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 Posted: Feb 17 2017, 03:32 AM
45 • Human (Wizarding Variety) • Bravery • London

Once Upon a Time...
Neville Longbottom
45 Years
Date of Birth:
Human (Wizarding Variety)


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PLAY-BY: Matthew Lewis (Harry Potter Franchise)

The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord will be born as the seventh month dies...

I did know at the time, what was going to happen. What would unfold in the following 17 years. How much my life would change in the blink of an eye without me having a say but I was barley a few months old when everything began to flow downhill for me and someone I would get to know in the future. There was a prophecy about the defeat of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named by a child born as the seventh month dies with parents who thrice defied him. As it turned out there wasn't just one kid who fitted the boxes.

There were two.

Uh Unfortunately, I was one of them. My parents - Frank and Alice Longbottom - were Aurors and members of the Order. The Order of the Phoenix I mean. It was created by Albus Dumbledore in order to unite anyone who was willing to stand up to You-Know-Who and fight him in order to free the UK's Wizarding World. Compared to You-Know-Who's following it was very small, but every single person there was willing to lay down their lives for his defeat. So yeah. Both my parents confronted You-Know-Who several times up until the Hollow's Eve 1981.

The UK - the Wizarding side of course. Muggles don't know about the Wizarding War - would know about that day for years. I'd even go as far to say that it'd be famous for centuries. Y'see, that was the day that Harry Potter survived the Killing Curse and was marked as an equal by You-Know-Who. As for my family, we celebrated with just like the rest of the world. 'Course I was too young to remember anything from that day since I was only a year old. But a month later a group of Death Eaters entered the house. Broke in would be more accurate. A Death Eater called Bellatrix Lestrange used the Cruciatus Cruse on both my parents. It's a curse that... tortures people. Extremely painful and extremely popular during the First Wizarding War on both sides. Drove them both mad, my parents. Bellatrix was put in Azkaban but I wasn't told until much, much later about what happened to them both that night.

My grandparents took me in, made sure I had a home and all the basic needs. It was really good of them actually but they pushed me. Not Gran, but everyone else in my family did. 'I wasn't magical enough' apparently so they kept pushing, just to make sure I wasn't a squib. Each time it would escalate. From just trying to get me to levitate spoons to pushing me off the roof or throwing me into a pond when I couldn't swim. There might've been good intentions but instead of bringing the magic out, they basically just stomped it outta me and the consequences of that were going to appear sooner than I thought anyway.

First Year...

Gran was the only one who came to see me off for my first ride on the Hogwarts Express and it was terrifying. All these other kids who knew they had magic in them and I still thought I could be a squib. Although Gran wasn't always the nicest person, she never had a single doubt in me. Every time I mentioned being a squib she would say otherwise and again I said it before getting on the Train. Instead she just shoved me on the Express with Trevor (that's my toad. Lost him after my First Year) insisting that I should just make some friends and enjoy myself. Can't say I tried as hard as I wanted to because I kept losing Trevor and everyone laughed at me every time I asked for help. The only person who didn't was a brunette girl called Hermione Granger and she even offered to help me out.

No one managed to find him before we all went to the boats. Oh, I should probably explain. All the First Years who go to Hogwarts always arrive at the castle through the boats going across the Black Lake. It was beautiful and something that's still etched into my mind 34 years later. The castle itself is huge. Massive spires with large grounds, anyone could get lost. Uh, this personal experience as well. I'm pretty sure I still hold the school record. The teachers don't give you much time to look at the architecture 'cause soon after that all the First Years are lead to the entrance of the Great Hall. Nerves start stewing there since in my First Year, Professor McGonagall left us all there while everyone got ready for the 'Sorting Ceremony'. Oh, that's where the teachers put the old Sorting Hat on your head to find out what house you belong in. There're Four in all - Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, Gryffindor and Slytherin each with their own qualities for the kids who're sorted into them. I was certain that I'd be a Hufflepuff if I did get sorted 'cause they were supposed to be a lot of clumsy duffers who didn't really excel in much. Sounded like the perfect house for me.

Turned out (thanks to Draco Malfoy announcing it to everyone) that Harry Potter was going to Hogwarts that year too. Remember Harry? 'Course you do, everyone knows the great Harry Potter. There wasn't anyone in the Wizarding World who didn't and that was me included. I stood there in awe at the fact that I would be in the same year as THE Harry potter. The boy who lived. No one wanted to talk to me back then, but that didn't stop my mind from whirling about the fact there would be a celebrity in my year. Then there was the actual procession into the Great Hall and I could barely move my feet. Everyone was staring and it was going to be much worse when I got sorted. Y'see the entire hall looked at the person who was getting sorted which meant that no one got to hide.

All the First Years then waited out the front where a single chair was facing the hall. Each of us had to go and sit on the chair on by one. By ourselves without anyone else. I was one of the last to go up since it went in alphabetical order (right before Harry which drew attention to me) so I walked up to the chair and sat down. Everything seemed to start spinning and I couldn't move. No matter what happened my muscles just wouldn't work properly. Then the hat started talking, but no one else seemed to be able to hear it. Just a voice in my head explaining every thought that I thought. I knew that Hufflepuff was going to be my house, but then the Sorting Hat said something to me that wasn't supposed to happen. Apparently I had a brave and strong heart. At that point in time, I knew there was no way that was true. I even argued with the Sorting Hat saying that there had to be some kind of mistake. Yet it pretty much ignored that and put me in my house.

I was a new Gryffindor.

Weeks past and it became obvious that magic wasn't my strong point. I already knew that but now everyone else in the year did too, including the Slytherin House. Specifically Draco. At every point him and his friends would bully me into doing things for them. Or just because they could and there was nothing I could do about it since I didn't have the strength to stand up to them because they were right. I was weak and couldn't do anything right. No special talents or fame. That was the point when I knew that I wasn't meant to be in Gryffindor house at all.

Everyone had to defend me because I couldn't do it myself. I just 'laid down and let them walk all over me' like Ron Weasley told me once. But during a Quidditch (a Wizarding sport played on a broomstick) match he helped me stand up to Draco and the two of us actually ended up wrestling him, Crabbe and Goyle to the ground before being broken away at the end of the match. For the first time ever, I'd stood up for myself. Even if I did need help from someone else. 'Course it didn't stop them from bullying me again, but from then on I didn't let then use me as a mat. Not completely anyway.

During the last few weeks of the year Harry, Hermione and Ron tried to sneak off somewhere after curfew. The only reason I knew was because I - uh - forgot the password into the Gryffindor Common Room. Again. But even though they'd helped me all the way through the year... I didn't want to let them get the Gryffindor House into even more trouble since it was them who'd lost the most points through the year. So I stood in the way, even threatened to fight them even though I was scared. I could feel my legs turning to jelly but I still stood my ground. Despite that though Hermione cast a full-body locking spell and I fell straight back onto the ground. They were going to get int trouble again and I couldn't do anything.

The next thing I knew, the whole school was talking about how they had confronted Professor Quirrell (who used the be our Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher) on the Third Floor and stopped him from stealing the Philosophers Stone. So then I started to feel horrible because if I had managed to stop them then the Stone would've been stolen and it would be all my fault. Even after Harry woke up I started blaming myself and making matters worse was the fact that Slytherin had won the House Cup. But Dumbledore knew exactly what had happened and awarded points according to what he saw fit. 150 for Hermione, 150 for Ron and 160 for Harry... which tied us with Slytherin for the cup! Everyone was getting excited, especially since Dumbledore hadn't finished speaking. For standing up to enemies and friends alike... he awarded 10 points to me. It was the first time I had ever done anything properly and been awarded for it - not only that but won the House Cup for Gryffindor. Didn't take long for everyone to realize what had happened and crowded around me to celebrate.

It was one of the best years I'd ever had.

Second Year...

I went to visit my parents every summer, especially after my first Hogwarts Year. Gran always told me that it would only be painful for me and I knew she was right. I couldn't just stop visiting them y'know? She was right like she always was and my parents had no idea who I was. Still I told them everything that happened and that I'd finally won some points for my house, about the house cup and everything that had happened. They both listened but... there wasn't any pride. Eventually I left and like always I felt alone. 'Course Gran was waiting to take me home but that didn't stop it from being hard.

Second Year was big from the start since everyone from my year got to ride in the horseless carriages for the first time. It was pretty scary actually, being pulled to Hogwarts by nothing. But we all got over the excitement quickly and were fine by the time we got to the actual Castle. I managed to ask Hermione why she wasn't with Harry and Ron but she didn't see them on the train which was weird if you ask me. They should've been on the train since you couldn't go to Hogwarts if you didn't take the train.

We all gathered in the Great Hall for our second Sorting. It was really weird because there were all the new First Years getting ready and we were there to watch them instead. Honestly I was glad it wasn't me again 'cause I only needed that once. Ginny Weasley was sorted that year into Gryffindor and in the future I would get to know her really well. Just not yet was all. Talking to people was (still isn't actually) my strong point. During the meal, Harry and Ron where still nowhere to be seen and I could see Hermione was beginning to worry. After dinner we all left for the Fat Lady's portrait and the Common Room for some sleep (I - uh - stuck close to Hermione so that there was no chance of getting locked out again). Both Harry and Ron showed up later that evening and it flew around the school that they'd flown a car to Hogwarts. I talked just as much as anyone else - mainly to Seamus and Dean - about how they were seen and how brilliant that was.

During the next few weeks everything seemed to go as normal. Classes, getting bullied, getting to watch the Quidditch practices (only for Gryffindor though. Anything else is considered spying). The new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher was some guy named Gilderoy Lockhart. All the girls liked him but he seemed really sketchy to me, most of the other guys thought the same way. Especially when he thought it'd be a great idea to release some Cornish Pixies on the entire class without showing us what to do. Being - uh - how great I was at magic the pixies got me behind the ears and strung me from the chandelier above. It wasn't pretty and it hurt more than what my family had put me through. Honestly if I never see another Cornish Pixie in my life it'll be too soon, I'm telling you. Lucky Hermione knew what she was doing, but it still took the other teachers coming into the classroom to get me down.

Then during dinner there was a message left on the wall in one of the corridors. I didn't get to see it myself, but I heard the rumors and talk about it. 'The Chamber of Secrets has been opened.' No one knew what it meant, but it was written in Ms Norris's (the caretaker Mr Filch's cat) blood with her hanging nearby. The rumor quickly became the talk of the school and any teachers who heard always got mad trying to make sure there wasn't anymore talk. Eventually Hermione asked Professor McGonagall about the Chamber of Secrets - the Legend not the actual location. It was built (supposedly) by Salazar Slytherin during his time at Hogwarts before he left thanks to an argument with the other founders. Inside was supposed to be a creature that only the heir of Slytherin could control.

A student was attacked a little while later. Collin Creevy from Gryffindor (pretty sure he was a fanboy of Harry's). Rumors spread like wildfire, especially after a Dueling Club incident with Harry and a snake. It was a 'controlled' duel between Harry and Draco but apparently Professor Lockhart didn't know about the rivalry between them because nothing stop those two from fighting. Anyway, a spell Draco cast summoned a snake from his wand and Harry tried to... well he says he tried to lure it away from the Hufflepuff (I don't know his name) but no one's sure what really happened. Even now I don't really ask around about it. Parseltongue. Snake talk. Supposed to be the symbol trait of the Heir to Slytherin so everyone started sayin' that Harry was the heir attacking everyone. Uh, even I avoided him for a while after that.

The bullying got worse because everyone kept saying I was going to be a victim of the Heir. Not enough magic in me and Slytherin wouldn't like that. 'Course the other Gryffindors tried to convince me otherwise but... it's hard to convince someone that the bullies are wrong when they agree. I honestly thought that they were right! Eventually I'd be attacked by Slytherin and the monster because I couldn't do magic properly. Because of that I tended to avoid Harry for the rest of the year and I'm grateful now that he didn't hold any grudges against me for it.

People started being sent home when Ginny Weasley was taken into the Chamber. Gran came to pick me up personally when the announcement was sent out. I was worried about Ginny, especially after an attack on Hermione earlier in the year. Ron was going to be in a state but there was nothing I could do. Especially me since I was hopeless at anything I tried to do. But that night the monster in the Chamber was killed and Ginny saved by none other than Harry Potter. I looked up to him more after that, especially when he didn't hold a grudge against anyone for saying he was the heir.

Everyone was coming back for the next year.

Third Year...

During the holidays before my Third Year at Hogwarts, the mass murderer Sirius Black broke out of Azkaban. I know what you might be thinking. Magically trained Aurors chasing down one rouge wizard shouldn't throw everyone into a panic. But that just it, no wizard or witch before Black had broken out of Azkaban before. It's guarded by the Dementors and half the prisoners in there go insane or die before the first year. Black had been in there for twelve years because he murdered Peter Pettigrew. Only a finger was left of him, so they say anyway. But it sent the UK Wizarding Community into a panic and the Ministry of Magic devoted most of their effort to catching him.

Unfortunately there were some Dementors on the Hogwarts Express on the Ministry's orders, not that Dumbledore was too happy when he found out. But before that everything began to freeze, not just physically. Everyone I was sitting with on the train was beginning to shiver and it felt like all the happiness in the world had just vanished. It was making me relive the moments I never wanted to see again, the vague memory of my parents being tortured and them never knowing who I was. Every time I would visit them and they wouldn't know. The loneliness and pain that came with it was almost unbearable until it was suddenly gone. Turned out there was a Professor on the train who cast the Patronus charm to get rid of it.

During dinner that night, Dumbledore told the school that the Dementors were there to try and catch Sirius Black. I didn't understand why at the time because there wasn't any real reason for Black to come to Hogwarts. He might've been a strong supporter of You-Know-Who but what reason did he have for coming here? Killing Harry might put him ahead of the game and in 'his' favor once he came back but... that wasn't gonna happen for a while. If ever. Plus there was Dumbledore. It was common knowledge back then that Dumbledore was the only person that You-Know-Who feared. Even from where I was sitting (and everyone else in the hall) could tell that Dumbledore really wasn't happy with what was going on. He had every right to, especially after they invaded a Quidditch match which almost killed Harry. Worst part was that was only the beginning.

I'd dropped the password list into the Gryffindor Common room like - uh - usual but this time there were consequences. Turned out that Sirius Black was waiting for an opportunity like this and he found my password sheet, using it to get into the tower. If Harry had been in there... well it was general assumption that Black would've hurt him, possibly killed him and it was all my fault. After that there was plenty of people who didn't want to talk to me, but Harry didn't blame me. Least I don't think he did. That night everyone, regardless of year and house, slept in the Great Hall for safety.

Nothing else seemed to happen for a while, at least for me and a few of the other students. My main focus was making sure I didn't fail any more of my classes other than Herbology. I guess the other thing to point out was Professor Lupin's class. We were all asked to go up against a Boggart with the spell Riddikulus. I was called up first which almost never happened, when it did it was just so I could be humiliated in front of the entire class (read: Potions with Professor Snape). Professor Lupin asked me what scared me the most, well Snape did a pretty good job at that even if it brought a few laughs to my classmates. Then I had to - uh - picture Gran's clothes on him which was confusing. Until the Boggart was released, I cast the spell and Snape turned up wearing Gran's clothes. That was possibly the best time I'd had in a class for the entire three years that I'd been at Hogwarts. Not only had I gotten a spell right but we all got to see Professor Snape in Gran's clothes. There was also Hagrid's first class where Malfoy got hurt by the Hippogriff. Made this huge fuss about it and his father got all mad which lead to Buckbeak (the Hippogriff) getting sentenced to death.

Toward the end of the year, not only did Buckbeak mysteriously disappear but Sirius Black was caught then escaped. Harry, Ron and Hermione were also surprisingly happy during those last few weeks considering there were rumors saying that Sirius was out to kill Harry. I didn't know the truth at the time but it turned out Sirius was Harry's godfather and wasn't the guy who killed Peter Pettigrew or Harry's parents. He was the person who was trying to avenge his parents and was a member of the Order of the Phoenix (which hadn't officially returned yet that comes a bit later). Then it was time to go back to Gran for another set of holidays.

Fourth Year...

I tried visiting my parents again before my Fourth Year but there was no change. They still didn't know who I was but they still listened to what I said... sort of. As much as someone in that kind of condition can I guess. Gran had to drag me away again because I didn't want to leave them. Although it hurt - hurts - and they have no idea who I am I still felt a connection to them. But Gran had been more concerned about the events surrounding the Quidditch World Cup (where I was sure Ron, Hermione and Harry had gone). Someone had summoned that Dark Mark there - that's You-Know-Who's mark. Usually someone puts it in the sky when there was a death caused by You-Know-Who's followers the Death Eaters.

At Hogwarts there were going to be some pretty big changes that year. Not that anything about the school or the classes were going to change but there was going to be a massive event. Everyone who worked at the Ministry was talking about it. Us students only found out about it after getting to Hogwarts and getting ready for dinner. It was during the usual before-dinner announcement that Dumbledore revealed that Hogwarts would host the Triwizard Tournament this year. Everyone from a wizarding family knew what that meant since we were told all kinds of stories surrounding the Tournament. It was shut down because of the high death toll y'see. Too dangerous to have kids competing in.

That night we got introduced to the two others schools that would be competing alongside Hogwarts. Both were flashy and - uh - well one of them captivated all the boys in the hall. (me... included) The French school of Beauxbatons and the Northern school of Durmstrang were the two other school competing. Honestly.... uh those Durmstrang guys scared me. They still do when I have to think about it. No one knew at the time but the Beauxbatons girls had several Veela (which are magical creatures that can captivate the opposite gender I think) in their student body which was why all the guys were pretty distracted. To make things worse Durmstrang had the world's best seeker on their side - Viktor Krum. Ron had been carrying on about him since the start of the school year.

But with a new year the was a new Defense Against the Dark Arts professor. While I was at school there really wasn't a great run with them. This year's was Professor Moody who had was late to dinner and ended up casting a spell on the Great Hall ceiling 'cause it was going out of control. Rained on everyone y'see. Not to mention the fact it scared me like crazy. Professor Moody was pretty terrifying, even before I got to know what he was like.

About a week later the three Champions of the Triwizard Tournament were ready to be chosen by the Goblet of Fire. The three names pulled out were Fleur Delacour, Viktor Krum and Cedric Diggory which was fine. From what I'd seen they'd make great rivals for each other and I was happy with that. It'd be an interesting tournament. But the Goblet wasn't done making a decisions and Harry's name flew out. There was everyone yelling for a while because Harry was under the age of 17 (which was the minimum age to compete this time around) but I just couldn't believe Harry would try something like this. People died in this tournament. But I wasn't going to argue either y'know? Having a Gryffindor competing was pretty cool at the same time... He did really well against that Dragon in the First Task too. Beat 'em all and got the fastest time to get the Golden Egg. Just proves that Gryffindors are pretty cool right? The Yule Ball happened not long after that. It was fun but I'm not sure I'd want to do anything like that again. Got enough trouble keeping up with subjects, much less not stepping on my partner's toes.

One Defense Against the Dark Arts class was a... memorable one. Y'see now that we were Fourth Years apparently we had to learn about the three Unforgivables. That's the Unforgivable Curses by the way. The Ministry of Magic was right not to want us students seeing it in action since they're dangerous and downright nasty. But apparently Dumbledore gave him permission to show us those curses so the Fourth Year Gryffindors and Slytherins got to witness 'em first hand. First was the Imperius Curse which wasn't too bad overall. Almost everyone got a good laugh out of watching the spider that was being demonstrated on freak out Malfoy. Well until Professor Moody began threatening to kill the spider against it's will. Gut churning really. Then he began asking for one of the other students to suggest a curse. I knew one 'cause my parents had been driven mad by one of those three curses. Y'know the Cruciatus curse. Since no one else looked like they were going to do anything, I ended up suggesting it to the Professor against my judgement. Hearing the spider screaming and wriggling in pain was the worst thing. I couldn't stand it. Even now I can close my eyes and still hear it more than 30 years later. But I was saved by Hermione, who suggested the Killing Curse and we all had to watch the spider die in that very classroom.

I didn't want to go anywhere near the classroom after that. Hermione tried to make sure I was alright but I didn't want to talk to anyone either. Seeing the Cruciatus Curse in person just made what happened to my parents even more painful. Unfortunately, Professor Moody wasn't done yet and he called me back to his office. He gave me a book on Aquatic plants y'see. Wasn't sure why at the time but I'd actually be able to help Harry during the Second Task.

Turned out that the Second Task was to get the Champions all swimming in the Black Lake for something like an hour. I'd been talking to Harry by the lakeside when I found out. He still hadn't found a way to breathe in the water for that long so he was pretty grouchy. I ended up suggesting Gillyweed to him as a solution. 'Case you're wondering Gillyweed is basically a type of seaweed that can let the user breathe underwater for a certain amount of time. Unfortunately I did forget to tell Harry the argument between salt water and fresh water for the time that the Gillyweed has an effect. Only told him right as he was about to head for the task actually. Actually thought I'd killed him 'till he decided to show off by jumping out of the water. Luckily he placed Second for the task.

As for the Third Task, it seemed pretty straightforward. The Champions had to go through the maze, grab the Triwizard Cup and they'd be the winner. Send up red sparks from your wand if you need to be brought out from the maze. Harry and Cedric would enter the maze first, then Victor and finally Fleur. Everyone was enjoying the task 'till both Harry and Cedric appeared. At first there was a supposed tie, but then we all knew what had really happened. Cedric Diggory had died in that maze and Harry Potter had made sure he'd come back out.

But that was only the beginning of what was about to happen.

Fifth Year...

All Summer the Ministry badmouthed Harry and Dumbledore. Kept saying that Dumbledore was a crackpot leading Harry astray or Harry was just saying things for attention. But when you know someone personally you tend to take their side in these kind of things y'know? At least I wanted too. But Harry was claiming that You-Know-Who had returned and the only proof he had was his word. It was just too little to go off for anyone so that made it harder to believe him thanks to peer pressure too.

First dinner at Hogwarts for the year and everyone was avoiding Harry. I was as well. Saying that You-Know-Who was back meant that not many people were gonna be on his side. Ron, Hermione and Dumbledore all believed him and I reckon that most of the teachers did too. But Seamus's mother believed what the Daily Prophet was saying so he did too. It basically split the entire school in two for those who believed Harry and those who didn't. I wanted to believe him but I just couldn't. If You-Know-Who was back then things were just going to get worse.

Turned out we didn't need You-Know-Who for things to get worse. Another Defense Against the Dark Arts Professor came in that year, employed by the Ministry of Magic. Dolores Umbridge was the worst thing to ever happen at Hogwarts. Her classes were all non-magic despite the subject she was actually teaching. All we could do was learn the theory of magic without actually practicing. No wands. No magic. Just textbooks. It was like the Ministry was trying to stomp the magic out of us.

Hermione ended up calling a group of us together to figure out a way for us all to learn magic the way we wanted to. By actually casting spells rather than writing it all down in a textbook. A lot of us were unimpressed when it turned out that Harry would be teaching the classes. I didn't want to doubt him anymore y'know? Things were getting bad and if you couldn't trust your friends then who could you trust? Luna and I both stood up for him because Harry had done some pretty amazing stuff at Hogwarts. He'd cast a Patronus Charm in his Third Year and beaten the Basilisk with the sword sitting in Dumbledore's office. Well after that you can imagine that a lot of people decided that this was a good idea after all. That's how 'Dumbledore's Army' was formed. DA for short.

Next problem was finding a place to practice where Umbridge wouldn't be able to find us. Took weeks before any of us had any ideas. Shrieking Shack was one place but it was too small to get us all in there. Actually... I was the one who found the place that'd become our base of operations. Stumbled on the Room of Requirement one day 'n suggested it to Harry, Ron and Hermione. No one could get in there while we were there y'see. It'd supply everything we'd need to practice as well. The regular meetings started up after that.

First spell we tried to learn was the disarming spell. Pretty simple and it was one of those spells that Harry liked to use. He was pretty good at it too. Everyone picked it up quickly... well everyone except for me. But that was no surprise. I wasn't great at magic and everything I tried to do I messed up somehow. Actually some of the other students would wonder (out loud) why I was still in school. Sometimes I agreed with them actually. But... I did it! I managed to disarm Ginny (who I was practicing with) in the end which was my first real successful spell. It took weeks and a load of practicing under Umbridge's nose in class but I got it. Unfortunately it didn't last for long since the DA was found out. Umbridge broke into the Room of Requirement and all of us were sent to detention because of it with quills that wrote in the user's blood rather than ink. If I look closely I can still see the scars it left behind.

When O.W.Ls came around (that's Ordinary Wizarding Level exams. Basically mid-education tests) everyone had settled back into routine. Unfortunately Umbridge had taken over the school because Dumbledore had been sent to Azkaban 'cause we named the DA... the DA. The Minister of Magic thought it was Dumbledore raising a kid army to overthrow the Ministry. Well Fred and George brought light to the situation by basically blowing up the Great Hall where the exams were being taken. It was wicked and we got to see Umbridge chased out by a giant firework dragon. I gotta hand it to the Weasley twins, they've got something there.

Then Harry said something about needing to save Padfoot. Wasn't sure what that was at the time but DA was about doing something real. There wasn't anything more real then sneaking into Umbridge's office to use the floo network in order to go to the Department of Mysteries at the Ministry. Well it didn't go too well. Umbridge caught us and was gonna use the Crutiatis Curse on Harry 'till Hermione stepped up. Said something about a secret weapon? Well while they were taken away, Ron had the idea to use some of Fred and George's Puking Pastilles. Worked like a charm. The guys keeping us in the office ran and we got to go meet up with Hermione 'n Harry to head to the Department. For real this time.

We couldn't go by broom, so Luna got us to ride the creatures that pulled the horseless carriages. I know it doesn't make sense, but there was definitely something there. Luna called 'em Threstrals and it looked like Harry could see them too. After what'd happened over the Summer I wasn't gonna doubt either of them so we flew to the Ministry.

It was one of the weirdest things I'd ever done, but our group got there in one piece. Got into the Ministry pretty easily too. Not that I'm arguing. The Department of Mysteries wasn't too far away so we got there pretty quickly. Turned out the entire room was full of prophecies, specifically the one about the fall of You-Know-Who. The entire reason we'd come to the Department was to save Sirius Black (as it turned out. I wasn't told 'till this year that he was falsely accused) but he wasn't where he was supposed to be. The entire thing was a trap set up by the Death Eaters and You-Know-Who to have Harry take the prophecy. You remember Bellatrix? She was there too. Ended up taunting me into attacking her. The only reason I didn't was 'cause the others were there to hold me back. Lucky they did too.

There was this huge battle 'till Ginny knocked over the cabinets of prophecies with a Reducto spell and we had to run to the exit. We made it but instead of getting out we were faced with this archway. Harry and Luna could hear voices but I couldn't hear anything. Turned out that while we were trying to figure the arch out the Death Eaters got out of the prophecy room and separated us. Threatened Harry to hand over the prophecy which couldn't happen. We'd done so much in order to get it back 'n I wasn't gonna let them get their hands on it. Th' prophecy smashed just as the Order of the Phoenix arrived to fight off the Death Eaters. Unfortunately me 'n the others from Dumbledore's Army ('side from Harry of course) had to hide out of the crossfire. There was no way we'd be able to stand up to the Death Eaters, as much as I wanted to fight Bellatrix for what she did to my parents. We couldn't see too well from where we were, but we heard when Sirius died. Bellatrix killed him 'n then he vanished into the archway with Harry running after her. There was nothing we could do 'till we saw him again. He'd run out into the entrance hall of the Ministry 'n You-Know-Who was trying to take control. It wasn't pretty. Dumbledore was there too and in that moment was when there was proof that You-Know-Who was back. He'd appeared in front of us just as the Minister arrived.

From then on things really weren't so easy. For any of us.

Sixth Year...

That summer was frantic. Everyone was panicking, keeping kids inside, not going out to do anything all because it had become public that You-Know-Who had returned. Gran was more than happy to send me off to Hogwarts 'cause she knew it was the safest place for me and that's something since she's not the most explicitly caring person. But honestly I wanted to go back since it really would be safer there then anywhere else. Dumbledore was the only person that You-Know-Who feared after all.

On the train one of the younger Gryffindor students wanted Harry to go sit with her. I could understand why too. Me and Luna weren't exactly the kind of people that others looked up to. He surprised me actually. Denied the invitation saying that we were two of his closest friends. They weren't at the Department fighting with him last year so he'd rather spend time with us. You can imagine that I wasn't really expecting that. I was called by the new Professor to see him in his compartment too and I couldn't really ignore that kind of attention from a new teacher. He was looking for students to join his club and he'd heard from Professor Sprout that I was pretty good at Herbology. Found out later that I didn't make the cut.

Turned out that his name was Professor Slughorn and he was replacing Professor Snape as the Potions Professor. Snape went on to become the new Defense Against the Dark Arts Professor which really wasn't great for me. During my O.W.Ls I'd passed my Defense Against the Dark Arts subject and it meant I'd have classes with him as the teacher. On the plus side I enjoyed Potions a lot more that year.

Around Christmas time Professor Slughorn held this party for members of his Club. That's the one that I didn't make the cut for earlier in the year. Instead I was allowed to help out and hand food and drink to the guests which included Harry, Hermione and Luna. 'Till I spilled something on one of the guests anyway. Had to leave after that. I found out later that Malfoy'd been caught sneaking around while the party was happening which lead on to something much worse.

School was almost finished when the entire Dumbledore's Army from the previous year were contacted about Death Eaters entering the school. Luna 'n I were the only ones who helped to fight them off. I ended up getting hurt during the fight. Spent weeks in the Hospital Wing afterwards but that didn't mean I didn't hear the news. The entire school was talking about it, saying that Hogwarts wasn't safe anymore. Dumbledore'd died during that battle. He was killed by Snape before he left with the Death Eaters. Luna helped me to the funeral at the end of the year before everyone went home.

That was the beginning of You-Know-Who's takeover.

Seventh Year...

The Minister of Magic died that Summer. No one knows how but the Order suspected that the guy who took over was under the control of You-Know-Who. The entire UK Wizarding community was in turmoil and it took all available resources to make sure that the Muggles were kept out of it. Especially considering that the Death Eaters would often attack Muggle buildings, one of the more public ones being a collapsing bridge. Later I was informed by members of the Order that the Weasley's place was attacked by Death Eaters in the middle of Bill and Fleur's wedding. Even without Dumbledore, Gran let me go back to Hogwarts which would turn out to be for the best.

On the train this year I sat with Ginny 'n Luna. They both filled me in on what happened during the Summer since they were both at the wedding during the attack. It really wasn't pretty. Sounded like a few people didn't make it 'n Harry, Ron and Hermione ran for it. They had 'something they needed to do' and who was I to question it? Probably something that Dumbledore'd asked them to do. About halfway to Hogwarts the train was stopped just like in my Third Year. It wasn't just Dementors this time though, Death Eaters also boarded the train. Obviously it was someone in specific they were looking for and they'd check everywhere so I just stood up and told 'em. Harry wasn't on the train this year.

Professor McGonagall didn't take over as Hogwarts Headmaster after Dumbledore's death. Snape had gotten the position from who I could only guess was You-Know-Who. Not only him but the Carrows - two siblings who were also Death Eaters - were stationed as the disciplinary committee. At the time it didn't seem like much, but those two really loved their punishments. Especially since there was a new curriculum in place. All students, no matter from which house or year, were taught all kinds of Dark Arts. The subject Defense Against the Dark Arts didn't exist anymore, instead it was just the Dark Arts class. Some of the Slytherins thought this was great but me, Ginny and Luna took action. We reassembled Dumbledore's Army and began to rebel against the new school.

The number of people in the DA lessened as the months went on with Luna being taking from the school and Ginny having to go into hiding 'cause Harry, Ron and Hermione escaped from the Death Eaters. I was happy to hear that, don't get me wrong, but I was pretty much the only one left who was taking direct action. Last thing I did was refuse to practice the Cruciatus Curse on a bunch of First Years and I got a rough punishment from the Carrows. Cuts, Bruises and all kinds of injuries were common 'cause of standing up to them. Even Professor Snape wasn't fond of their methods and just let me off with a Detention with Hagrid once. After that me and anyone left in Dumbledore's Army started camping out in the Room of Requirement, getting information from Aberforth Dumbledore who worked at the Hogs Head which was on the other end of a tunnel in the Room.

One day toward the end of the year, I got contact from Al saying that Harry, Ron and Hermione had found their way back to Hogwarts. Kept it secret from the other members of the DA since it'd be a great surprise to boost moral. I went through the tunnel 'n honestly I thought it might be a trick. Not that I'd known Ab to lie about this kind of thing but you never knew. To my relief Harry, Ron and Hermione actually were there 'n I filled them in on everything that had been going on the past year on our way back. Just like I expected, seeing Harry riled up the DA and gave us new motivation to fight against what was going on in the School. We hatched a plan too. Snape'd gotten the word that Harry was back and called a giant meeting with all the students. One of the Gryffindors lent Harry a robe and we hid 'im in the students as well as contacting the Order. Turned into a big fight between Professor McGonagall and Snape. The two Carrows died during that fight too. But it wasn't time to celebrate. You-Know-Who started speaking to everyone directly into the minds of everyone at Hogwarts. He wanted Harry and only Harry to give himself up. If that happened then we'd all get to survive. Several of the Slytherins immediately demanded that he was given up but I wasn't going to let that happen. To my relief Ginny and Luna were back at Hogwarts, defending Harry as well.

Since we weren't going to give him over so easily, a plan was devised to buy Harry some time to do whatever it was he needed to. Seamus and I needed to blow up the bridge leading to the school. Professor McGonagall actually gave up permission to destroy part of the Hogwarts Castle. On purpose. It was one of those moments that I was glad I came back to Hogwarts that year because something like this never happened. Especially from Professor McGonagall. Unfortunately, I had to be the bait for the entirety of You-Know-Who's - Voldemort's - army. Taunt them then run across the bridge at the last minute when the barrier the Professors cast dissipated. Well I succeeded, even if I only just made it back across in one piece.

There was a small break where Voldemort's forces retreated. Supposed to be letting us 'dispose of our dead' and he asked Harry to go to him in the Forbidden Forest alone. But we'd lost so many people during that fight and the Weasleys had been hit hard. Fred died during the fight as well as Remus Lupin and Nymphadora Tonks. Too many of other students died as well and hope felt like it was diminishing. Especially when the second wave began. Voldemort was waiting in the Forbidden Forest for Harry and none of us saw him go. All we knew was that suddenly the Death Eaters were waltzing into the school claiming that he was dead. I still remember him asking if there was anyone who wanted to join them and Draco Malfoy went over to join his parents. I ended up walking towards them, with all the Death Eaters mocking me. Harry wasn't gone though. He'd done so much, for all of us. After everything that had happened I wasn't going to give up and if it meant that I died, so what? Someone else would be there to fight after me. Next thing I knew I had the Sword in Dumbledore's Office in my hand and Harry had started running. Completely alive.

The second wave of the attack began. It was all or nothing with Harry dueling Voldemort in the courtyard and everyone was fighting their hardest to keep the Castle standing. Before I knew it I saw a snake charging Ron and Hermione so I leaped forward and slashed it in two before collapsing where I was. When everyone gathered in the Great Hall, Voldemort was dead, the Death Eaters disbanded and Hogwarts was still standing.

We'd just won the Second UK Wizarding War.

After School...

To say the least, I'd graduated from Hogwarts. But the United Kingdom Wizarding Community was still trying to repair itself. Voldemort had done damage to everyone, not just guys from Hogwarts but the Ministry, Diagon Alley, Knockturn Alley, everywhere. Plus all of the Death Eater supporters that were still hanging around. Who better to ask for help then the Wizards and Witches who had just graduated Hogwarts after winning the Second UK Wizarding War? My life got pretty intense after that. I ended up working as an Auror for a while despite the fact I didn't have any real qualifications. They needed people who could do the job properly so I figured why not? It couldn't hurt.

After a while things got back under control. Harry became the Head of Magical Law Enforcement 'n Hermione was Minister for Magic. I couldn't think of people I'd rather leave the Ministry with. So I retired from Auror work and settled down into the life I really wanted. I'd always had a love and talent for Herbology so I gave teaching a go. Professor McGonagall (well now we could address each other by first names which I was never gonna get used to) hired me at Hogwarts as the new Herbology Professor. I finally got to put my talent to good use for something that I enjoyed.

In 2014 I got to start a real family. My parents still weren't getting any better, but I still went to let them know what I was doing. Getting married was a pretty big thing, especially for me. I could still remember when I was a First Year at Hogwarts that no one wanted to talk to because I always lost Trevor, but there I was telling my parents that Hannah Abbott and I were getting married. Sometimes I still have a good laugh with my old Hogwarts friends about the fact that I'd managed to get a life started.

Now I've got two eleven year old kids who're about to start their own First Year. It's pretty scary actually. At Hogwarts I won't be their dad (or not allowed to be. Who knows what Minerva would do if she found out) but their Professor. I don't know how they feel about that but it makes me uneasy. Promised Hannah I'd keep an eye out for them too. Make sure that they're fitting in and getting along with everyone in their Year. I'm not too worried though. They're both strong kids and at least stronger than I was at that age. Better Wizards too. But I get the feeling that my story isn't over yet.

A new chapter's just around the corner.

The World Of Legends...



As a human being, Neville does possess the Power of Belief. However since he grew up in the Wizarding side of Earth, many of the 'Muggle' Fairy tales are unfamiliar to him. He's more familiar with the Tale of the Three Brothers or Babbitty Rabbitty and the Cackling Stump. Although there's always to possibility of him beginning to believe in our favorite characters ;)

Although it was difficult for him to get the hang of it, Neville is actually a very good wizard. The Wizards and Witches of the World can use a variety of spells (Expelliarmus, Stupefy, Reducto ect.) but it takes Neville in particular a bit of time to get them right. One in particular is the Patornus Charm (a piece of advanced magic) and while he can't of yet create a corporal patronus, it is effective in keeping Dementors at bay. As time now goes on, Neville is now gaining confidence in himself and picks up magic much faster than during his Hogwarts years.

Although this isn't the only magic, it's a type of magic present in this particular branch of Witches and Wizards. Not all Mortals with magical capabilities get sent to Hogwarts, even if the Ministry of Magic keeps an eye out. There are three Magical Schools in Europe - Hogwarts, Durmstrang and Beauxbatons. If a child is accepted, the child or family doesn't have to go to the school to get a Magical education. Children with Magical Potential may be homeschooled or tutored. About 1,000 students attend Hogwarts at a time.

Witches and Wizards from this particular chain almost always live past the age of 100 unless they come to an untimely death. For many the age is approximately 110.

Other Attributes

Despite what he went through in his earlier years, Neville possesses a great deal of courage.... also he can wield a sword. Swords are cool. In addition he also has a certain affinity with Herbology (the study of the Magical World's plants) and it was his best subject at school.

About the Author...

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Thank you for your patience, Nara love <3 I have to be really real here, when I first saw Neville's app during its making, I was so proud of you <3 This is definitely the longest app I've seen you write - and it's not just long for length's sake, you put a lot of good info in here. I love this app, you did such a good job adapting Neville. CONGRATULATIONS NARA

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