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 Through The Glen, Farren/Eljin
 Posted: Apr 17 2018, 04:02 AM
1643 • Swanfolk • Honour • Seelie Lands

The Swan Knight
Idir ann is idir as.
Idir thuaidh is idir theas.
Idir thiar is idir thoir.
Idir am is idir áit
It was a rare chance indeed when Eljin was saddled with time that he was unsure with what to do. His training and duties done for the day, so he took to the lands. The mid-afternoon sun poured over the landscape as he lead his beautiful white riding horse from the stables. Trees were rich and lush with foliage, reaching their branches up into the splendidly clear sky, basking in the heat of the sun. Eljin took too a path through the forest, filtered green shade protecting his fair skin. A symphony of birds and squirrels sing as a backdrop to the gentle hoof falls of the horse. He took in a deep breath. The wind carried the sweet smell of spring flowers from Her Radiancy’s garden even this deep into the forest. Just under that he could detect the fresh earth of the path, the moisture of the moss covered floor, the smell of wood as it decomposed and returned from the earth from whence in came. All of it so peaceful, such a rare spectacle for The Swan Knight.

Eljin, despite how his beauty aligned more with the qualities of the fae forests, was more accustomed to the battlefield. He felt it in his rigid posture, the muscles working with ease to keep him seated perfectly on his horse. He felt it in his fingers as he gripped the reigns, calloused from a strict daily training regime with the sword. He felt it in his heart, how his steely eyes darted towards a sound too unexpected to be coincidence. Eljin did not know what he searched for. This was Seelie lands, he was safe here. Another deep breath calmed a hitch in nerves as he tried to refocus on his leisurely ride.

The forest opened up slowly into a lush glen, the far side stacking high up to to the side with cliffs. He felt far from the castle now. The only times he’d come this far was to journey home to the swanfolk land near the shores. At this point in his travels he would crack the reigns, never looking around, but always looking forward. Instead, Eljin slipped his foot from the stirrup and swung his leg over the saddle to land in the grass. He brushed his hand over his companions neck before moving forward on foot. It was slow. The scene no longer came to him in broad strokes, but fine details. A landmarking rock covered in small flowers and bright green moss caught his eye, then, some of the wildflowers, not as groomed as a garden, but still as lovely.

Eljin walked for some time, learning the land and all it’s qualities, until he slowed his step at a familiar sight. Near the center of the glen was a figure, laying upon the ground. The King-in-Waiting’s pale, lithe limbs flattened the grass, but sprouted bright red poppies in a ring around him. In court, the fae donned an extravagant wardrobe, but here he wore only a pale of white trousers. His hair, just as white as his trousers, lay across his eyes in gentle curls. Farren’s lips parted like pale petals of a tulip to the sun, breathing out softly. He looked upon the tranquil scene and Eljin couldn’t help but feel envious of how easily it came to the flower fae.

It seemed as if everything came easily to Farren, beauty, kindness, accomplishments, and calm. Farren’s hair was questionably untamed at times, his eyes hardly open, his neckerchief not tied properly. He seemed to not care much for his appearance and, as far as Eljin could discern, didn’t take any steps to improve them. Yet, none in the court spoke of it, because Farren was kind, and sweet. He was their Darling Demon and could not do wrong, his appearances hardly marred by his actions. Court etiquette was not a foreign concept for Farren, but was one often forgotten. Which begged the question as to how he even obtained his position. Eljin never understood Her Radiancy’s decision, making this strange flower fae their King-in-Waiting, and what she hoped he’d accomplish, but Eljin tried to find it. He spent some time with Farren, helping him groom for Court, or at times assisting him in training for battle, but he had yet to see what his Queen saw in the Darling Demon.

He lowered himself next to his King-in-Waiting’s form, sitting before him on one knee.

“How is it you slumber with such ease in the open?” Eljin asked, allow the soft words to carry away onto the wind. He believed they would be unheard on slumbering ears. A soft sigh passed through his lips and he looked up at the sky as a swallow flew overhead. He watched it sore, feeling his own waning for the sky stir within him. Swanfolk spent some time each day in their swan form, drifting through ponds, something Eljin had not done for sometime. As swanfolk were not common in Court, Eljin knew such oddities may cause other fae to whisper. How he wished to spread his wings for any other reason than for battle, or for show. How he wished he could just drift, not forced to the lands by the opinions of their court. The Swanfolk Prince did, however, feel his thoughts drifting, a symptom of spending time near Farren. For once, he allowed the moment of peace as he watched the clouds float past on a vivid blue sky.
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