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 IX. Technical Guide
 Posted: Sep 1 2017, 04:21 AM
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Greetings, Storytellers new and old! It's come to our attention that some of the finer details of the site mechanics aren't all that intuitive (changing your username or switching skins, for example) - so for those of you who want to learn, or are new to the site, here’s a handy guide to the finer points of getting started here on Rise of the Believers! This technical guide will walk you through the registration process, setting up your profile, changing your avatar/username/site skin, sending PM’s, posting your application, posting your claims, and whatever else we can think of that might be helpful!

Registration Process:

Register Account(Show/Hide)
First of all, welcome to our site! We’re glad that you’ve started looking around and have decided to join us! Let’s get you signed up, shall we? To register your account, the first thing you need to do is find the small button that looks like a friend request user posted image - when you hover over it, it will say ‘REGISTER’ - and click it. It will bring you to a ‘Terms & Conditions’ type of page and will ask you to check a box, then you can hit the ‘REGISTER’ button.

Now you’ve come to the meat of the registration process! It’s very straightforward - just fill in the fields with your username, in all caps, as per the rules, your email, password, and alias, check the human verification box, select the time zone you want the site displayed in, and check the box that states you accept the terms and conditions - which should end up looking something like this, then hit the ‘SUBMIT MY REGISTRATION’ button.

And that’s it! You’ve registered your first character!!

New Characters(Show/Hide)
So, you've decided that one character just wasn't enough, eh? PERFECT. Jcink recently rolled out a wicked cool new feature that allows you to register a new, sub-account from the User CP! Lemme show you how it works~

If you haven't yet, open the User CP (remember, the button that looks like: user posted image) and hit the link in the sidebar that reads 'EDIT SUB-ACCOUNTS'. On the page that looks like this, there is now a button, next to 'DELINK ACCOUNT(S)', that reads 'REGISTER A NEW ACCOUNT'.

When you click that button, it brings your back to the beginning of the registration process! Pretty cool, huh? Now, you don't have to sign out to register a new character AND it's already linked to the parent account, so you don't have to do that, either! Thanks, Jcink!

The User CP:

What’s This?(Show/Hide)
To access the User CP, you’re going to click on the ‘SETTINGS’ button, which looks like a little cog user posted image. It will take you to a screen that looks like this. From here, you can access your inbox, edit your profile, link sub-accounts, change your avatar, change your username, change the site skin, and edit your email and password! There are other things you can do here, as well, but they’re currently set to the board defaults and won’t require any editing or changing, so they will be ignored for the purposes of this guide!

Profile Set Up(Show/Hide)
Let’s set up your profile! Click on the link that says ‘EDIT PROFILE INFO’, which you will find in the sidebar of the User CP. There are several fields here that you can fill in! The required field will already be filled in, so you can move along to the optional sections; everything you edit here will show up on your profile! We’ll work through it together and then you’ll see the finished product!

First up in the profile info: birthday! Some users choose to put their birthdays on their profile, some put their character’s birthdays on their character’s profiles - whatever the case, if you choose to fill out this field, you MUST put a year. If you don’t, it will give you an error message. The next field is for a personal website - this can be your tumblr, DA, other website, whatever! I put the site, because I love it~. Following this field are several fields for you to link information to various messaging services. I filled them with n/a to fill the void.

After that, there is the location field, which is pretty self-explanatory, although, unlike the hometown field, this remains unseen. The interest field is large and doesn’t show up on the profile or mini-profile. You’ll find there are a couple fields that don’t show up on either profile, this is because we got ourselves a shiny new skin~ It’s nothing to worry about!

The usergroup drop down menu is not to be touched; it is for ADMINS ONLY. Please respect this.

Further down, there are fields for you to link your plotter, application, and wanted ad; these fields are shown on your profile and allow users to view these things easily. Why don’t we pause to compare screens?

Yours should look similar to this!

Okay, let’s continue! The hometown/location, center/concept, species, and age fields are usually for characters, but you might see members have filled them in with various degrees of humor. This is normal. The next three fields are for the images on the profile; when they’re not filled in by members, you’ll see the default artwork of Bunny’s Warren. The large banner is 700x250 and both the left and right profile images are 230x120.

The MP3 link doesn’t show up, but you’re free to add something if you’d like! The next field is for a 150x150 image that will appear on your mini-profile. After that, you can link your tracker - if you have one, you can always add it later! - and another link of your choice, whether it’s your introduction, your absence thread, a favorite thread, whatever you want! When you’ve done that, you can hit the ‘AMEND MY PROFILE’ button.

You should be seeing this and this

Congrats on editing your profile!! It should look like this when it's done!

Add An Avatar(Show/Hide)
To edit your avatar click on the link that says ‘EDIT AVATAR SETTINGS’; it will take you to a screen that looks like this. The avatar is 250x450, but it resizes the image if it’s not the right size (results may vary!). Drop the link to the image you want to use, ending in a proper file type (.png, .jpg, .jpeg), into the field there and hit ‘UPDATE AVATAR’.

Voila, you’ve updated your avatar!

Link Sub-Accounts(Show/Hide)
One of the most useful things that you can do for yourself is to link your sub-accounts; what this means is that you can switch from account to account via a drop down menu from the cbox area! It’s super useful! To begin this process, find the link on the sidebar titled ‘EDIT SUB-ACCOUNTS’. It will take you to a screen that looks like this.

To link an existing account, all you do is fill in those two fields titled ‘ACCOUNT USERNAME’ and ‘ACCOUNT PASSWORD’ to log in, as you would after logging out, and hit ‘LINK THIS ACCOUNT’. This will link your accounts and enable you to switch between them easily. That drop down menu looks like this, by the way!

Change Username(Show/Hide)
OH NO! Did you forget to register in all caps, as per the rules? Did you misspell your name? That’s okay, don’t panic! The admins have made it so you can change your username right from the User CP! Just find the ‘CHANGE USERNAME’ link and click it. It will bring you here.

Now, if you’ve misspelled your name, that’s fine, just correct the spelling and hit ‘SEND REQUEST’! You’re done!

If you forgot to capitalize, there’s a couple extra steps because Jcink is silly! You’ll have to change your username somehow - a simple misspelling or adding a few *** will usually work - and submit it; once the page loads and processes this, you have to repeat the process.

If you don’t do this, you’ll get an error message that is really quite sassy and amusing!

Switch Site Skin(Show/Hide)
Here on Rise of the Believers, we have both a Day and a Night skin that changes with each season to accommodate our users with eye problems! You can easily switch from skin to skin in this manner (don’t worry, it’s not as creepy as it sounds, I promise!!).

To do this, you’ll have to click the link entitled ‘SKIN AND LANGUAGES’, which will bring you here. From the drop down menu, you can select any of the available skins! As you can see, we currently have 4 skins available; soon, we’ll be rolling out our Day and Night skins for the next season! You can preview each skin by hitting the ‘PREVIEW THIS SKIN’ button or by simply hitting the ‘CHANGE MY ACCOUNT OPTIONS’ button!

Sending PMs(Show/Hide)
Cool, so you’ve learned all of the important things that the User CP has to offer, right? WRONG! You haven’t learned about your inbox yet! Find the icon that looks like this: user posted image OR hit the button titled ‘GO TO INBOX’ and it will bring you here. This is where all of your messages will go!

To compose a new PM to someone, hit the ‘COMPOSE NEW MESSAGE’ link from the sidebar; it will bring you to the screen where you type in a username, a subject, and a message before hitting ‘SEND MESSAGE’. Like this!


Application Guide(Show/Hide)
So, you’re ready to write your application! There’s actually already a special guide for this!! There’s a link for it under the site banner labeled ‘APP’, but to make things easier for you, it’s right here!

Additionally, there are several questions about applications that are addressed in the FAQ, which also has a link under the site banner, appropriately labeled ‘FAQ’, which can also be found right here!

Once Accepted:

Making Claims(Show/Hide)
Congratulations, your character has been accepted!! It’s time to make your claims! In the acceptance message on your application, the staff has been kind enough to link the claims thread! It’s very simple; for each claim you need to make - Canon List, Who’s Who, Concepts/Centers In Use - you just copy what’s in the gray boxes, paste them in the reply box, fill in the information, and hit ‘POST REPLY’. Like this. See?


What’s A Plotter?(Show/Hide)
A plotter is where people post about their character and invite others to plot with said character; some people use fancy templates, some don’t, all are welcome here! A plotter is the best way to generate plots for your characters!

Where Do I Post It?(Show/Hide)
Plotters are sorted by our characters’ membergroups. So, say you apped North, his plotter would go in ’GUARDIAN PLOTS’, and so on and so forth.

What Do I Write?(Show/Hide)
Usually, people will write about three or four categories; friends, lovers, enemies, and others. In this way, people write about what makes a friend/lover/enemy for their character - any plots that can’t be sorted into those categories get sorted into other. This is usually where people put casual or awkward encounters, coworkers, roommates, whatever!


What’s A Tracker?(Show/Hide)
A tracker is where people keep track of their threads; some people use fancy templates, some don’t, all are welcome here! A tracker is the best way to stay on top of your posts!

Author Studio:

What’s This?(Show/Hide)
The Author Studio is where our members with accepted characters can request their own development boards! In these development boards, members can display their character's houses, their wardrobes, diaries, playlists, moodboards, relationship charts - the possibilities are endless.

Request A Studio(Show/Hide)
Want an Author Studio? No problem! Just go here and fill out the form! An admin will create your board for you!

More Than One?(Show/Hide)
Do you have a ship? Does your character have apped family members on site? Are they a part of a group? Do you want a collaborative author studio for all of the people involved? Also not a problem!
Just fill out the form as you would for a single studio!

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