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 Party like It's 99 BC, Olympians and Allies
 Posted: Apr 5 2017, 05:54 PM
Ancient • Olympian • Authority • Mt. Olympus

Location: The Mount Olympus’ Ballroom
Occasion: Gigantomachy Victory Gala: This is a celebration of the Olympian victory over the giants in the Gigantomachy.
Invitees: Olympians, and essential allies/friends

Zeus took the form of an older more distinguished man, the form many of the Greek pottery and sculpture strive to capture. He had no need for the semi youthful form he took when he walked on the earth with the mortals, this was his kingly form, typical when he graced the halls of Olympus. He looked at the setting, with the endless food and wine thanks to the work of his son Dionysus, the mechanical servants coming to and from serving hors d'oeuvres. Zeus looked at the automatons, wonder how Hephaestus was ever thrown off the mountain, he did have Hera's cleverness.

He looked at the superb decorations, the dome over them showing various constellations, lighting the giant ball room in starlight. The artisan commissioned had prevailed one again showing various depictions of the Olympians stopping the coup d'état attempted by the Giants. He saw one immortalizing Athena flaying the giant Asterius. He could remember the pride in her at taking the giant's hide. An Ice sculpture depicted Hecate in a brutal fight with Clytius. Zeus walked down memory lane before looking up at one of his proudest moments. It showed Zeus raining his master bolt against the vile Porphyrion as Heracles shot arrows at him. The name still makes his blood boil, Porphyion claimed to be king to the giants, the gall that one had. Zeus turned away to actually mingle instead of inflate his ego more and fan the flames of old grudges.

He walked through the crowd of nymphs and gods, making his rounds. It was a black tie affair with people opting either for the modern times and wearing a suit, like the look Zeus went for. Some even went for the more archaic dyed tunics and togas, having pride in the fashion trends of the ancient eras. He chuckled to himself, he was a big defender of the old ways, but he couldn't shun every advance the mortals below thought of. He wore a tailored suit; he had to say it might be horrid for an impromptu fight, but it was excellent for formal occasions such as this gala. Zeus was one to slowly accept new innovations and styles, often times drawing the line at certain traditions. He misses the days of old when the ancient empires, kingdoms, and city-states were the rulers of the land it tried the mettle of man's sous. He feels as if a bit of that gone now. They have a false sense of security. Oh well, he supposed they relished living longer and dressing better over a dominating culture. He walked through the crowd looking for anyone interesting to schmooze with.
 Posted: Apr 5 2017, 09:01 PM
Younger than Zeus • Greek Goddess • Protection • Wild Areas of Earth

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It wasn't the party itself that was getting on her nerves. No as she stood in one corner of the Olympus Ballroom in her hunting toga (her new one as she thought Zeus would notice if she wore an older one) Artemis was disappointed in herself. During the Gigantomachy she had played a small role in the defeat of the Giants. Her father had naturally claimed most of the credit for the event but she wished she could have done more to assist. Yes she had killed Gration but even Apollo had assisted more than she.

The party itself was grand. Just like one would expect of the Olympic Gods. But that's yet another reason that Artemis felt she shouldn't be there. Her place was on the Earth itself, hunting and free. Not cooped up here with her family that remained in their Sky Palace. No she had work to do and she should be doing it. Right then, right there.

So you can imagine that the Greek Goddess was avoiding as many of the guests as possible. To make things worse this was a formal event and guests had been encouraged to wear 'black tie' attire. This didn't sit well with Artemis since she didn't actually have anything in the way of formal attire. Yes, she went into human cities at times to investigate the area but not as a well-off citizen. Usually she would dress as one of the lower residents because people told more to them than the rich. Wearing formal wear was completely out of the question.

Not only that but she had left her bow behind with her hunters. This was her own judgement as she doubted that anyone would approach her if they saw her signature weapon in her hands. Some of the guests may have even felt threatened by her. Which, while justified, wasn't what she wanted to go for this time.

She needed to 'socialize'.

Just as she tried to move through the crowd, the Moon Goddess almost tripped over her own feet. In a place like this, that could have been catastrophic and she was genuinely relieved when she managed to regain her footing. Her eyes once again scanned the room for anyone who might like to speak with her. Or at least someone who wouldn't mind taking the conversation away from the Greek's victory.

ZEUS and all ye other family
She's here. Maybe a bit grumpy, but she's here.
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 Posted: Apr 5 2017, 09:37 PM
3000+ • God of the Dead • Loneliness • The Underworld

Party Like It's 99 BC

Hades had never been taught about the importance of possessing an appearance that held symbolism. Having grown up with Cronus, a Titan God who had seen more importance in manipulation and fear than something as trivial as symbolism, the God the Dead had grown to possess something of a desire to always appear his best. Despite his appearance often being dark, there was never a doubt that there was often something to the grim deity's appearance that was handsome no matter how he changed it.

This had not changed despite his loss of memory.

He had taken upon an appearance that was drastically different from his preferred one. In fact, it looked relatively similar to how it had when he had been younger and the Olympians had been stuck with realms that required order. While still quite tall and his build strong, his complexion was quite pale. Hair the colour of ebony fell past his shoulders, carelessly sweeping around his face in a gentle wave. His eyes shone a soft blue- their true colour- one which only those old enough would recognize as being the same shade as Rhea's had been. His clothing had been chosen to match his appearance, as he had taken to wearing clothing from more ancient eras, dyed in dark hues.

The King of the Underworld had considered not going to the celebration. Despite the knowledge that he would be incapable of attending for the entire stay- the Underworld would call too soon and he would have to take precautions to make sure that it was not in danger with his absence- he also had little idea of what exactly the gala was celebrating. The invitation brought forth no emotions that were connected to long gone memories.

It had been clear that his daughters knew of only the basics in regards to the event- a battle, from the sound of it- and would be unable to help him. As a result, he had turned to the Goddess Nyx. A formable, if not intimidating, woman he found himself willing to give the woman a fair amount of trust. It was something that had little to do with his memories, he imagined, but more with the fact that he found her a person worthy of respect. He imagined that it was because the woman was clearly someone worthy of respect. In fact, he could not imagine that he had been unable to respect her before he had lost his memories.

Nonetheless, Nyx had been able to provide him with a fair amount of information. In the end, he had found a celebration for such an event...unpleasant. Wars were unpleasant things and while peace was something to be happy about, celebration over the death of family was not.

There had been the unpleasant knowledge that he knew there was another reason as to why he might dislike this all, one he could only know if he could remember.

His daughters had clearly not wished him to go. It was understandable why. He could remember nothing of his past, not even the smallest of details. When he had awoken from the river, he had to be told his name, just as he often had to be told everything else. It was a poor move for someone who ruled over a realm to make, as a ruler lacking his memory meant a weakness that others could take advantage of.

Yet, Hades was their father for a reason and even without his memory he could tell that this was not something either he or Persephone could abandon without suspicion turned their way.

From what Nyx had said, he had played a role within the victory. All that was known to mortals were subtle things, such as Hermes having used his helm during the battle. Everything he had done was not known and could not be known, for his nature was one that mortals had feared in the times of old.

As a result, he had reluctantly found himself on Mount Olympus. Precautions had been made so that he could stay away for long enough. However, the deity found himself rather miserable despite the lively atmosphere. It was too crowded, causing a great amount of discomfort for the introverted deity. Moreover, he found his head hurt, the constant hiss- the bond to Cronus as he had yet to realize- in the back of his mind playing at his mind.

He did hope this would all end soon.

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 Posted: Jun 6 2017, 09:14 AM
Unknown • God of Love • Romantic Love • Mount Olympus

Eros had been quite prepared to ignore the invitation he had received. As important as the gala was, his own children were far more important and he was quite unwilling to have Psyche miss the event just so he could attend. In the end, the two had come to an agreement that they both would attend, but have the children watched over. It was in moments like these that he was quite glad that he possessed friendships with beings such as Zephyr. The West Wind had been more than willing to look over the children in their absence.

He did hope that it did not turn into an incident straight out of his own childhood. Nonetheless, he doubted that anything that might happen could be worse than if they had brought along the twins. Unconventional decisions aside, he was quite sure that any celebration with some of his family involved was not a place for children as young as his own. He did not trust a single one of them to not start at least one fight or someone to go about and start an orgy. He had brothers who did those sort of things after all and he knew quite well that more of the family indulged in their own vices.

He should only be glad that there would be allies attending as well, though whether that would encourage behavior or not he could hardly know.

Still, a party was always nice, particularly black tie ones. Psyche always loved a reason to dress up, holding a particular love for fashion, and he was of a similar mindset. The God of Love took to a more modern look, dressing in a suit and Psyche...well, she looked like a vision from heaven.

Upon arrival, the two soon separated as his wife saw someone that she had wished to speak with. It did not take Eros to do similar. It was not hard to spot Artemis within the crowd, her appearance standing out among the sea of people. Where others might have been more inclined to avoid the Goddess due to her personality, Eros was anything but.

"Hello, Artemis!" he said cheerfully, having quickly made his way over to the Huntress.

sorry, arte ;)

 Posted: Jun 19 2017, 12:55 AM
unknown • goddess of the soul • empathy • mount olympus
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Psyche often enjoyed outings like these, though unfortunately, this type of outing was not suitable for young twin deities. Thankfully, Zephyr agreed to look after them while she was away. Psyche appreciated the things the west wind did for them and was thankful that he was one of their closest friends. He was, after all, the one who brought her to meet her current husband.

The party, so she was told, was about the Olympian victory against the giants of the Gigantomachy. It was apparently the most important divine struggle in their history. Psyche obviously wasn't there as this had happened before she'd have even been thought of, but she figured if Eros was going then it was open to anyone who wished to celebrate along with the ones who fought.

For the party, as this was a formal event, Psyche opted to combine both the old Greek style and the new modern style. The fabric was decorated in golden accents around her chest area with transparent sleeves. Her dress resembled a loose mermaid style with blue colouring that faded into a lighter blue at the bottom. Naturally, she wore no shoes, instead opting for golden rings around her calves.

Once the couple had arrived, the two had split off to speak with other people of interest. They’d meet up again sometime later in the evening anyhow, but for now Psyche wished to mingle with other family members that she hadn’t seen in a good while. She first thought to speak with Hades, seeing as he had adopted a new look and wished to ask him about it, but after some thought she decided against it. Psyche knew that Hades was not one to mingle at gallas like these, and did not wish to annoy him further.

Instead Psyche went to speak with Zeus himself. She was sure he’d be much more willing to speak with her. The goddess approached Zeus with a calm demeanor and a soft smile on her face. “The gala is lovely as always, Zeus,” she complimented as she approached the god of the sky. It was indeed lovely, and she figured he’d like to hear that after setting it all up for people to enjoy.

 Posted: Jun 26 2017, 03:12 AM
12 • Werewolf/Demigod • Loyalty • New York

Just Staring at the Stars
The wolf demigod was just getting use to the idea of jumping through shadows. Of course he had hid in them before, it felt like home when he did so. Though the idea of going to new places every time he willed in the shadows, that was new. So far he had little control of where he ended up, that was the downside. He thought of it as strange and funny in a weird way. Did it connect to his mommy, his daddy said she was Nyx, their patron goddess. She did shadowy stuff right?

Currently he was running from a couple of teens that thought he would be a good scrap to pick on. Normally he would just bite them and possibly run after that. Today he chose the running option. It seemed the safest since they had pulled out knives. Uh oh, he thought when he reached a dead end. Well, he was dead. Warm brown eyes cast over to the shadow left by the wall behind him. If only, Koda gulped and ran straight for it and found himself in the shadow realm.

It was really scary here, the shadows felt like hands tugging him and he felt warm like he didn't want to leave. He hadda leave though, his family needed him. When he felt light shine on his face and he opened his eyes after hearing a pop. He found himself in a elegant gold room. Pretty people were mingling all around in pretty clothes. He found himself under dressed. He had a ratty old batman shirt and shorts with beat up sneakers.

He didn't know if he was just small but everyone felt big and smelled inhuman. "Oh gods..." he whimpered. Where in the world was he? He stood up from his spot and looked around dazed in confused. "Nice party? I think..." he bit his lip.

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