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 Petro Astrea
 Posted: Aug 11 2017, 06:11 AM
???? • Virgoan Celestial • Remembrance • Queens, NYC, NY

Once Upon a Time...
Petro Astrea
Very Old
Date of Birth:


WEIGHT: 179lbs
HEIGHT: 6❜00❞
PLAY-BY: Rami Malek

Petro has olive skin and dark hair. He tries to keep his hair short and neat. he grows annoyed if he hair reaches medium length. He is also clean shaven not being a fan of facial hair. He was always told to look people in the eyes and have good posture, it is a shame none of those lessons stuck. He has a tendcy to lean and look more causal than he should be at a place. He often looks off forgetting to make eye contact with others. His mannerism can be described as an organized mess, talking with his hands, fidgeting, or tapping his fingers. That being said all of the movement seem natural, never to the extreme of being neurotic.

When it comes to clothes he has two modes, the “I’m feeling lazy today” set which includes a simple t-shirt and jeans, or the “my mom raised me with some sense” collection which encompasses more Virgo-esque clothing such as suits and nice shirts. He has tattoos/brandings on his back, which he never likes uncovered. Joining the Royal Intelligence Department had a harsh initiation. His back is covered with tattoos that says things in ancient Virgogian, the only phrasing in modern Virgogian is the Constellation’s anthem. He never takes of his shirt.


Petro was once a shy and quiet kid, well that kid grew up into to being an asshole. Petro is an eternal pessimist who parades as realist, always seeing the worst possible outcomes. Given his old line of work it is understandable, but excessive nowadays. The good thing about this is that he can take bad news and roll with it. He hates only hearing good news, bad news means he can go out and fix it or prepare for the worst. It doesn’t help he has a spot of paranoia. He doesn’t like hoping for the best and thinks hope is temporary morale booster people cling too instead of facing their problems.

That being said, he also hates giving others his problems, he often times feels like sharing emotions, problems, and things like that is just a burden on others he is unjustly sharing. Sarcasm and cynicism are his go to mechanism for dealing with the world on a day to day basis. It takes him a while to process his emotions, while he doesn’t necessarily bottle them up, he does simmer on them. Compartmentalizing them for later when he can deal with it; the only problem is when he has to find time for that later.

Petro is a workaholic. He thrives off being rushed and ran ragged. Whenever he is given free time he feels as if his mind will go crazy without things to do. One of the reasons he has taken different jobs on earth was to stimulate his brain. Part of it is that he likes to attain new knowledge and skills, but he is a kinetic learner. He has to get his hands-on experience. His current job as a private investigator has does wonders for him since he can control his day and his workload. It makes it easier to remember to eat and sleep.

A double-edged trait for Petro is not forgetting deeds and misdeeds of people. He is a grudge hold who can hold one for a very long time with the wounds still fresh. He also hates being indebted to people, and will do his best to repay people back for a favor or debt. This touches into his sentiment, when he gets close to a person he considers them a friend for life.

Other Information

- One encircled brand on his lower back the translate to “fade”
- Brands framed with a diamond shape on each shoulder blades with the words meaning “crystalize”
- A Large brand in the middle of his back the calligraphy symbolizing “metamorphosis”
- Various ribbons on texts that swirl around both sides of his ribcage with various guideline and commands to instill loyalty to the throne and the throne’s ministry.

- Snickerdoodles
- Sketching
- Designing/studying buildings
- Reading
- Tea
- Over hearing gossip
- Trains

- Storms
- Mimes
- Violence
- The Guardian War
- Notoriety
- “Virgin” jokes

Religion: The three virgin goddesses, also known as the Trifecta. The Virgoans, being as quizzical as always, they sought out their goddesses early in their civilization’s history. Scio the goddess of Knowledge, Senmanka the goddess of Perfection, and Vivo the goddess of Harvest; are the three goddesses that are dominantly worshiped. He often says expressions like “By the trifecta” and “the three damn this.” He is very logical and scientific about, describing the gods as super powerful magical beings benevolent to those within Virgoan space. Though he does have doubts they survived the fall with much of their believers wiped out.

Language buff: He knows a variety of Celestial languages though mostly their official dialects, and a few major earth languages, and of course all the major languages spoken in the Virgo constellations.


RECORD 1: Recruit Document

Overview of Royal Intelligence potential assest:

Progress of Subject ‘Seer’

Name: Petro Astrea
Talent: Limited Precognition
Ability: Sharp mind keen on finding patterns and reading trends.

Test Results: Potential Royal Asset


Subject, ‘Seer,’ was born in the capital, Spicopolis, to a pair of lower middle class parents. The late father, Tristyn Astrea, was a middle management worker at the Spicopolis’ geothermal plant and is survived by Angeline Astrea, the mother, a teacher at Scio’s Grace Elementary School. The father died in a workplace accident. Reportedly ‘Seer’ had foresaw his demise in a dream. These claims are when we first started to track the cadet. Evidence indicates he had an average life for those living in Spicopolis, an uneventful childhood raised by a single mother. We only found out about his talent when his mother took him to the hospital for severe night terrors. Turns out he was foreseeing his father’s death. Data collection started when the Ministry was able to draw such connection.

When he took his first set of exams for proficiency, he'd done better than others in many of the fields that qualified for cadet status. These were just the first and second waves of exams, as time goes on his standing could change. One item of note, his scores for "Logic and Reasoning" exceed many expectations for his age and socioeconomic class. Though we have noticed a weakness in his oral communication skills. To ascertain whether or not this is related to his personality will be determined in his next waves of standardized testing, they traditionally incorporate personality evaluations to better help the student interpret their niches. If his scores continue this trend then he will be fast tracked with the other Delta designated students. - L. Tarro

The Proposal

Petro was glad to finally be done with the exams, but a new feeling of anxiousness set in. Which university did he qualify for? His mom had made sure he devoted as much time as he could to study, while the test were supposed to be a measure of potential, no sane person ever took the tests without studying, especially the fourth one. The dreaded number 4 many people took to calling it, as it had the potential to affect your career prospects. While the University’s had their own testing in their fields, the testing before finishes basic education determined not only which universities you qualified for, but also which programs you were allowed to take. He sat at the table gathering his things for the day, his basic schooling may have been over, but he still needed to work his part time job. It was hard to think that in 2 months he will know where to go, then 2 more months and he will be attending a new University.

As he walked out the door his mother came down the stairs. “Hey Petro, dear. Are you heading off already?” The Virgoan woman was as most celestial, energetic and not bound to aging as humans were, but she looked tired. Stress lines, bags, and look of worry that never left her; Angelina Astrea was a woman who had it hard, but never complained. She started for the kitchen starting to make sack lunch for Petro, trying to avoid the papers she had misplaced there.

“Yes, Mom. I have to go by the education department before work….I’m fine…I will eat when-“ He began as he started for the door.

“Hold it. Let me give you the meal then you can decide when to eat it. I don’t want you talking to important people on an empty stomach.” She handed the sack to him as the elder teen Virgoan sighed. This wasn’t a war he would win, he slipped the meal in his satchel giving her a hug. “I’ll be back soon just a small shift. I’ll bring any paper work from the department.”

She nodded, looking at him with a motherly gaze. She wished she could be there with him, but knew he needed to exercise his independence. Besides the life of a teacher on any planet in the Virgo constellation was not easy, she needed to focus on her work. “Good luck, I’m sure the throne will be throwing money at a genius like you.”

“Mom...” He said with slightly blushed cheeks before taking off for the train, he couldn’t be late. He ran to the station getting on the gold line. He stomach rumbled…he reached in and grabbed at what his mom had packed.

The train stopped and he got off at the Education Department’s street, It was a large building. Virgoans took the matter of education extremely seriously, as the department didn’t just focus on school kids and university students, but any program in which skill acquisition was required. It used to be called applied intelligence, to signify the importance. Petro entered the building, it felt like butterflies starting to spread their wings in his stomach.

He knocked on the door and waited for a response. His other hand aimlessly played with the seam of his pocket. His eyes scanned the hallway, everything looked rather boring, as most administrative buildings did. A voice beckoned him into room, the man behind the desk looked like any administration. A decent enough beige suit, his hat, and of course having a mountain of papers on his desk. “Ah, Mr. Astrea, please close the door. It's nice to meet you.” He said in a way that somehow made him feel less nervous. “I’m Mr. Tarro, please take a seat.”

He sat at the table with his hands in lap, trying to remember his mom’s words; Petro adjusted his posture and maintained even eye contact. “Yes, I got your letter the other day. I was at a loss, if there was some sort of requirement like most scholarships or if this was just merit based…”

“You see, this scholarship is more along the lines of an…an…extended intern ship.” He pulled paper out of his folder on his desk. “Let’s get started on you and your test scores. "Logic and Reasoning," a perfect, an excel in Intrapersonal and Spatial, and of course a perfect in Linguistics…speakinh of which son, how many languages do you know?” Mr. Tarro was speaking so fast as he slid the test results over for Petro to see. He didn’t realize he did that good in those areas, but Petro was analyzing what he did wrong.

Petro looked at the man, caught off guard with his question “Four barring Virgogian, five otherwise: Celestial, Scorpii, Leonian, and Gemini…” His mind loved learning new languages, he was a fast study and would be quick to pick up new ones. He would love to one day be able to speak to any constellation; his goal was to be a famous journalist so he would have a chance to actually see everything that was out there.

“An exhaustive list for someone your age.” Mr. Tarro said as he opened another folder and slid it across his desk. Petro started to scan the document; it showed analyzed scores and a summary of being an asset to the crown would entail. Mr. Tarro continued, “We think you could be something great in the right hands, with the proper ones guiding you. How would you like to sign up for a chance to be the best you can be?”

His mind was racing. He wasn't expecting any of this. He had another job to go to right after. A long-term internship was guaranteed to throw his life into a new trajectory; he looked at the form stammering for a moment. Mr. Tarro was pressuring him to make a rash decision, something he was not too fond of doing. “Can you elaborate more? It sounds like you want me to do something that’s…not in the Education Department’s jurisdiction.”

A smile crossed the older Virgoan’s face and he chuckled a bit. He seemed amused at this whole thing. Mr. Tarro stood and started to walk over to Petro. “Some benefits include, full ride through university, a healthy paycheck when you finish training, and being able to travel the cosmos. Yes, this opportunity is through the Virgoan Intelligence Department.” Petro eyes went wide, unsure if he was being serious or not. Honestly, there were many reservations about this. He only wanted to grow up, get a decent job, maybe settle down and get married. Mr. Tarro continued. ”You are a person with a lot of talents that could be put to good use. A mind like yours could be doing something grand.”

”I don’t know…It sounds like a lot. I just want to go to school.” Okay, he was going to go home empty handed he was sure he can still pay for university; it just took getting another part time job, and living at home. His mind started buzzing with what his next move would be. He’d hate to have to tell his mom it was all for naught.

“Okay, I know where you’re coming form. This is a lot more than you bargained for. You can go to school like most others, just with extra assignments; I’ve seen your family situation. It’s been hard since it is just your mom? I’m sure we can help. We also know about your gift we could offer assistance on that front as well.” Petro was now interested. He leaned forward, wondering if they could actually help his mother. Ever since his father passed away, his mom struggled. Only being an elementary school teacher wasn’t lucrative, it would have kept her in decent standing if she didn’t have a son she invested so much in. Tutors, time, and clubs, he could finally repay her. Use his gift to return her kindness. He knew this was a recruitment pitch, but it wouldn’t be so bad to benefit from the recruiter would it.

“Those are good benefits very tailored ones…” He said with a hint of sarcasm. A chance like this wouldn’t arise any other time, he had at least gotten a few sign-on bonuses. ”Where do I sign.” Mr. Tarro slid the papers across to Petro. He read the document before signing the dotted line and dating it. Mr. Tarro signed his end and stood up. ”You’ll enjoy having me as a boss and you’ll enjoy the work we’ll do. If anyone asks remember you got a scholarship from the Education Department.” Petro shook his hand nodding, he wondered what he had gotten himself into.

RECORD 2: Cadet Update

Overview of Royal Intelligence Cadet:

Progress of Cadet Delta-33

Name: Petro Astrea
Talent: Limited Precognition
Ability: Sharp mind, keen on finding patterns and reading trends.

Training Results: Passed, Ready for Initiation


Cadet Delta-33 has graduated from Zaniah University, as expect he did well in linguistic studies and Interstellar Affairs. Though his initial recruitment there was an expectation that he would back out, he had doubled down on his effort. I suspect he was being cautious to see if we would hold up our end of the agreement with some benefits offered to him. As his trainer and handler, efforts to promote morale and rapport have been taken. During his schooling he received training deemed essential such as study on earth magic, martial arts, a few more languages, any other activities deemed “appropriate.”

Before the cadet’s initiation, a proposal for real world training is suggested; sending him to train with other constellations before being an officially recognized agent. Three locations are proposed the first being one of the friendlier ones, Scorpii constellation. They have an exchange we train a person of their choosing in exchange for them training one of ours. A chance to participate in their programs and gain good standing is always welcomed. The other proposed constellations are Capricorn as they share the affinity for earth as well as to test his logical thinking, and Cancer to improve empathy and reading the room. D-33 needs to improve socialization in general.

- L. Tarro


There was a sense of sadness in coming back to Virgo after all of his travels. He sat down wanting to finish his general report of his overall trip to the three different constellations. He had never thought that he would leave the capital; the city was expansive with various people and districts. It seemed like a world in of itself, but man was he wrong. He thought the East and West side of Spicopolis were different world, how wrong he was. The cancer system was so different, with boating dominating their culture. The Cancerians had high emotional intelligence and empathy, more than what Petro was used to, but their large bodies of water and sense of exploration were qualities he most enjoyed. It was a true lesson in working outside your element. He actually learned boating, it wasn't as bad as he thought. However, the rivers and seas of Virgo were minuscule in comparison to those of the Cancer System.

His mind went to the Capricorn system, they were similar yet different, he thought of them as an interesting constellation, but during his stay he was not given as much time to soak in the culture as the other two. They focused much more on training him in the ways of Earth magic. Tough, sturdy, stubborn, but fair, his old mentor may have been pig headed, but the woman was tough as nails and got results. She helped him go against a few Virgo teachings, by opting for more simplistic, but effective plans when necessary. Petro hoped to spend more time in Capricorn. A smile came across his face as he wrote.

The last place was one of the more impactful constellations, the Scorpio Constellation. They were very similar to the Virgo in terms of advocacy for technological advancement, but also had stark differences. The Scorpii were irreligious, their landscaped lacked natural beauty, and classist. Even the cultural differences did not stop him from learning and enjoying their culture. Antares, his mentor, had taught him various techniques and strategies. While Virgoans were opportunistic fighters, the Scorpii were tenacious, using their surroundings to their advantage. After his stay, he had a great appreciation for their society, they kept their cities clean and they strove for stability. Things the Virgoans loved.

His pen hovered over the page, during his time on Scorpii he met a rather loud-mouthed Virgoan girl, Amika. She had a rather rough time in the Scorpio constellation, probably had a rough time in Virgo constellation. They were always at each other's throats, but he did hate seeing her mope around being lonely. He considered if adding meeting another exchange student to the report was necessary, she was military, but he decided to. As annoying as she was, she did help him practice a few earth techniques, who knows he might run into her in the field.

He took the report to Mr. Tarro. He greeted Petro with warm grin, "It has been a while Mr. Astrea, did you enjoy your ‘vacation?’ Take time to go see and learn what was out there?"

"You have to relax on a vacation, it was more like an extended boot camp on slow burn." Petro replied. Mr. Tarro came off as nice and a charismatic man, but Petro has pretty much cracked his MO.

"You know, I never knew the shy kid entering my office for a scholarship would turn into such a snarker. Though speaking of personal growth. We’ve been monitoring yours; the trips themselves were sort of a test." He started.

"I knew it." Petro thought to himself. Under that smile, his superior was a pretty damn self-serving man. Of course he didn’t want him to simply backpack through the constellations, that would be too normal for him. "It's time to make it official. You're ready to join our ranks officially." He paused a moment. "You will have to go through a special ceremony. Because of the nature of it you will have one chance here, no strings attached where you can walk away, after the Initiation you belong to the throne for forever." He said dropping his usual charm, instead growing gravely serious.

The change in mood caught Petro off guard. He made eyes contact with Mr. Tarro. The young Virgoan was trying to access the older one body language. He was serious and lacked his typical levity for situations. His mind was racing, if this was some somewhat long binding initiation. It was obvious if there was ever a point of no return then now was the time. "I have stuck with the program this far, I'm ready."

Mr. Tarro gave him a wordless nod, and they started for the meeting area. Petro's mind couldn't help but wonder what if he did walk away. If he could have a different, job and build his own career. Traveling to all the constellations even the smaller ones would be a high priority. A sociologist or a reporter would probably be his area of study. Petro was horrible with people in a personal capacity, but from an objective standpoint, he could study them and report on them. He even enjoyed people watching as a pastime, it made him feel like an alien at times. Realistically it was all a pipe dream, he a mom to think of, stability, and the actual difficulties there would be truly to walk away.

They walked into the room where the others waited, cadets who had made it this far. Silence came over the group as the head director was at the forefront of the room. He had a nice suit; he spoke with the charm of a politician but the secrecy you would expect of a spy. Petro wondered how he landed this spot if the leaders could ooze charisma so easily. “Today you guys will join a brotherhood that ensures a bright future for the Virgo Constellation. You men and women are the elite, the best we have to offer against the challenges the face out fair constellations. The first line, the last line, and the best-line against threats. May the three be with you, in your initiation. For this ritual, it will be painful, arcane magic will tattoo your skin, but unlock your potential. You have endured this far, one more trial and you will be welcomed to the fold.” The Director stepped down and everyone was sorted to their spot. Petro’s heart was beating, arcane tattoos, like living runes? His mind started racing, how many and how long would it take. He laid at his appointed spot. There was no comfort, or warning, they started to burn the ink into his skin as forgotten words were chant. The screams of the other cadets could be heard, until they finally passed around material to bite on. The pain surged through out Petro's body as the arcane chants spoke over his muffled screams.


Petro lay in bed, adjusting to find a comfortable position, the pain still lingered. It wasn’t as bad as the first few weeks, when it felt like a series of daggers were stabbing him. He looked at his journal, the tallies added up to a month and 3 days. It took a week for the pain to stop, another for him to sleep without waking up, and 5 days ago for him to sleep on his back without incident. He sat up, wondering if the survivors of the initiation were faring well. Most people were up on their feet, going on as business as usual. There was a hesitation in the air among them. They didn’t want to talk about the procedure, but they also gravitated closer to one another from the shared pain. Petro sat with two other agents also from Spicopolis. He sat at the table writing down his dreams, making notes. It was a practice he picked up to cope. They all three sat silently content simply with each other company.

RECORD 3: Mission Summary

Confidential Level: Semi Classified Mission Number: 001

Agent Delta-33

Name: Petro Astrea
Location: Ends of Leo and Virgo territory.

Agent Status:
Delta-33 successfully survived the initiation procedure. Only 3 were lost in this group and only one self-terminated, a lower statistic the usual average. They were allowed a month’s rest at the compound in the wilds of Amirrop. He has taken to documenting his dreams more. He is getting symbols that had already deciphered the location where he would be observing and infiltrating. This provides promise, he’s determination and enthusiasm for the task ahead is palpable. Recovery wise he will be ready for deployment in 3 weeks. His training regime has started up, a mission like this shouldn’t strain his wounds. He will be deployed with 2 others to the next location.

Mission Summary:

Drugs are becoming a problem on the Eastern end of the Virgo constellation, we suspect that both dream pirates and smugglers knowns as the “Embers” are responsible. Leo’s and Virgo’s governments will work in a joint effort to put a stop to these activities. The first part of the mission is to observe and act as an informant, by joining the gang. The second is to work sabotage and gather evidence, sources, and eventually arrest criminals involved.

- L. Tarro

RECORD 4: Mission Update

Mission Status: Success Mission Number: 001

Agent Delta-33

Name: Petro Astrea
Location: Ends of Leo and Virgo territory.

Mission Summary:

After 6 months, Standard Celestial Time, we were able to start our operation. Getting undercover was the easy part, but dealing with those gang members was a doozie. They had the morality of a dream pirate and the intelligence of dirt. The Dream Pirates were actually the more dangerous players, and the reason why we weren’t able to arrest many of them. We found the operation would get the raw material for the drugs from Virgoan territory, then take it back to Leo to process. On their second pass is when they would deal and sell the drugs and get more raw materials. They could evade local police forces by studying the patrol patterns and planning dead drops and deals accordingly. Each policing institute has been notified of their compromised systems and we are collecting what we can on any bases or safe houses the dream pirates may have in the area.

- L. Tarro

The Pen Pal

He wondered how long he had been on the damn trail of the damn Dream Pirates. Was it Petro’s burden alone to shoulder this endeavor? No, not in the least, but telling that to someone like him was next to impossible. He was in between missions, supposedly enjoying the day before he deployed for a Virgoan military outpost. Relaxation wasn’t in his vocabulary; he tapped the table incessantly looking at the map of the stars. “If they were last found here….and fucked off over here last time…then were the hell….” He sighed loudly as he took a bite of fruit. Maybe when he got a hold of records and reports at the next outpost, planning the scouting party will get easier.

”Mail, here try to focus on this.” the agent said handing his mail to Petro. It was met with an eye roll grand enough for him to have a nice view of the back of his skull. He tossed it to the side of the star charts, before seeing the name on it. Amika Mayall.

“What does she want?” He thought as he opened the letter. They penned each other since their last meeting; she was still annoying just like he remembered. But she was a descent conversationalist he would give her that. He started to read the letter:

Dear Stick-up-butt,

How are you? Let me guess, you’re not sleeping and overworking yourself, well please arrange to have that fixed. When I see you again I want you to be in somewhat decent condition. I heard through the grapevine that you were stationed in “The Fort” and I needed to tell you that I was stationed there too, looks like we are going to be in confinement with each other again. Don’t act like you don’t enjoy my company, I can tell a little kernel of your soul likes me, right where your heart should be.

On a serious note, I think something big is going to go down eventually, so please take care of yourself you need to be at your best. I know you are a determined person, but don’t sacrifice what no one asked for. Some of us will actually miss your sour attitude.

See you soon,

A. Mayall

The Spar

Petro sat as the station's training room, cooling down from his work out. Whenever the agents and soldiers were stationed in same area there was always a pissing contest they had to take. They others had went out to the field proper to do sprints until they threw up and wash that shame down alcoholism. The Virgoan stretched on the mat, glad finally to have some peace and quiet to himself. He grabbed his bag wondering if he could finally get to his book, but then she came in. A loud noise echoed through the empty training room as Amika walked in. Petro looked at the indention on the wall. "They're going to take that out of your salary, try opening the door like a sane person next time."

She met his comment with only a cheeky smile. "Have you not seen the rest of the training room? It's crap! Every time you are blessed to work with me you always try to piss over." He didn't want to admit she had a point, the training room probably wasn't renovated for a 30 years. He had seen better paint jobs in morgues. She walked closer looking at him for a moment before she wrapped her hair in a ponytail. Amika got in a stance and gave the 'come on' motion with her hands.

He never knew why he always gave her the chance to annoy him. Petro gave a heavy eye roll to the fellow Virgoan and pointed to his bag. "Not sparing you, I had my quota of people today, especially the idiotic type. Plus I have a…" That was all he was able to let leave his mouth before his intuition blared. He dropped his bag angling his head away just barely dodging her punch. He could feel the wind from it. "It's cheating you have that strength." Petro said trying to get her into a throw.

“Is the one with foresight really trying to whine about fairness to me?” She said as she broke hold. This was about the only way he would spar with her, seeing as she had an unfair advantage...also he got so frustrated around her. Petro kept on his toes. Continuing with circling her, his fist becoming encased with emeralds. Soft enough to avoid serious damage, but hard enough to get his point across. She began again, “It’s about time you got serious. It takes you forever to get a clue.”

He was on the offensive this time throwing punch after punch, trying to get a vulnerable spot, but she kept parrying him. When it did connect he hardly felt as she braced herself for block. Damn, she actually listened to him for once and started to work on her defense. She had the look in her eyes and the smirk on her face that always made him more, aggravated. She called them destined to continually cross paths with one another; if he didn’t have precognition he would think she was full of it with the destiny crap. The Scorpii constellation was where they first met and became sorta friends, they were had run into each other on a few missions here and there that required espionage and some military operations, and now here they were.

He was able to slip behind her and get her into a semi hold, she was trying to break out then she made eye contact with him. Dread overcame him, he’d seen that look before. Usually he came up with an excuse to leave or avert his eyes, but this time it was clearer. She leaned in and he leaned in for a long overdue kiss. A sensation of relief overcame him, the clues started to pile up with their past. He liked her and she liked did he not get that?

She pulled away and rested her head on his. “Took you long enough, smart guy.” God he hated her so much. But she was right, he had known for a while. He had hardly ever time for things like that. His mind was on the technical side of this, they both would spend months apart in dangerous parts of the constellation. How would they even make this work they would....her lips met his again, his negative thoughts replaced with those of hers. She pulled back and smiled. “I’m going to clean up and I’ll see you while the rest are getting sloshed?”

He blinked for a moment trying to get his thoughts together. “We can’t.....” he started, the bunks were sectioned off and technically they were breaking the rules by fraternizing in this way. She gave him that confident smirk which he just returned with a tasteful side eyes, but with some teasing in his expression. “I’ll find a way.” He said as he watched her walk out. She made everything so much more difficult.

Record 5: Journal Entry

Ever since that mission Amika and I have gotten closer than ever before. When we kissed it was like seeing her for the first time, I finally appreciated her attributes. You know as much crap as I give her she is funny and tough. I guess before I was so focused on this job I got pigeon-holed into I forgot to look at someone who had been in front of my face the whole time.

Before I get all lovey dovey, there has been some road blocks. We had to keep the relationship under lock and key for a while until we finished a raid on a Dream Pirate strong hold. I know us Virgoans are smart, but we have too much damn bureaucracy for our own good, especially when they have so many hoops we have to jump through to “freely fraternize.” When our teams finish up analyzing this Dream Pirate mess, then we should be in the clear. I hear I have a mission in Bootes next, probably something against Hydra.

She’s optimistic about the relationship, but I have concerns. It’s not like she’s an accountant and I’m a architect, both our job fields are dangerous and means we have to go long bouts without communication. She is a hot headed soldier and I’m an agent libel to die from insomnia, I don’t know how she has so much faith this will work, but I trust her. I finally have something motivating to keep me going other than patriotism.

-P. Astrea

Record 6: Call

Petro finally got a chance to himself. Getting away from the others he picked up a phone dialing Amika. It had been too long since he heard her voice. The letters and correspondence were nice and all, but they could only do so much. He leaned against the wall , his fingers tapping. "She better not have forgotten." Was his first thought, both of them getting a chance to call was a rare occurrence when they were on duty.

”Hello, sorry about the wait. I had one soldier talking on and on.” She said in haste.

“Sure you weren’t the one doing the talk?” He retorted, it was a fair accusation; she liked to talk a lot especially when she got excited. With the recent news of the Lunanoffs’ plans there was word buzzing everywhere about it.

”I may have contributed, only a little…but what do you think about it? Getting rid of all evil.” She said in a somewhat dreamy way. ”Less work for us definitely…”

General Kozmotis Pitchiner was one of the greatest general the Celestials have had in decades. Under his charge he could see the destruction of the Nightmare men and Dream Pirates finally happening. Though he had reservations about the imprisonment of all evil. “Sounds like a plan I can get on board with, but evil doesn’t exist. People being selfish and greedy do. Twisted forces of darkness and chaos exist….”

“Oh Goddess, you are off on semantics.” He could almost hear her eye roll through the phone.

“I’m just saying, part of this sounds like propaganda. Though if there was a Golden Age of peace and prosperity, then by the Three, I’m not arguing with it.” His mind was on the future. Having a string of hope once. “You know…if this Golden Age comes to fruition…we could do normal couple things.”

“We could, like go see a show at the theatre in Spicopolis, or spend a weekend at my grandfather’s old cabin in the great plains.” She said with a hum. He could hear the excitement in her voice. “I like training with you and all, but we need to get more normal ways to flirt.”

“Okay that’s true. It is less bruising on my end too.” He said with a small laugh. “Expense wise I had been looking into it. The pricing for Spicopolis housing is high at the moment. So I had an idea that we move into together.”

”Wait, really.” he voice nearly made him go deaf in one ear, but he couldn’t really be mad at her. ”Yes, yes, 1,000 times over. I can’t wait for this tour end.”

He couldn’t wipe the smile off his face. He had so much to say, more planning for the move to discuss, but a motion by his superior told him he was out of time. “Hun, Mr. Tarro is on me again. I have to go. We will talk more about the move okay? Sorry this call was short.”

”No problem my CO probably would have my head too for making a long call. I can’t wait for the move, I’m so excited for us. Love you, and stay safe.”

”Love you, stay alive for me. I can’t wait to show you the place I have in mind. ” He said before hanging up. He lingered a moment. It felt good to be optimistic for once. It was a foreign feeling, but it was good in healthy doses. He hoped the Tsar’s planned worked.

A Midnight Ordeal

Petro entered the room wearing his new suit. He looked for any of the guest he knew, so he would not have to be a lonely wallflower. He walked up the steps of the grand hall surprised he was invited to a party with the royal. Their lavish music and grand décor was nothing short of surprising. It was time to take a leap off the precipice and dive in. Petro entered the room to his surprise, they ballroom featured all masked people. There was an aggravated sigh, did he misread the invitation. Already feeling as If he stood out he walked the edges of the party, but not for too long.

Soon the party's atmosphere changed, charged with a certain energy that made people go into a frenzy. It started to become a blur he was pulled into the dance floor; too hesitant to fight back he did the dance with the masked figures. Shifting from partner to partner. The mood of the party was getting more rowdy and chaotic as she danced more and more. The room felt as it if was spinning. A partygoer handed him wine to calm him down. One sip turned into more. Drinks handed to him were quickly downed to calm his nerves, but put his head into a fierce haze. He needed to break away, but the people let him, still stringing him about.

Then he eventually came upon one masked man lamenting over the wine splashed on a painting. Petro was able to finally get away and observe closer. Petro got the idea the mysterious man was the painter. The Virgoan walked closer wanting to know why the man was so distraught, but the actions of the forming audience disgusted Petro. They started to laugh and mock the artist like a pack of wild animals. Their actions only growing more and more malicious. Enough to drive the man out of the room.

Petro was sure he hated the royal types if they got their kicks out of things like. His disdain turned into horror as they took off their masks. Their eyes were black with darkness covering most of their face. The grotesque visages was pure horror down to behold. They rowdy party turned into a bloody frenzy with the crowd attacking each other in a chaotic mess. Something was wrong he needed to get out of the fray, only seeing the artist's old route as a viable option.

Petro shut the door behind him and found the grieving artist kneeling next to his masterpiece. His gazed shifted around the room to see a series of painting and sculpture aflame. He looked wide eye as the artist set his last painting on fire. "Are you mad? We have to get out of here." Petro said tugging at the man. He could get them both out here, he knows he can, the man just has to move.

"It's over. Nothing can be done." The artist responded in a resigned tone. As those words hung in the air, the galleries door swung open as the monstrous partygoers spilled in unbothered by the flames. The empty black pits where their eyes used to be were the most paralyzing. Nothing could stop them as they piled in causing destruction. Their claw-like hands reached out to snare Petro.


Petro screamed loudly, his heart pounding in his chest, feeling like it was going to explode with one more palpitation. The dark room was empty, but the terror still lingered. A hand grabbed his shoulder, shaking it to have him come to his senses. "Babe, Babe. Please it's not real." Her voice spoke. The shaking turned into a warm embrace.

Petro looked around groggily his head was spinning; his gears were not quite turning. He tried to take slower breaths. His could see the face in the darkness, Amika. Okay he was in his bed. His mind started to process it. He had a nightmare, but not his normal nightmare, one of those nightmares. The adrenaline levels started to level out. He leaned forward and rubbed his hand on his face. "…sorry…" was all he could shamefully muster. They were never this bad, but a party with monsters? Sounded like a bad horror story.

There was silence…."was it the ball again?" She asked. The concern in her voice killed him. He had always taken care of himself, yet she found the need to worry as well. Amika was the one to break injury herself not him. He took a breath remembering to be more open and not "deflect" issues as he's been accused of.

"It got worse, the place didn't burn down this time, they ate me….I think? Hard to tell." He shook his head unsure what to make of his odd dreams. Ghouls eating me alive and burning to death, such wonderful ways to die, he thought to himself. He didn't know what it meant, why there was always that depressing artist in them. Petro reached for his dream journal and wrote down the dream, with a sigh. "Have you taken you medicine?" He asked, it was his turn to fret over her.

"…the focus here is your night terrors, not my little injury." Amika began with her signature devilish smirk. She didn't, he was already out of bed grabbing her pain medicine. She pouted a bit; this woman can lift boulders and punch walls, but hates taking medicine. He shook his head at her. Thankfully, she took the pills without too much reluctance. "I can't believe I got injured in the Golden Age. Hardly a threat to face nowadays."

"You know most people would die from fall you took, but okay. Why did I ever propose to someone like you?" He gave a fake over dramatic sigh. She in turn tossed a pillow at his face, which made the both of laugh. It was still so new, having a fiancé. They both loved to say the word, loved the closeness it brought them. Petro laid back in the bed, and he held her close. She always fixed the darkest nights.

The Fall

His intuition was blaring, he didn’t know what happened, but there was concern over silent the radio. There was a long series of attacks that were almost identical to that of the Dream Pirates, but something was different. There was a malicious rumor through the constellations that the prison had been compromised. The fact that communication had been dead for a while was worrying. Not for long, loud static broke the airwaves and he sound of a distress signal blared. As he got closer to home more and more distress signals started to fill his radio. ”The hell?”

There was static and a mass evacuation order was given for Sciopolis, set to repeat on the local wave lengths. True dread set, Amika was tough, but an injury like what in a crisis was a liability. He got on the call with her frantically. What was happening, he was spying on Hydra for so more then a fortnight, nothing of this scale could have happened. “Hello! Hello!”

“Thank the three…” Her voice said with a mix of relief and exhaustion. “I thought you died or become one of them…the prison…how could it come to this.”

Petro couldn’t understand, he knew that there was a series of mysterious raids before he left, but it evolved into a full on attack? His ship was in the skies and approached the capital. His heart sank as he saw the once great city in ruins. Train tracks derailed, buildings on fire, desolate parks, and the green the surrounded the city was cinders. The streets themselves were filled with shrieks and fighting. “H-how….who.”

”Everyone in the prison got out, and the general….he lead the charge. He easily overcame the city in an attack so cruel.” he voice quivered, anger, sadness, frustration, all mixed in her voice. A soldier unable to fight when her home needed it most. ”I have the apartment boarded up. But the building is in bad shape, get here and we can figure out what to do. Be careful…those how have turned are converting survivors into Nightmare men.”

”On my way, don’t move. I have a plan…” It was crazy, a plan to just leave and go to one of the worlds the Virgo system was studying. It was far off, away from most constellations, primitive, but it could be their refuge. He sped through the skies landing on the top of the apartment complex. Petro ran down the stairs to his apartment. He saw his apartment doors off the hinges and the sound of heavy breathing. Sapphire started to be produced, he was ready to kill it if hurt her. He walked through the house to see a Nightmare man quite literally torn in half. There was relief, she won, but blood stained the floor. He followed it to she her on the floor.

“I’m here, I’m here.” She was bleeding out, he knelt by her cradling her. Maybe he could do something, raid a hospital, steal something from HQ, hell have the goddesses descend down. He was willing to try anything to save her. Her body was getting colder as she shivered and convulsed. Pain meds was all he could think, he was not thinking of the implications, not wanting to face what the results of being hit by a Nightmare man were.

“Don’t l-let me turn….please…please.” All the strength and vitality was gone from her voice, her complexion fading fast. What did she mean…he could find a way he just needed more time or resources or…”Please, please don’t let me turn….just….please…” She repeated in a weak voice fighting through the pain. Why now, why her, her broken drugged up body wouldn’t last long. Petro hesitated, there was no way out of this. “there’s a way to fix…there is always one.”

”I love y-y-you…but …It's over. Nothing……can be d-done.” Her words rang in his head for a moment the feeling of déjà vu set in. No, this can’t be. It couldn’t be the sign he had seen again and again haunt him like the shadow of death. He thought it would his own death…he never thought. Her skin was turning grey. Her cries of pain were growing loud as the fearling was trying to convert her.

He had to accept the fact there was no way out, no trick, no one to beguile, this was reality. ”I love you.” His shaky hand raised over her head and three sharp diamond shard shot out. Her body grew limp. He lingered for what seemed liked eternity, no crying, no words, he just lingered. Then he silently returning to his ship, a loud cry rang out when he finally set down. He never wanted to see his planet again or the constellations. His ship sped off for the unknown planet, while he grieved.


Ever since his ship (crash) landed deep in European mountains, Petro did what most Virgoans would do: learn and adapt. He leaned about Earth’s customs and what it had to offer. They were not as unified as any of the constellations. The humans were petty, belligerent, and self-destructive. At the same time he saw great potential in them, they could build and shape the world in ways that reminded him of home. Over time he saw that they needed to be given a chance. He was a wanderer who traveled from place to place, learning the tongue of man and the way their societiesworked.

Sorrowfully he learned Pitch had brought the war to earth so he did what he was always good at, hiding. He hid and kept a low profile, he had effectively denounced any involvement with the celestial tragedy. Divorcing himself from it helped in a way, but it also left feelings raw. If he could mingle with the humans he could be safe and stay out of this headache. Petro worked with humans more, taking jobs that would push his mind: an architect at one time, lawyer at another time, and so many odd jobs. Now he wondered how he got his current one of detective.

Record 7: Newspaper Ad


“Cheating Spouse? Long Lost relative? A busy body? Think Jimmy was eaten by a Yeti?”

"On the case."

“Tried and true methods with Tri-Star Information. ”


Beer bottles and his flask lay on the ground. The office was in disarray, a departure from the usual kept together look. Music played on his computer in the background but it hardly registered with the Virgoan. He lay on his couch, taking another pull from his flask. His eyes bore into the ceiling, while his mind wondered why he was still around after all this time. The amount of time that passed was unknown to him, but he was uncaring. He couldn’t move if he wanted to. In his other hand was the recorder box. He pressed the button to play the message.

”I can’t wait for the move, I’m so excited for us. Love you, and stay safe.”

He pressed the button again. Feeling lonelier.

”I can’t wait for the move, I’m so excited for us. Love you, and stay safe.”

The disgust and guilt started to fester in his being as he heard the words. A thousand regrets and even more unspoken words came to mind as he pressed the button once more.

”I can’t wait for the move, I’m so excited for us. Love you, and stay safe.”

He turned over on his couch and drifted to sleep in his stupor, he knew this was how he deserved to live, alone and pathetic.


Scio’s foresight: A special gift, a speculated blessing from Scio, the Virgo goddess of knowledge. He is able to perceive the future. This ability manifests it two flavors depending if he is conscious or unconscious.
Intuition: In his conscious state he calls it his sixth sense. He gets a feeling of imminent danger or change is occurring. It isn’t the traditional sense of future sight, it more of a strong intuition that soon to arrive events are about to affect him, it usually helps guide his instincts. It should be noted he just gets a strong intuitive feel something will happen, at most getting a good or bad vibe, but he has to ascertain the details himself, though it can give him a sign of where it is coming from. He uses this in fights to give him an edge. Though there are some drawbacks. Those who are familiar to him are less likely to set off his intuition. Much to his surprise, Amika soon became immune to his intuition when they started dating, close friends or people greatly trusted by Petro may not set off his power regardless of intent. Fatigue and sedatives can dull the potency of his intuition as well as his ability to discern the threat.
Future Dreaming: His dreams are a different story; they are full of symbolism and ambiguity. He can foresee longer term events, but they are not usually presented in straightforward manner. Typically he has to analyze what they mean, the further away they are the most likely they are to be convoluted as the future is always changing. The visions he has concern himself or occasionally those he’s strongly connected to. When an event comes to past he’s dreamed about, he gets a strong déjà vu feeling.

Earth Manipulation: Like many Virgo, he has access to earth magic. He can move pebbles, boulder, sand, mud, and all the variety. Though he actually also has the added bonus of transmuting the earth into a variety of crystals, thanks to the inscriptions etched on his skin. Typically transmuting to crystals up to 7.5 on the Moh’s scale is somewhat easy (he likes using quartz), higher than that starts to cause strain the higher the number the more painful and draining. Such as rapidly transmuting a lot of diamond will be painful. It should be noted, he has never been able to use his powers to affect refined or man-made metals. Naturally occurring copper and platinum he can control, but an iron bar or copper ring is a no go.
Crystal production: He has rune brandings on him that allows him to convert his magical aura into magically fortified crystals though only in his hands and arms. The rule of durability supersedes hardness in this case, as the more durable crystals are more taxing to produce. Diamond may be hard and good for attacking, but it’s not durable for defense; sapphire is actually hardest to maintain, but best for coating a fist with. The covering amplifies his strength and durability in the arm, also allows him to shoot out crystal projectiles from his hands.

Catoptromancy: Reflections are his means of travel. He can teleport between reflective surfaces. This can be him hopping at a fast speed from one mirror to another mirror, or he can use it as a portal of sorts. Have on reflective surface take to another place with a reflective surface. He can also say on the edges of the mirror world for a short while, but will be eventually forced out of the reflective surface if he lingers for longer than 10 minutes.

Untraceable: He lacks any scent and is immune to empaths. As far as scent goes, he doesn’t have one. Typically any scent he would produce is eliminated. Toss mud on him, be sure he doesn’t wipe a good portion off or else his background effect of his magic could negate the smell. These attributes made him ideal for scouting out nightmare men and dream pirates. An effect of his tattoos makes him invisible and nearly impenetrable to empaths. Trying to manipulate his emotions? Good luck! Trying to see how he’s feeling? Tough luck! It should be noted, it is a resistance to empaths and not immunity. Very power empaths can override this defense (Like say Aphrodite or The Nightmare King *shudders*). Note, he is still quite vulnerable to mental attacks and tricks of the mind. A way to get around his resistance is to erode it over time. A midlevel empath might not be able to get inside instantly, but constant exposure over time can start to show cracks in his empathic armor.

Other Attributes

Elementary– His best tool is his sharp mind. He is able to figure out puzzles and patterns quickly. This makes him a very resourceful and deductive individual. He is often working on how different bits of information relate to each other and how they can be utilized. His observational skills were repurposed for use as a private investigator. It helps with language learning and some earth coding, though he is far from being a hacker.

Defensive training- He has extensive training in hand to hand combat, specializing in it during his training in the Virgo constellations and exchange programs in the other constellations. They learned many different styles from across the constellations allowing him to be versatile. Over the years he picked up the ones he deemed useful from earth. While he is trained in swordplay he is rather mediocre at it, it pales in comparison to his unarmed combat.

Stealth- He knows how to blend into the background and walk with muted steps. Sneaking is a specialty of his, after all he did mostly covert operations. He even prefers to keep a low profile and listen to the crowd. He has even taken Earth aliases to keep his presence off the radar of the nightmare forces.

Virgoan tech- He has two things from his home constellations. His ship is currently inoperable in the Pyrenees. Also, he has a recorder box, it works as a recorder and an encyclopedia. Though most of the history and facts are through the Virgoan viewpoint.

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Another incredible App Gengar. Seriously this was amazing to read and very feelsy. I am looking forward to seeing what Petro will do and what relationships he will craft on the site <3


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