by, as shadows never truly need to sleep. He chose his name for himself-- Darkside-- and at times would take the Tsar's place at social events.

To him, his purpose was clear as day-- protect the boy who showed him such kindness all those years ago.

Other Attributes

First and foremost is Darkside's capacity for empathy. With physical contact he can sense the emotional state of a target. A trait that comes in handy with his preference for manipulative tactics. His bond with Mani is also empathic as well as psychic-- he can feel what the Tsar feels and commune with him. The connection goes both ways but can be obstructed through a concentrated force of will.

Being a shadow, Darkside is not harmed by light-- quite the opposite. His strength is increased in the presence of light. While his primary form of offense involves using shadows or shifting his form, he is capable of wielding light if need be-- an ability he keeps under wraps.

He can make himself incorporeal at will-- permitting physical blows to slip through him or strike the surface behind him. This holds true for various portions of his body as well.

Manipulating shadows is his forte-- but he does not have the capacity to blanket an entire room in them. There are limits to his shade-related abilities. He can, however, transport himself through shadows if need be. Darkside resents being likened to darklings or nightmare men. He is neither.

His bond with the Man in the Moon attributes to his strength and fortitude-- as he is a reflection of the Tsar, he has the potential to be equal in power. However, he sees himself as less than the value of Mani. He's a reflection-- a shadow. Darkside firmly believes that is all he'll ever be. The Tsar is his achilles heel as well. For without Mani, he cannot exist. If the Tsar dies, he dies.

Much like Mani, Darkside's hair feeds him information about the environment around him-- coupled with his paranoia, this makes it quite difficult to sneak up on the shade. Unlike the Tsar, Darkside is perfectly capable of lying, and his capacity for deception is quite vast. It's hard to discern if he's being honest or deceitful when he speaks to you.

Like the Tsar he has the potential to use elemental magic in combat-- however he prefers things to be up close and personal-- intimate. He underwent extremely strict training to become strong and durable enough to serve as the Tsar's personal bodyguard. His preferred weapon of choice is a dagger he keeps on his person-- though there are many weapons concealed on him [and those he can form with his own magic].

Like the Tsar, he can communicate telepathically with the Clipper. To the ship, he and Mani are one and the same.

Character Connection

Tsar Lunar - Other Half
Coded by Ducky for RotB
 Posted: May 13 2017, 07:00 PM
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Ayyyyyy looking good~ Especially female ver-okay, okay I kid, I kid XD Darkside is a very interesting idea, I love having a sort of "dark side of the moon" sorta thing going. You go shadowMani.

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