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 The Hunters and the Hunted, Momo / Fairlee
 Posted: Jun 11 2017, 11:13 PM
300+ • Rose • Vanity • Europe

Beauty is Within Us
Sometimes Rose was someone who hunted mortals indiscriminately, but occasionally, she did get a strange inspiration here and there to go after someone specific. Someone or a group that she had heard of and felt she had to do something about. Of course, it was never anything to widespread, no one that was in the spotlight, no matter how much Rose itched to put down a slimy politician or a corrupt politician, sometimes it was best to start with the smaller ones and then help push the bigger problems towards their own doom. But again, there was only so much you could do to the mortals. They were, after all, wide spread and hard to contain… for now.

Even so, there had been a group of poachers that she had been trailing for a while now--Men that were driven by both the greed and pride. She thought it rather fitting that she was among them, hunting them even now, and they didn’t even realize that she was there with them. There were two guides who had been paid handsomely by some wealthy man who seemed to have a fascination with guns and vapid women, if his… companion, or wife or what not was any indication. Unseen, Rose sat upon the canopy of the jeep, waiting until they were deep onto the Savanah where no one would hear them.

As soon as the vehicle had stopped on the vast plain, Rose pulled her wand from where it rested on her hip and flipped down to the hood of the car, and with a couple of quick flicks, the two guides had become a pair of turtles. She was nearly as quick to grab the rich man, who tried to flee, but a bit of magic touched him before he could and he became a rather small warthog. Rose paused for a moment and looked past the jeep to see the woman fleeing.

Oh dear. She usually wasn’t this sloppy. But she had to admit that perhaps the woman wasn’t vapid as she seemed—just stupid. Running into the wilderness wasn’t that smart of an idea. Maybe she would turn her into a gazelle. Of course, once that was done, she’d have to clean up all of this nasty metal that they left behind… or perhaps she could just transform it into a rock… well, those were decisions to be made later. Right now, she had to hunt.

Notes: She's already being evil XD
 Posted: Jun 12 2017, 12:21 AM
Unknown • will-o-the-wisp • Innocence • Nomad

light on my feet ,
skipping through the meadows catch me if you can

Fairlee did not have a family. This was something that she knew in a fairly logical manner. To her knowledge, all creatures required a parent in some shape or form. All that differed was the manner in how they were born. However, she did not have parents. Exactly how she had come to be is not something she quite understands. She knows that there had once been darkness and that that place had been her home. However, when she had tried to escape it the world was dark. It stayed dark until it was not and then she became Fairlee. However, she knew that she did not know everything. She had no parents, no family and it left a hole for other creatures had families.

So, she had long ago decided to make a family. It was fairly simple business. Anyone could be family, in truth- or, rather, most people. She had come to learn that there were bad people in the world and bad people should always be avoided. However, the Spirit of Spring was an innocent creature and she often found it difficult to tell the malevolent and benevolent apart. As a result, she sometimes encountered a dangerous person and misjudged them.

Such came in the form of a woman. She had met her a few months ago. The woman was not an evil person, but she was also not a good person. This fact was one that the will-o-the-wisp was blind to. As a result, when the woman had run off into territory that Fairlee was in she deigned to do something she rarely did: she stepped in for the panicked human.

Carefully, she whispered to the plants and animals, asking for help so that it might be easier for the woman to escape. Afterwards, she curiously made towards who the woman had been escaping from, cautious as her surroundings whispered to her. "What are you doing?"

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